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B Pharmacy Eligibility – B Pharma Entrance Examination – D Pharmacy Eligibility

Eligibility to pursue B Pharmacy – Pharma Education

The 2018 is a very good year to venture into Pharma sector. The Pharmaceutical industry is considered as an essential sector in Indian economy as well as in terms of medical ecosystem. Lot of patients come from different countries and all over the India to get their treatment done in best hospitals. The Pharmaceutical companies are now innovating in various ways to provide effective and affordable healthcare to the citizens of the country. The industry is going at the pace of 30% every year which is expected to increase in coming years.

The students are now seeking a positive prospective in terms of joining this booming and successful industry to make their career in pharmacy and medical field. Pharmaceutical not only deals with manufacturing of drugs and medicines, but it also does include the complete process of sales and outreaching those medicines to the medical supply chain in India as well as other countries. The course clearly deals in introducing students with different aspects of prescriptions and medical programmes. These days’ hospitals require candidates to help patients in terms of assisting them with prescription and drug usage patterns and help them to clear doubts about medicines.

Eligibility for Pursuing Courses in Pharmacy – B Pharmacy 

There are various courses available in pharmacy and medicines to help aspirants in terms of pursuing bachelors, masters or diploma in this field of interest. In terms of bachelors and masters, there are B.Pharma and M.Pharma courses available in most of the colleges in different parts of the country. If anybody wish to pursue expertise and research in pharmacy there are advanced courses available as well such as- PHD in Pharmacy.

Most of the top and UGC recognised colleges prefer students who have passed out 10+2 with CBSE, ICSE or state boards. It is advised that students should have passed 10+2 with the science as their subject but this is not mandatory as most of the colleges accept students from other backgrounds as well.

If you are planning to pursue masters in Pharmacy, you should hold a relevant approved degree in pharmacy, biology or life sciences. As masters require knowledge of subject and field it is mandatory have a proper background and knowledge of subject to pursue a successful career.

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