9 Technology skills required for Pharmacists

Common technology skills required for pharmacists are here given.

Common technology skills required for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are increasingly important as the healthcare industry becomes more reliant on digital tools and software for managing patient care and medication dispensing. Here are some of the key technology skills that are essential in the field of pharmacy:

1. **Proficiency with Pharmacy Management Software**:

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must be comfortable using specialized computer programs to manage patient records, process prescriptions, and handle inventory. Familiarity with popular pharmacy software and tools such as Baxa Rapid Fill (ASF), Baxa Repeater Pump, Omnicell, Parata RDS, McKesson PACMED, Kirby Lester, TORBAL Rx Balances, Baker Cells, Cerner, Epic, Connexus, and Nexgen is crucial[2].

2. **Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems**:

A working knowledge of electronic prescribing systems and EHRs is essential. These systems are used to manage patient information, medication orders, and pharmacy operations. Being able to navigate and utilize these systems efficiently is critical for ensuring accurate and timely patient care[3].

3. **ScriptPro®**:

ScriptPro® offers a robotic prescription dispensing system, workflow systems, and a drug database. Pharmacists should be familiar with ScriptPro® Central Workflow, which helps in batching prescriptions and ensuring the delivery of proper medication[3].

4. **OneMAR**:

For those working in long-term care facilities, familiarity with OneMAR Innovation’s services is important. This web-based system integrates all pharmacy information and systems, replacing paper MAR (medication administration record) with an electronic version that includes comprehensive patient data[3].

5. **Accounts Receivable Software**:

Knowledge of software systems that provide control over cash flow and workflow in retail pharmacies is beneficial. These systems help manage finances, including automatic price updating based on competitive prices in the pharmacy’s region[3].

6. **Computer Literacy**:

Basic computer skills, including the ability to use email, word processing documents, and the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher), are fundamental. Being computer savvy helps pharmacists and pharmacy technicians access and process information efficiently[3].

7. **Automated Dispensing Machines**:

Understanding how to use and maintain automated dispensing machines is important for ensuring the accurate and safe preparation and dispensing of medication. This includes knowledge of how to troubleshoot and fix minor breakdowns[4][5].

8. **Data Entry and Management**:

The ability to accurately enter and manage patient and inventory data is crucial. This includes processing insurance claims, managing billing, and keeping patient records up to date[4].

9. **Continuous Learning**:

As technology in the pharmacy field evolves, continuous learning and adaptation to new software, systems, and automation technologies are necessary. Staying abreast of the latest technological advancements ensures pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can provide the best care and service to patients[4].

In summary, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians need a comprehensive set of technology skills to effectively perform their roles in today’s digital healthcare environment. These skills range from proficiency with pharmacy management software and EHR systems to familiarity with automated dispensing machines and continuous learning to adapt to new technologies[2][3][4][5].

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