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D Pharmacy colleges in Karnataka + Bangalore || Mysore

Here we provide List of total colleges Universities providing D Pharmacy course in Karnataka state and in Bangalore City for our readers.

D Pharmacy colleges in Karnataka including Bangalore

In terms of the pharmaceutical sector in India, Karnataka has been one of the resourceful and the fastest growing states. The state holds the rank of fifth in the pharmaceutical exports. An estimated 40% of the state’s pharma production is kept for overseas exportation.  Karnataka thus contributes around 10% of its pharmaceutical export revenues to the country.

Karnataka’s steady growth and expansion of the pharmaceutical industry has been backed up by a number of factors, like:

Educational Institutions

The state boasts of more than 75 undergraduate and 40 postgraduate colleges that impart courses in pharmacy. The state government focuses on the pharmaceutical educational institutions to provide support to the pharma sector. Reputed pharma educational institutions to set up Finishing School for Pharmaceutical Learning have been planned by the government to support the pharma industry. The special roles of finishing schools are to impart industry-specific skills to the existing employees as well as fresh entrants to the pharma industry. The objective is to develop a solid base of a skilled workforce that can be readily employed in the pharma sector.

List of D. Pharmacy colleges in Karnataka

Below is the list of D. Pharmacy colleges in Karnataka with contacts




Leads by the State Government to the pharmaceutical industry


Karnataka has a visionary to improve its market position within the pharmaceutical sector amongst the country. Presently, Karnataka bags more than 230 pharma and biotech companies. To achieve its objective, the state government is undertaking various initiatives that will help to promote the pharmaceutical industry in the state. For that, the pharma manufacturing units are set up in sufficient numbers looking into the future.

Karnataka could make in the top ten states that are known to have the maximum number of pharma manufacturing units in the country. It owns about 221 formulation units and 74 bulk drug units that account for 3% of India’s pharma manufacturing units. They produce high-quality and affordable generic medicines. Even the state reports a low average production cost in its pharma manufacturing units.

Karnataka has gained worldwide recognition for its pharma manufacturing capabilities. The state talks of several modern pharma plants that are benchmarked with the global standards and international regulatory certifications.

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