Important Pharmaceutical Databases

EMBASE,PUBMED, MICROMEDEX, NAPRALERT, PHARMAGKB are some of the popular pharmaceutical databases. Lets have a quick look at their services.

A very rich source of biomedical information from Elsevier Lifescience Solutions, EMBASE is a comprehensive database which is used by a majority of biomedical researchers worldwide. It allows the tracking and retrieval of information regarding diseases and drugs ranging for pre-clinical studies to important and critical information on toxicological studies. There are over 25 million records that are indexed with EMBASE and all of these have been taken from hundreds of peer reviewed journals. If you are in search of up to date information for your research, EMBASE is your likely destination.


Students, educators, physicians, pharmacists, information managers, clinicians and medical librarians are regular users of EMBASE because of its wide and in-depth coverage of data. It is a very good resource for especially those who are into clinical research and pharmacovigilance.

2. PubMed
A free to use database, maintained by the United States National Library of Medicine at National Institutes of Health, PubMed provides access to references on biomedical and life sciences information. It primarily accesses the MEDLINE (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online, a.k.a MEDLARS online) database which has information collected from academic journals of pharmacy, nursing, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and health care. It is a very widely used database to access full text articles which are freely available.

This is another very important and widely used database by researchers from various domains. It is a product of Truven Health Analytics which is a very trusted brand in evidence based medicine references. It provides well referenced information on diseases, drugs, toxicology, alternative medicine, acute care etc to healthcare practitioners for making precise diagnosis and treatment plans.
One very unique service called the PDR Electronic Library is specifically targeted towards providing information on drugs approved by the FDA which includes side effects, drug interactions, recommended dosages, contraindications and much more.

Click here to know more about the usefulness of MICORMEDEX for Pharmacists.

If you are into natural product research, you will face some difficulties while searching for quality information as there are very few indexed resources which provide good information about traditional medicine. However, NAPRALERT has been a big boon for phytochemists and pharmacologists who are into testing of natural products as it is high on precise information about natural products which includes ethnopharmacology, biochemical and pharmacological information on extracts of organisms in situ, in vitro, in vivo as well as in humans.


As of today, NAPRALERT houses more than 200,000 reviews and research papers from all over the globe and also covers marine natural products. Ethnomedicinal information on almost 20,000 species is also available, which is a very rare achievement.

5. PharmaGKB
It stands for Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase and is yet another database which is hardly known to researchers in the pharmaceutical field, but is very sophisticated in terms of the information provided. It is a very good soruce of information on genomic, genetic, cellular and molecular phenotype data and clinical records from people who have been a part of pharmacogenomic research studies. It has data pertaining to more than 3000 diseases, almost 20,000 genes and 2500 drugs as well as 53 pathways. Very useful for researchers in understanding the effect of genetic makeup in producing different reactions to drugs in different individuals.

Researchers are advised to visit these databases to collect latest biomedical information. We will keep posting about more pharmaceutical databases.

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Official APPSC/APSPSC drug inspector key

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The offical key for the drug inspector exam conducted on 27/12/2012 are uploaded in the website.

