10 Best Pharma Websites @ Pharmaceutical Industry News

10 Best Pharma Sites for Pharmaceutical Industry News

Based on the search results, here are 10 reputable websites where you can get pharmaceutical industry news:

1. BioWorld
BioWorld provides breaking news and analysis of the global biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical technology sectors. It offers in-depth coverage of innovation, business, financing, regulation, science, product development, and clinical trials[1].

2. Fierce Pharma
Fierce Pharma delivers breaking news and analysis about drug companies, the FDA, and the broader pharmaceutical industry. It also features manufacturing news and research reports[1][3].

3. Drugs.com
Drugs.com is a comprehensive source of drug information online, offering the latest health, medical, and pharmaceutical news updated daily[1].

4. Pharmaceutical Technology
Pharmaceutical Technology provides resources for the pharmaceutical and biochemistry industries, including news and in-depth feature articles on new drug discoveries, healthcare research and development, big pharma trends, and company deals[1].

5. Pharma Times
PharmaTimes is a leading pharmaceutical magazine for senior decision-makers, offering news stories, interviews, features, case studies, analyses, and comments on critical issues facing the pharma and healthcare sectors[1].

6. Pharma Dispatch
Pharma Dispatch is dedicated to breaking news and commentary on the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector in Australia[1].

7. Drug Topics
Drug Topics is a monthly news magazine that reports on all phases of community, retail, and health-system pharmacy issues and trends, providing a forum for pharmacists to share practical ideas for better pharmacy management and patient care[1].

8. Cafepharma
Cafepharma is a site for the pharmaceutical/medical industry, offering news and a forum for industry professionals[1].

9. Pharmaceutical Commerce
Pharmaceutical Commerce caters to biopharma commercial executive decision-makers, providing insights and perspectives on the latest industry trends, innovations, and best practices related to drug commercialization[3].

10. PharmaLive
PharmaLive offers news, analysis, and insights on the pharmaceutical industry, as well as events for pharmaceutical professionals[3].

These websites are valuable resources for staying informed about the latest developments, trends, and news in the pharmaceutical industry.

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[3] https://www.scilife.io/blog/top-pharmaceutical-websites-blogs
[4] https://www.fiercepharma.com
[5] https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/top-10-pharma-news-website-india-saroj-kumar
[6] https://www.simplerqms.com/20-pharma-blogs-to-watch/
[7] https://www.pharma-iq.com/business-development/articles/top-50-pharmaceutical-blogs-and-publications
[8] https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/

UGC Journals Update 2020 – SELF-PLAGIARISM

ucg journals latest news

20rh April,2020 update on UGC Journals SELF-PLAGIARISM

In the interests of lndian academia, to promote Indian research among the nations, and to ensure credibility and quality. from time to time the UGC has instituted various measures. In its efforts to curb plagiarism the
UGC issued the University Grants Commission (Promotion of Academic lntegrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2018, so that plagiarised work does not acquire any credibility or value in evaluation. In continuation of its initiative, and in line with global standards of ethical publishing established by leading institutions and Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the UGC draws the attention of the academic community to the following:

ucg journals latest news

(i) Reproduction, in part or whole, of one’s own previously published work without adequate citation and proper acknowledgment and claiming the most recent work as new and original for any
academic advantage amounts to ‘text-recycling’ (also known as’selfplagiarism’) and is g! acceptable.
( ii) Text-recycling/self-plagiarism includes:

  • republishing the same paper already published elseutherc without due andfull citotion;
  • publishing smaller/excerpted work from a longer and previous without due andfull cilations in order to show a larger number ofpublications;
  • reusing data already used in a published work, or communicated for publication, in another work withoul due and full citation;
  •  breaking up a longer/larger study into smaller sections and publishing them as altogether new work without due andfull citation;
  • paraphrasing one’s own previously published work without due andfull citation of the original.
    (iii) Self-citations do not add any number/s to the individual’s citation index or h-index in global academia.
    (iv) Vice Chancellors, Selection Committees, Screening Committees, IQACs and all/any experts involved in academic performance/evaluation and assessment are hereby strongly advised that their
    decisions in the case of promotions, selections, credit allotment, award ofresearch degrees must be based on an evaluation ofthe applicant’s published work to ensure that the work being submitted
    for promotion/selection is not self-plagiarized.
    The UCC will be issuing a set of parameters to evaluate instances of text recycling/self- plagiarism soon.
  • ucg journals UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION rules new

(Prof. Rajnish Jain)


Banned Drugs Latest News – Govt Banned Medicines News – Recent Update -3 FCD’s

Banned drugs in India 2018 Recent news update 3 drugs

Banned drugs in India 2018 has one Breaking news recently. As we all know the verdict of Supreme Court Banned 328 list of FCD drugs in India. But now there is a change in the verdict of supreme court. The Supreme Court on Monday has given permission restrictively for the sale of three fixed dose combination (FDC) drugs.  

