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Question Number: 1
Which state cabinet has announced to increase the financial assistance given to the
families of martyrs from Rs. 25 lakh to Rs. 1 crore?
Question Number: 2
Which among the following cricketers has been inducted to ICC Hall of Fame?
Sachin Tendulkar
Question Number: 3
In which state were the highest number of beneficiaries reported under the Pradhan
MantriShram Yogi Maan-dhan (PM- SYM) scheme?
Question Number: 4
The World Bank Group announced its first female Managing Director on Friday- an
Indian national. Her name is _______________________?
Anshula Kant
Question Number: 5
Foundation stone of Baba Guru Nanak International University has been kept in which
Question Number: 6
Who has been appointed as an International Judge of the Singapore International
Commercial Court in July 2019?
A K Sikri
Question Number: 7
Which place in Italy added to UNESCO Heritage list recently?
Question Number: 8
The World Health Organization has declared which country as measles free?
Sri Lanka
Question Number: 9 (Geography)
Consider the following statementsa. The Godavari Arch Bridge is the latest of the five bridges that span the Godavari
River at Rajahmundry.
b. The bridge is located in two channels, the Kovvur channel and the Rajahmundry
channel, and hence the bridge is also known as the Kovvur-Rajahmundry Bridge.
Which of the above statement/s is/are correct?
Only b
Question Number: 10
Consider the following statementsa. The Prakasam Barrage was conceptualised by Major Captain Lake of the East
India Company.
b. The Prakasam Barrage is located in the Vijayawada in the Krishna District of
Andhra Pradesh.
c. Prakasam Barrage is built across the River Krishna connecting Guntur and Krishna
Which of the above statements are correct?
Both b and c
Question Number: 11
Which of the following statement is incorrect about Kakinadaa. It is the second most populated city of East Godavari district.
b. The Indian Standard Time (IST) passes through this city.
c. The city was selected as one of the hundred Indian cities to be developed as a
smart city under PM Narendra Modi’s flagship, Smart Cities Mission.
None of above
Question Number: 12
Which of the following river is known as “Sorrow of Nandyal”?
Question Number: 13
Consider the following statements in respect of „Yaganti Temple‟-
a. Yaganti is located in the Kurnool District in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
b. The three famous caves situated around the temple are the Agastya Cave, the
Venkateswara Cave and the VeeraBrahmam Cave.
c. The Nandi (Bullock, Lord Shiva‟s) idol in front of the temple is continuously
increasing its size.
Which of the above statements are incorrect?
None of above
Question Number: 14
Which of the following city is known as „The City of Destiny‟?
Question Number: 15
Consider the following statements about „Tirupati‟-
a. Tirupati is located at 13.65°N 79.42°E in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh.
b. The city is also referred to as the “Spiritual Capital of Andhra Pradesh”.
c. For the year 2012–13, India’s Ministry of Tourism named Tirupati as the “Best
Heritage City”.
Which of the statements are correct?
All of above
Question Number: 16
President Ram NathKovind has appointed AnusuiyaUikey as Governor of _____________.
17 Communicated Information can be termed as
18 Department of Culture set up a Committee in the year ____under the chairmanship of
_____for the formulation of a National Policy for a Library and Information System.
1984, D.P. Chattophadhyya
19 Information is piecemeal, ______ particular; while knowledge is _____and coherent
20 Which type of IPR protects the rights of cine film producers?
Copy right
21 In which year The Indian Copyright Act was amended first time?
22 _________ of the constitution protects the right to free speech and expression irrespective
of the medium of communication.
Article 19
23 Under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting which body regulates the public
exhibitions of films in India
Central Board of Film Certification
24 Which is incorrect in the context of Right to information means
Obtained security information
25 In Andhra Pradesh Public Library Movement, name of Paturi Naga Bhushanam is a
pioneer in conducting
boat Library Service
26 The Andhra Pradesh Public Library Act,1960 has the provision of
27 An ISSN is a _____digits code for publications.
28 S.M.Ganguly-IASLIC Award has been instituted for
Librarian of the year
29 It is a plastic ribbon, usually half a inch wide that is coated on one side with an iron
oxide material which can be magnetized. Identify this storage device
Magnetic tape
30 Software is a collection of programmes which allows to communicate ______.
31 The web server maintains information in the ________which have all the text marked
with _________tags.
