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What is the B Pharm course all about? B Pharmacy ? B Pharma ? Pharma Education Colleges

B pharm course or bachelors in pharmacy is one of the most sought after courses of the present day. Considered a highly evolving branch,  many youngsters are seeking to make a future in this.

It is the time when all exams are about to begin and students and their parents begin to think seriously about the career choices to be made and gathering information about whatever seems suitable for them.

The people who do not know much about it may wonder, what is the Bpharm course all about?

What is the Bpharm course all about?

 B pharma is a bachelor’s program in pharmacy offered both in the annual or the semester scheme. The Bpharm course duration is of four years. It is an undergraduate degree course that is taken up after 10+2, with biology as one of the subjects.

B pharmacy Course

The Bpharm course is affiliated to the AICTE or the PCI or the Pharmacy council of India.

B Pharmacy subjects are studied over a period of four years and basic medical subjects are also a part of the course.

Few of the exclusive bpharm course subjects are pharmaceutical organic chemistry, physical pharmaceutics,  pharmacognosy, medicinal chemistry.

These subjects also comprise of practical and theory classes and a project work at the end of the semester.

The four year course maybe followed by an internship.

Students often wonder then, for the bpharm course how many years are needed for the completion. The BPharma course by itself is of a four year duration. For a candidate who is joining through a lateral entry after doing DPharma or a Diploma course in pharmacy, the entry is at second year and therefore the duration of the bpharma for such candidates will be two years.

How to Pursue B Pharm Course

Numerous colleges and universities provide the details of the bpharm course on their websites, so that the aspiring candidates may go through it and have their questions answered.

There is no end to learning and knowledge in the medical field is ever evolving. For those desirous of pursuing higher studies in this field, a Masters degree in pharmacy or MPharm course is a very good choice.

These courses equip the learner to fit into the world of medicine confidently. For treatment is dependent on the medication and care provided to the patients.


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