Here is the Latest news update list of exempted Ban Drugs:

  1. Saridon,
  2. Piriton
  3. Dart

Banned drugs: Latest News & Videos, Photos about Banned drugs

These are the three fixed dose combination (FDC) drugs that got the manufacturing rights again.

Lets see these Supreme Court allowed Drugs for sale in detail.


Piramal Healthcare’s Saridon

Saridon is from Piramal Healthcare’s manufacturing unit.

Saridon Tablet, classified as a mild analgesic, is used to treat fever and is the most commonly used pain reliever. It is used to relieve pain in case of a backache, a headache, arthritis and a toothache.


GlaxoSmithKline’s Piriton

Piriton an Expectorant is from GlaxoSmithKline’s company.

Piriton 4 mg Tablet is an antihistamine that is used to prevent or treat allergic reactions like hay fever or urticaria caused by pollen, dust, or animal hair.
Piriton Syrup and Piriton Tablet formats make a great hay fever treatment option for all the family. Piriton can relieve the symptoms of hay fever and other allergies, and so aid restful sleep when symptoms are troublesome at night. Piriton can also be used to relieve the itchy rash of chickenpox.


Juggat Pharma’s Dart

Dart is the medicine from Juggat Pharma’s industry.

Dart stimulates the brain; hence it is used as a central nervous stimulant. It is used along with analgesics and/or ergotamine for migraine (severe headaches with nausea). It is also used for a breathing condition (apnea) in premature infants

Three fixed dose combination (FDC) drugs including Piramal Healthcare’s Saridon, GlaxoSmithKline’s Piriton Expectorant, Juggat Pharma’s Dart have now got free from the ban.

Latest Health News and Research on Drugs Banned in India 2018

As we all aware, these three drugs were among 328 fixed dose combination banned by Union health ministry on September 7th officially released on 12th of September 2018 through a government notification following a Drugs Technical Advisory Committee report. The order to this effect was issued by a bench of Justices R F Nariman and Indu Malhotra following a petition by drug manufacturers.

Then the government took the decision on the recommendation of a panel constituted by the Centre on the SC’s direction to review safety, efficacy and therapeutic justification of fixed dose combination banned by Union health ministry.

The DTAB in its report recommended, amongst other things, that there is no therapeutic justification for the ingredients contained in these FDCs.

The drug firms argued that they have been manufacturing these drugs since 1988 and should be exempted from the ban. They cited the apex court’ earlier relief to 15 drugs on the basis of the similar grounds.

The bench asked the Union health ministry to give its opinion on the petitions filed against the order.

History of Banned Drugs in India

Manufacturers challenged the government’s decision to ban the drugs and, argued that they have been making these combinations since before 1988. The companies also said that since the Supreme Court had earlier exempted 15 such combination drugs from the ban, the same exemptions should be extended to them, as well, the report quoted lawyers as saying.

Earlier the Delhi High Court on Friday permitted Wockhardt to carry out sale of its anti-inflammatory drug, Ace Proxyvon till September 18. Wockhardt has been manufacturing Ace Proxyvon since last 11 years. Though the health ministry has banned Wockhardt’s anti-inflammatory drug among others based on DTAB report, the company pointed out that it has not yet received the copy of the report.

Banned drugs in India 2018 Recent news update 3 drugs

Earlier, the Central government had, through its notifications published on the March 10, 2016 in the Gazette of India, prohibited the manufacture for sale, sale and distribution for human use of 344 FDCs under section 26 A of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940. Subsequently, the Government had prohibited five more FDCs in addition to the 344 under the same provisions.However, the matter was contested by the affected manufacturers in various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. In compliance with the directions given by the Supreme Court of India in its judgment dated the December 15, 2017, the matter was examined by the DTAB constituted under section 5 of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 which furnished its report on these drugs to the Central Government.

The Board recommended that it is necessary to prohibit the manufacture, sale or distribution of these FDCs under section 26 A of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 as they lacked therapeutic justification.

With regard to six FDCs, the Board recommended that their manufacture, sale and distribution be restricted subject to certain conditions based on their therapeutic justification. Fifteen FDCs out of the 344 prohibited on the 10th March, 2016, which were claimed to be manufactured prior to 21st September, 1988, have been kept out of the purview of current notifications.