33 Among the following groups, which is group is most reliable for primary source of
(Information Sources)
34 Abstract which not only describes the content of the work but also evaluates the work
and its presentation is called
Critical abstract
35 Match the following:
a)Survey of the primary literature
b)Organized list of primary or other sources relating to a given subject(s) or person
c)Comprehensive compilation on a subject
d)Focuses on developing understanding about the subject
I Treatise
II Text book
III Bibliography
IV Review
36 Information Literacy means
Skill of defining, locating and accessing information
37 Andhra DesaGranthaBhandagaraSanghom is the first
library association in India
38 Dictionary which gives the history of words and their origin referred as
Etymological dictionary
39 Among the following which product qualifies for ISBN?
40 World of Learning includes information about
Universities, Colleges, Libraries, Museums, Archives, Research Institutes and Learned
It accesses webpages and displays them on the computer screen
Web browser
41 Match the first edition of encyclopedia with the publication year
a)Encyclopaedia Britannica I 1858
b)Encyclopaedia Americana II1977
c)Chamber‟s Encyclopaedia III 1771
d) Random House Encyclopaedia IV 1829
42 Manorama Yearbook is an Indian annual published by
Malayala Manorama
43 e-journals are usually published on
A communication channel
44 The difference between the mean of a sample and the mean of the population is known as
Sampling error
45 Find out the median of the following set of numbers:
46. „The Hindu‟ daily news paper was founded in the year
47. According to ____________, printing of names and addresses of printers, editors and
publishers was mandatory.
First Press Regulations
48. Which film industry is sometimes referred as „Tollywood‟?
49. News reporters attached with security forces are called
Embedded reporters
50. „Ticker‟ is related to
51. „Anchor story‟ is related to
Print media
52. _________ is a structured sequence of events in time.
53. Which is a low-priced book having cheaper, flexible covers and pages?
54. Dealing with legislators and government officials to promote or defeat legislation
and regulation is called
55. “Tamasha” performance belongs to which state
56. TV Channels dedicated to the subjects of home, garden and family :
Lifestyle channels
57. A __________is a member of a group or an individual who is affected or is affected
by the success of an organization.
Question Number: 58
Atoms are composed ofElectrons and nuclei
Question Number: 59
What is a homepage?
A web site’s main page
Question Number: 60
The strategy of „Divide and Rule‟ was adopted byLord Curzon
Question Number: 61
Indian National Flag designer „PingaliVenkayya‟ belong to which state?
Andhra Pradesh
Question Number: 62
Fundamental Rights Resolution was adopted inKarachi session of Indian National Congress
Question Number: 63
Untouchability is an offenceAccording to the constitution and is punishable in accordance with law
Question Number: 64
Who characterizes Indian union as “a federation with a centralizing tendency”?
Ivor Jennings
Question Number: 65
The Constituent Assembly held its first meeting on __________ and last meeting on
December 9, 1946 and January 24, 1950.
Question Number: 66
The sum of 15% of a positive number and 10% of the same number is 70. What is twice of
Question Number: 67
The average of four consecutive numbers A, B, C and D respectively is 56.5. What is the
product of A and C?
Question Number: 68
A thermometer is to temperature as a compass is toDirection
Question Number: 69
Find the same relationship from given
Chef: Restaurant
Teacher: School
70. Values underlying Social Work profession are
All the above
Q.71. Horse gram is known in Telugu as
Q.72. The ICDS is the flagship programme of which ministry under the government?
Ministry of Women and Child Developmen
Q.73. Which of the following is a non-projected aid?
Q.74. The main objective of the first five year plan was:
Agriculture and irrigation
Q.75. Which of the following is the nodal institute for all State Institutes of Rural
National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj
Q.76. It was one of the first community radios started in 2008 and managed by a team
of dalitwomen:
Radio Sangham in Medak District
Q.77. Which of the following is a project floated under the National e-Governance
Programme under mission mode?
78. Retrogradation of starch is the prominent factor bringing about:
79) Which of the following has anti-infective property?
80) The term undernutrition comprises which of the following:
i. Protein energy malnutrition
ii. Micronutrient deficiency
iii. Stunting
iv. Overweight
v. Wasting
vi. Obesity
Tick mark the correct option:
81. HDI (Human Development Index) Rank of AP in 2017 was :
82. W. Nordhous and ________ won 2018 Nobel Prize in Economics
Paul Romer
83. Theme of Asia Pacific Summit addresses interdependence, mutual prosperity and
Universal values
84. One of the following is not a crypto currency :
85. Integration of 11 types of agricultural schemes is called :
Krishnonnati yojana
86. “You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women. “Who
said this ?