1) Posology deals with
2)Calculation of doses according to body weight
Clarks formula
3)1 Gallon is equal to
160 fluid ounces
4)1 tumblerful is equal to
240 ml
5)1 gm is equal to how many grains
15 grains
6)Altered GIT absorption is a type of
Therapeutic incompatibility
7)Powders which absorb moisture from the atmosphere are called
Hygroscopic powders
8) Tests for identification of type of emulsion
Conductivity test
9) Pessaries is a name given to
Vaginal suppositories
10)Hydrogenated oils is a type of
Fatty bases
11)Immiscibility is a type of
Physical Incompatibility
12)Therapeutic Incompatibility is due to
Contra indicated drugs
13)Conduct of pharmacy comes under
Pharmacist in relation to his job
14)4 ml is equal to
1 fluid drachm
15)1 drop is equal to
0.06 ml
16) Pharmacy act established in which year
17) Drugs and Cosmetic rules established in the year
18)PCI is reconstituted for every
5 yrs
19)Drugs price control order established in which year
20)Ratio of oil:gum in volatile oil
21) Lysol is a
22) Which of the following is called serum Hepatitis?
23) Pasteur developed the vaccines for
All of the above
24)Ethylene oxide comes under
Gaseous sterilization
25) Steptomycin is obtained from Which bacteria
Steptomyces griseus
26) The Aglycone part of cardiac glycoside is chemically
27) Gelatin used in the manufacture of____________
28)Ergot is the dried sclerotium of ___________
Claviceps purpurea
29) Indian Podophyllum is obtained from __________
Podophyllum Hexandrum
30 ) The botanical source of Rauwolfia root is __________
Rauwolfia serpentine
31) The chief constituent of Digitalis lanata is __________
32) Ergometrine in water gives which colour
33) Cod- liver oil contains ______________ and ___________ as the active principles
Vit-D & Vit-A
34) ____________ the botanical source for Ispaghula
Plantago ovate
35) Which of the following is NOT a Microscopical Evaluation parameter of crude drugs
Swelling factor
36) Classification according to their leaves, barks and seeds is known as
Morphological Classification
37) In Pharmacognosy , the crude drugs may be classified according to the following
Geographical Distribution
38) Digitalis( digitoxose) can be identified by the ________ test
39) Cinnamon is a spice made from the __________ of the Cinnamomum tree
40) Cinchona bark mainly useful for the treatment of
41) Colorimetry instrument is operative in the ______________ range of the
electromagnetic spectrum
42) Colour of light is a function of its__________
43) Beer’s Law states that the concentration of substance is _______proportional to the
logarithm of the transmitted light
44) ______________ is a change of spectral band position in the absorption,
reflectance, transmittance, or emission spectrum of a molecule to a shorter wavelength.
45) Molar absorptivity, also known as the ______________
Molar extinction coefficient
46) Infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum consist of ____________than
visible light.
longer wavelength and lower frequency
47) Mineral oil used in ________ solid techniques of IR sampling
Mull technique
48) ________________ Provides mostly information about the presence or absence of
certain functional groups.
49) A state in which unpaired electrons of same spin present
Triplet state
50) In which process entire energy is lost and no radiation takes place
Collisional de activation
51) Absorption of incident Light or Emitted light by Primary and Secondary Filters leads
to Decrease in intensity this phenomena is called as
Inner Fluorescent Effect
52) In GLC stationary phase is _____________
Immobilised liquid
53) Wall- coated open tubular columns used in
54) __________ detector works on the principle that by change in conductivity of the
flame as the compound is burnt.
55) Which of the following is NOT a Condition for Pre-column derivatisation
Thermo stable Compounds
56) ____________ difference is the time between the point of injection and appearance
of peak maxima
Retention time
57) _____________ is an imaginary unit of the column where equilibrium has been
established between stationary and mobile phase.
58) Compounds are eluted from column based on the following properties except
Boiling point
59) __________ phase stationary phase is polar and mobile phase is non polar
1)Normal Phase
60) Which of the following is a parameters of analytical column
i.d 1.0 to 4.6mm; lengths 15- 250 mm
61)The system that undergoes gel-sol-gel transformation is known as
62)Deflocculated suspension with high concentration of the dispersed solids exhibits the
flow of type
63)High viscosity indicates one of the following relationships in a system
intermolecular interactions are stronger
64)The following viscometer is an example of single point viscometer
falling sphere
65)For wetting of solids by liquids the contact angle should be less than
66)At concentrations below CMC, the surfactant molecules remain
At water air interface
67)Solid-solid interfaces are important in
68)The HLB range for lipophilic surfactants is
2 to 9
69)Which of the following properties is extensively applied for determining the molecular
weight of polymers
3) Osmotic pressure
70)In the determination of the gold number, the end point is indicated by
observing the colour change
71)The critical value of zeta potential ( in mV) for a stable colloid is
20 to 50
72) In an emulsion which instability step is prevented by emulsifiers?
73)An o/w microemulsion is prepared using a hydrophilic surfactant. The appearance of
the microemulsion is
74)For an ideal suspension, the sedimentation volume should be
Equal to one
75)The preservatives are added to the emulsion. The following statement is true.
Preservative should have good partition coefficient
76) Which of the following polymer is widely used in film coating of tablets
77) The sweetening agent commonly used in chewable tablet formula is
78) Lamination is:
Separation of a tablet into two or more distinct layers
79) Mechanism of absorption through skin is
80) Suitable ointment base for burns is
Absorption base
81) Ibuprofen enteric coated tablets are
Delayed release tablet
82) Tablet coating defect is :
83) Dose dumping is problem with
Controlled release products
84) Type of base required for antibiotic ointment is
Hydrocarbon base
85) Drying of soft shell capsule is done by :
Vacuum drying
86) Delayed release system is:
Enteric coated tablets
87) Bloom strength is parameter for:
Both A and B
88) Cab-O-sil is
89) Drugs in suspension and semisolid formulations always degrade by –
Zero order kinetics
90) Cocoa butter is used as
Rectal base
91) Major drug release mechanisms from CR dosage forms
Dissolution, Diffusion, Erosion
92) Rate of drug bioavailability is most rapid in
93) Ludipress is
Directly compressible lactose
94) Flint glass refers to
Colourless transparent glass
95) Rheology of Antifungal ointment should be
96) Aminoacid neurotransmitter is
97) Which of the following barbiturates undergoes metabolism by desulfuration
Pentobarbital3. 1,6-
98) dimethyl aniline is the starting material for the synthesis of
99) Which of the following statements about prostaglandins is not true
Prostaglandins are eicosanoids made from saturated fatty acids.
100) . Unsaturation in the basic structure of prostaglandins is at