As we come to know that the Delhi high court had earlier allowed Indian pharma major Wockhardt to sell its Ace Proxyvon tablets, which is a mixture of three salts — aceclofenac, paracetamol and rabeprazol — a combination that is banned. Now these three drugs that are fixed dose combination (FDC) drugs including Piramal Healthcare’s Saridon, GlaxoSmithKline’s Piriton Expectorant, Juggat Pharma’s Dart have now got free from the ban.

This is the Latest news and update on Banned drugs in India 2018. For more latest news. Please visit us again.

LIST OF DRUGS BANNED IN INDIA PDF – 2018 || 329 Full list Recently Banned Drugs News

LIST OF DRUGS BANNED IN INDIA PDF – 2018 || 329 Full list Recently Banned Drugs

Recently health ministry has  Banned 328 drugs for different reasons. The main reason is the safety concern. Here we provide the FULL LIST OF DRUGS BANNED IN INDIA PDF – 2018 for our Pharmwiki.in readers.

Banned drugs: Latest News & Videos, Photos about Banned drugs

Who Banned these listed 328 Drugs?

The Union health ministry on 12th September 2018 banned the manufacture, sale or distribution of 328 varieties of FDC drugs for human consumption. The action has been taken under Section 26A of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 with the help of the Drug Technical Advisory Board or DTAB.

LIST OF DRUGS BANNED IN INDIA PDF – 2018 || 329 Full list Recently Banned Drugs

Why Did Union health ministry has Banned these FDC Drugs? Reasons:

Reasons of Banned Drugs 2018

  1.  To stop the irrational use of fixed-dose combination (FDC) medicines,
  2. There’s no therapeutic justification for the ingredients contained in 328 FDC drugs, and that these may involve risk to human beings.

What are FDC Drugs?

A fixed-dose combination drug contains two or more active ingredients in a fixed dosage ratio in single dosage form. So these can also be called as Combination products. Abbreviated as FDC

Examples of Banned FDC Drugs?