Jawaharlal Nehru
87. Gross National Happiness ( GNH) was adopted by :
88. What is the name of India‟s monetary denomination when Sher Shah Suri introduced
it in 1540-45 ?
89. “Small is Beautiful “ is a book written by :
90. “ The Coming China Wars “ is a book written by :
Peter Novarro
91. Bank Note Press (BNP) is located at :
92. A project providing time- bound skill upgradation for railway employees :
Project Saksham
93 . Modern Coach Factory is a third such facility located in :
Rae Bareli
94. The Third Pillar : How Markets and State leave the community behind is a book
written by :
Raghuram Rajan
95. What measure is taken for Life Insecurity ?
96. King Fisher Airlines seized its operations from the year
97. Hyundai Motor Company headquarters is in
‘The Nehru Memorial Museum and Library’ is an autonomous institution under
the Ministry of ————–.
Q99 National Register of Translators is maintained by ______.
National Translation Mission
Q100 What is ICOLC ?
International Coalition of Library Consortia.
An online search in which all aspects of the records in natural language may be used as sought terms is
known as________
Free text searching
Q102 National Medical Library is located in
Q103 Linux is an example of _____________ software .
Operating System
Q104 Who developed ‘Access to libraries for persons with disabilities – checklist ‘ ?
Q105 Encapsulation is a term associated with:
Digital preservation
106 The Delivery of Books (Public Libraries) Act was enacted in the year_________.
107 National Library Week is celebrated in India in the month of ____________.
108 ‘ Where is the wisdom, we have lost in knowledge ’ is a famous quote by ?
Q109 ‘Technology Preservation’ is also referred to as:
Computer Museum
Q110 The value of the variable having maximum frequency is known as:
111. INB stands for
Indian National Bibliography
112. A study preceeding the main study to check the viability is known as:
Pilot study
113. Term used for large volume of high velocity, complex and variable data is:
Big data
114. What is MBO?
Management by Objectives
115. Which of the following is not associated with a virtual library:
With distributed physical locations
116. Information for All Programme (IFAP) was launched by
117. Method of assessing information needs of user community is known as
User studies
118. Mean, Mode and Median are called________
Measures of central tendency
119. The whole group from which the units of sample are selected is called:
120. According to hierarchy needs theory, which one of the following needs is the
highest in the hierarchy?
121. Personal computer falls in the category of
Micro computer
122. A machined readable code consisting of vertical bars of varying widths to
represent data is known as
Bar code
123. A pictorial representation of sequence of steps of computation for a problem is
known as
124. An assumption or proposition whose validity is to be tested is known as
125. Directing the user to appropriate sources of information available elsewhere is known as
126. National Science Library is located in
NISCAIR, New Delhi
127. FAIFE stands for
Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression
128. What is maximum number of characters you can use while writing a message on
Question Number: 129
Which of the following countries was admitted as the full time member of the ICC?
130. Which of the following drama was translated by Madhusudan Dutt in English?

Neel Darpan
131. Who of the following from Andhra Pradesh was the first Indian woman to win an
individual medal in the Olympics?
132. Which of the following is a part of Union Territory located in Andhra Pradesh?

Q133 Who wrote “Modernization of Indian Tradition”?
Yogendra Singh
Q134 „My Experiment with truth‟ is written by—
Q135 Multiple choice Questions makes us use of which form of retrieval of memory:
Question Number: 136
The average of 20 numbers is zero. Of them, at the most, how many may be greater than zero?
Q137. Who declared 1990 as “Year of the girl Child”. ?
Q138. The Environment Protection Act was executed in India in the year
Question Number: 139
One year ago Jaya was four times as old as her daughter Nikitha. Six years hence, Mrs.Jaya’s age will
exceed her daughter’s age by 9 years. The ratio of the present ages of Jaya and her daughter is:
13: 4
Q140 Which of the following agency regulates education?
According to 2011 Census Reports, the difference between literacy rates of men and women in India
was about:
Q142 The policy recommended by the Kothari Commission Vis-à-vis language is :
Three language formula
Q143. The First Open University in India was established in the year :
Question Number: 144.
Find the next term in the given series.
Q.145. Maxim Gorky’s novel ‘The Mother” was translated into Telugu by
Krovvidi Lingaraju
Q.146.Who was the first editor of “Andhra Patrika”?
Kasinathuni Nageswara Rao
Q.147.The International Telugu institute was established in the year
Q.148. If BAG = 71, then VICE=?
Q.149. 24:84::______:21

Q.150. What according to Census 2011, is the Sex ratio in India ?

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