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Pharmacovigilance Applying, Interview process & Tips How to Prepare

As you are looking to apply Pharmacovigilance  department we are here to help you Pharmacovigilance Applying, Interview process & Tips to prepare the Pharmacovigilance Interview. Many Multinational companies like Quintiles Accenture CTS cognizant are hiring candidates in bulk for Pharmacovigilance posts. If you are fresher and trying to enter to this Pharmacovigilance thing you are at the rite place.

Pharmacovigilance applying,interview process and tips to preparation:

Know About the Pharmacovigilance companies :

Quintlies CTS Accenture 

About companay : Quintiles is the worlds largest Contract Research Organizaiton(CRO) where it mainly focuses on clinical trials phase 2-4.

Apply for Pharmacovigilance Interview & Exam

You have to apply through the officaial websites. Some times few people who work can post on some facebook groups about their companies recruitment. You can follow them. Never give any one bucks to get you to the interview or to crack the job. 

Attend the Pharmacovigilance Screening test & Interview

Written test:




Logical and reasoning 

Pharmacovigilance Interview

Pharmacovigilance Interview Phase 1

After the written test they will evaluate your papers in one or two hour. If you are qualified in the written test you will be having hr round where we can expect common hr questions like
1)tell me about yourself
2)why should i hire you?
3)why you want to join in our company?
4)what you know about our company?
Be confident while answering and prepare for these questions and practice before interview if this is your first interview. 90%they will send you for the next Technical round.

Pharmacovigilance Interview Phase 2

This is purely Technical. This is the last round where you will have more chances to eliminate but through proper preparation its easy to face.
mostly questions they ask:
1)Adverse events
2)Adverse effects
3)what is pharmacovigilance
4)what is the work we do in pharmacogivilance
5) is it important pharmacovigialnce
6)drug regulatory authorities
7)pharmacovigilance terminology,case studies.
8)some important drugs pharmacological and mechanism of action.

ALL THE BEST for your Pharmacovigilance Career and Interview. We are here to help out. Please comment if you have any doubts. Keep visiting us for more Pharmacovigilance Interview Question and answers articles. Help your friends by referring our site to crack pharma sucess.

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