101) The substitution of a CH3 group ofmorphine with a CH2CH=CH2 group leads to
Opioid antagonist such as nalorphine, naloxone, naltrexone
102) . Which of the following drugs has Benzeneacetic acid moiety in its structure

103) . The drug used to treat erectile dysfunction is
104). Which of the following is a selective β1-blocker
105) . Loop diuretics are
Inhibitors of Na+- Cl-symport
106) . Which is an ACE inhibitor
107) . Bromination of 1-chloro-2,2,2-trifluoroethane gives


108) Indole derivative used as anti-cancer agent is
109) . One of the following drugs has 1,4-dihydropyridine structure, a tertiary amino
group in the side chain and ca+ channel antagonist action
110) Phentolamine is given by I.V in hypertension is a derivative of
111) .Example of Ultra short acting barbiturate
112) Chelation of following antibiotic with Ca+2 ion of milk reduces its absorption

113). Incidence of Gallbladder cancer is highest in
114) . The phase of the cell cycle that is resistant to most anti-cancer drug therapies
G0 phase
115) The most common side effect of the oral administration of ampicillin is
116) Which of the following is primarily a bactericidal drug
117) . Chloramphenicol can cause
2 & 3
118) Which drug cause photosensitivity
119) Tetracycline is contraindicated in
All of the above
120) Which of the following is pencillinase resistant pencillin
121) Protamine is combined with insulin preparation
To prolong the duration of action
122) Muscular relaxation takes place in
Stage III of anesthesia
123) Which one of these may produce violent excitatation?
Ethyl Chloride
124) Phocomelia is a characteristic for
125) In Parkinson’s disease, there is a deficiency of
126) Digitalis preparations are contra- indicated with
Thiazide diuretics
127) Which of the following causes cardiomyopathy?
128) Which one of these is not a autoimmune disease
Type II diabetes mellitus
129) Mechanism of action of prednisolone is
Related to reduction in peripheral blood lymphocyte
130) Skeletal muscle relaxant action by inhibiting impulse transmition is
131) Adrenaline and noradrenaline proportion in the body is
3.85 parts of Adrenaline and 15 parts of noradrenaline
132) One of the following drug interferes with cellular metabolism, especially in the
synthesis of mycolic acid. Identify
Isonicotinic acid hydrazide
133) Which one of the following is cholinesterase reactivator
134) Local anesthetic with vasoconstrictor effect is
135) Tolbutamide is contraindicated in
Renal insufficiency
136) Oral hypoglycemic agent causing lactic acidosis is
137) H2-receptor antagonists include all the following except
138) Spina bifida occurs with the use of
Sodium valproate
139) Antihypertensive effect of methyldopa acts by
Stimulating the β adrenergic in the brain stem
140) Verapamil exerts its effects by following mechanism
Inhibiting the entry of calicium through slow channels
141) The following anti arrhythmic drug increases the plasma concentration of digoxin
142) one of the following drug is not under the class of catecholamine
Phenyl ephrine
143) The drug used in hypertensive patients for the diagnosis of pheochromacytoma is
144) Drug of choice for fast and vigorous diuresis is
145) Liver microsomal enzymes are stimulated (enzymic induction) by
146) Cholinergic receptor present in intestinal muscle is
Nicotine receptor
147) Oral contraceptive failure in rifampicin therapy is due to their
Increased metabolism
148) β-Adrenoreceptor antagonist diminishes the effectiveness of which βadrenoreceptor agonist
149) Phenylbutazone displaces which drug from binding sites of albumin
150) Which of the following drug is responsible to inhbit pencillin secretion

