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Pharma Companies In Noida – Best List Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Production Company

New Delhi being the capital of our beautiful country has seen tremendous development over the centuries. It has grown geographically and culturally in leaps and bounds. A lot of employment opportunities for people is the result of this development.

The surrounding areas of Delhi, UP have also been affected by this rapid growth and have given birth to rapid industrialization. Noida, Gurgaon are now among the most flourishing cities in India and the place to be for most youngsters.

Name the industry and you will find them here. The pharmaceutical industry in particular is in a boom here. There are many pharmaceutical companies that are carrying out research and production. What makes the location ideal for these companies is the presence of the SEZ or the special economic zone. The other advantage is the location of the city, which is very close to Delhi. It’s central location makes it easily accessible and has very good connectivity to all parts of the country.

Other factors that prove Noida as an ideal location is the uninterrupted power supply, availability of labour and low set up cost of industries.

Pharma Companies In Noida – Best List Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Production Company

Noida has been declared as one of the greenest cities in India which makes it a conducive place for many industries.

As more industries come up, there will be more employment opportunities for the youth. The presence of many expressways make transport easier.

The Noida authority is also one of the richest civic bodies in the country. Being an industrial hub and it’s proximity to the national capital, Noida is now one of the most sought after destinations for the youth.

India with its ever increasing population is a big market for life saving and lifestyle drugs. Lifestyle, stress, consumption of junk foods are all adding to the diseases and therefore medicines.

Considering this demand, several companies have ventured into the ever growing and demanding field of pharmacy. They are also providing a good employment opportunity for the youth of the suburbs and surrounding rural areas. Graduates and post graduates in the field of pharmacy prefer to work where there is a pleasant work atmosphere and noida offers just that.

Some of the prominent companies in Noida are.

: Sun pharma



: Aristo

: Ranbaxy

: Biocon

: lupin.

These are a few of the prominent companies that are in Noida.

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