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Function of hospital – PPT PDF – General Primary Basic Role

function of hospital

Before studying function of hospital first let us know what is hospital.

“The’hospital is an integral part of a social and medical organization, the function of which is to provide the population complete health care, both curative and preventive, and whose out-patient services reach out to the family in its home environment; the hospital is also a centre for the training of health workers and for bio-social research.”

What are the basic role and functions of a hospital?

General functions of hospitals:

Major functions of hospitals:

Function of hospital pharmacy:

The prime objectives and functions of hospital pharmacy are cost containment, patient satisfaction, effective staff utilization and effective and efficient services

Role and function of hospital PPT

Function of clinic:


  1. To provide and evaluate pharmaceutical services
  2. To draw a plan for hospital pharmacy administration
  3. To establish liaison between administrative authorities and medical Doctors.
  4. To estimate the requirements for the department and enforce the policies and procedures for the recruitment of adequate and competent staff
  5. To develop and maintain an effective system of clinical and administrative records and reports
  6. To participate in and adhere to the financial plan of the operation for the hospital
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