General studies Key

Pharmacy subject Key

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Notes on Pharmacy related softwares for NIPER JEE preparation

 Useful softwares: May be asked as questions in NIPER JEE

Chem Office / Chem Draw ultra: It is used to draw the structures of drug molecules in 2D and then to convert them in 3D, to find the IUPAC name of the unknown compound, to find the structure of the drug from its IUPAC name, to give NMR spectrum (approx) of unknown drug.

Software used to visualize the protein/ peptide 3D structure: Pymol, Rasmol, Jmol, Molmol, and VMD.

Structure Activity Relationship 2D QSAR, 3D QSAR: CoMFA,CoMSIA

Sequence alignment of proteins & nucleic acids: BLAST, FASTA, PROSPECTUS, COPIA

Gene finding and sequence analysis: Genscan, Glimmer

For sequence alignment of proteins: CLUSTAL W, CLUSTAL X

3D structure visualization, molecular dynamics, energy minimization: AMBER, CHARMM, HyperChem, chem2pac, GROMOS, GROMACS, MOE, SCHRODINGER

Molecular dynamics: MM2, MOPAC, AM1, PM

For quantum chemistry calculations: Gaussian

For statistical calculations: Sigmastat, Graphpad Prism, Sigma plot

For molecular design and drug design: Tripose, VLife

Structure drawing, 3D visualization of drugs and proteins: Alchemi, Cache, SYBYL

Cluster of many software used mainly for homology modeling: EMBOSS, GCG, Sybyl, Schrodinger.

For Docking (checking drug molecular fitting into receptor): Autodock, GOLD.

Toxicity prediction: Topkat


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NIPER JEE – Mnemonics for drugs

Mnemonics for easily remembering drugs and their adverse effects

Steroids side effects: BECLOMETHASONE:

  • Buffalo hump
  • Easy bruising
  • Cataracts
  • Larger appetite
  • Obesity
  • Moonface
  • Euphoria
  • Thin arms & legs
  • Hypertension/ Hyperglycaemia
  • Avascular necrosis of femoral head
  • Skin thinning
  • Osteoporosis
  • Negative nitrogen balance
  • Emotional liability

For more drugs Download pdf here

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Test Organisms for Microbiological Assay of Antibiotics

Test Organisms for Microbiological Assay of Antibiotics

Antibiotic Test Organism ATCC No. NCTC No. (NCIB No.)
Amikacin Staphylococcus aureus



Amphotericin B Saccharomyces cerevisiae



Bacitracin Micrococcus luteus



Bleomycin Mycobacterium smegmatis


Carbenicillin Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Doxycycline Staphylococcus aureus



Erythromycin Micrococcus luteus



Framycetin Bacillus pumilus



Bacillus subtilis


Gentamicin Staphylococcus epidermidis



Kanamycin sulphate Bacillus pumilus



Staphylococcus aureus



Kanamycin B Bacillus subtilis



Neomycin Staphylococcus epidermids



Novobiocin Staphylococcus epidermids



Nystatin SaccharomycesCerevisiae



Oxytetracycline Bacillus cereus var, mycoides



Staphylococcus aureus



Polymyxin B Bordetella bronchiseptica



Rifampicin Bacillus subtilis



Streptomycin Bacillus subtilis



Klebsiella pnumoniae



Tetracycline Bacillus Cereus



To download as pdf click here