Aceclofenac (SR) + Paracetamol 750

Aceclofenac + Paracetamol + Famotidine

naproxen plus paracetamol


1 Aceclofenac (SR) + Paracetamol 750
2 Aceclofenac + Paracetamol + Famotidine 744
3 Aceclofenac + Paracetamol + Rabeprazole 705
4 Aceclofenac + Zinc Carnosine 745
5 Acetaminophen + Guaifenesin + Dextromethorphan + Chlorpheniramine 945
6 Acetaminophen + Loratadine + Ambroxol + Phenylephrine 906
7 Acriflavine + Thymol + Cetrimide 1014
8 Acrivastine + Paracetamol + Caffeine + Phenylephrine 915
9 Albuterol + Bromhexine + Theophylline 1033
10 Albuterol + Etofylline + Bromhexine + Menthol 1032
11 Alginic Acid + Sodium Bicarbonate + Dried Aluminium Hydroxide + Magnesium Hydroxide 842
12 Allantoin + Dimethieone + Urea + Propylene + Glycerin + Liquid Paraffin 1013
13 Ambroxol + Levocetirizine + Phenylephrine + Guaiphenesin + Menthol 956
14 Ambroxol + Guaifenesin + Phenylephrine + Chlorpheniramine 927
15 Ambroxol + Salbutamol + Choline Theophyllinate + Menthol 987
16 Ambroxol + Salbutamol + Theophylline 942
17 Ambroxol + Terbutaline + Dextromethorphan 895
18 Ambroxol+ Guaiphenesin + Ammonium Chloride + Phenylephrine + Chlorpheniramine Maleate + Menthol
19 Ammonium Chloride + Dextromethorphan + Cetirizine + Menthol 964
20 Ammonium Chloride + Sodium Citrate + Chlorpheniramine Maleate + Menthol 740
21 Ammonium Citrate + Vitamin B 12 + Folic Acid + Zinc Sulphate 1042
22 Amoxicillin + Cefixime + Potassium Clavulanic Acid 757
23 Amoxicillin + Dicloxacillin 753
24 Amoxicillin 250 mg + Potassium Clavulanate Diluted 62.5 754
25 Amoxycillin + Dicloxacillin + Serratiopeptidase 771
26 Amoxycillin + Tinidazole 764
27 Ascorbic Acid + Manadione Sodium Bisulphate + Rutin + Dibasic Calcium Phosphate + Adrenochrome mono Se
28 Atorvastatin + Vitamin D3 + Folic Acid + Vitamin B12 + Pyridoxine 784
29 Azithromycin + Acebrophylline 865
30 Azithromycin + Ambroxol 781
31 Azithromycin + Cefixime 752
32 Azithromycin + Cefpodoxime 772
33 Azithromycin + Levofloxacin 755
34 Azithromycin + Ofloxacin 763
35 Becloemthasone + Clotrimazole + Chloramphenicol + Gentamycin + Lignocaine Ear drops 831
36 Beclomethasone + Clotimazole + Neomycin + lodochlorohydroxyquinone 1007
37 Beclomethasone + Clotrimazole + Gentamicin + lodochlorhydroxyquinoline 1040
38 Beclomethasone Diproprionate + Neomycin + Tolnaftate + lodochlorhydroxyquinoline +
Chlorocresol 1020
39 Benfotiamine + Metformin 1044
40 Benzoxonium Chloride + Lidocaine 735
41 Betahistine + Ginkgo Biloba Extract + Vinpocetine + Piracetam 791
42 Betamethasone + Fusidic Acid + Gentamycin + Tolnaftate + lodochlorhydroxyquinoline (ICHQ) 1002
43 Betamethasone + Gentamicin + Tolnaftate + lodochlorhydroxyquinoline 1011
44 Betamethasone + Gentamycin + Zinc Sulphate + Clotrimoazole + Chlorocresol 1021
45 Betamethasone + Neomycin + Tolnaftate + lodochlorohydroxyquinoline + Cholorocresol 1015
46 Borax + Boric Acid + Naphazoline + Menthol + Camphor + Methyl Hydroxy Benzoate 1022
47 Bromhenxine + Phenylephrine + Chlorpheniramine + Paracetamol 1039
48 Bromhexine + Cetrizine + Phenylephrine IP+Guaifenesin + Menthol 990
49 Bromhexine + Dextromethorphan 1023
50 Bromhexine + Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Menthol 883
51 Bromhexine + Phenylephrine + Chlorepheniramine Maleate 861
52 Caffeine + Paracetamol + Chlorpheniramine 963
53 Caffeine + Paracetamol + Phenylephrine + Cetirizine 954
54 Calcium Gluconate + Chlorpheniramine + Vitamin C 998
55 Calcium Gluconate + Levocetirizine 994
56 Cefixime + Levofloxacin 766
57 Cefixime + Linezolid 756
58 Cefpodoxime Proxetil + Levofloxacin 759
59 Cefuroxime + Linezolid 774
60 Cephalexin + Neomycin + Prednisolone 780
61 Certirizine + Phenylephrine + Paracetamol + Caffeine + Nimesulide 985
62 Cetirizine + Acetaminophen + Dextromethorphan + Phenyephrine + Zinc Gluconate 907
63 Cetirizine + Ambroxol + Guaiphenesin + Ammonium Chloride + Phenylephrine + Menthol 876
64 Cetirizine + Dextromethorphan + Ambroxol 925
65 Cetirizine + Dextromethorphan + Bromhexine + Guaifenesin 937
66 Cetirizine + Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Tulsi 946
67 Cetirizine + Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Zinc Gluconate + Paracetamol + Menthol 887
68 Cetirizine + Dextromethorphan + Zinc Gluconate + Menthol 910
69 Cetirizine + Diethyl Carbamazine 792
70 Cetirizine + Phenylephrine + Dextromethorphan + Menthol 903
71 Cetirizine + Phenylephrine + Paracetamol + Ambroxol + Caffeine 947
72 Cetirizine + Phenylephrine + Paracetamol + Zinc Gluconate 871
73 Cetririzine + Nimesulide + Phenylephrine 943
74 Chlopheniramine Maleate + Dextromethorphan + Guaiphensin + Phenylephrine 962
75 Chloramphenicol + Beclomethasone + Clomitrimazole + Lignocaine 825
76 Chloramphennicol + Lignocaine + Betamethasone + Clotrimazole + Ofloxacin + Antipyrine 827
77 Chlorphaniramine + Ammonium Chloride + Sodium Chloride 933
78 Chlorpheniramine + Ammonium Chloride + Chloroform + Menthol 981
79 Chlorpheniramine + Ammonium Chloride + Noscapine + Sodium Citrate 936
80 Chlorpheniramine + Codeine + Sodium Citrate + Menthol Syrup 881
81 Chlorpheniramine + Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Paracetamol 890
82 Chlorpheniramine + Paracetamol + Pseudoephedrine + Caffeine 999
83 Chlorpheniramine + Phenylephrine + Caffeine 877
84 Chlorpheniramine + Phenylephrine + Dextromethophan + Menthol 894
85 Chlorpheniramine + Phenylephrine + Paracetamol + Zink Gluconate 944
86 Chlorpheniramine + Terpin + Antimony Potassium Tartrate + Ammonium Chloride + Sodium
Citrate + Menthol 966
87 Chlorpheniramine + Vasaka + Tolubalsm + Ammonium Chloride + Sodium Citrate + Menthol 989
88 Chlorpheniramine + Vitamin C 997
89 Chlorpheniramine Maleate + Ammonium Chloride + Sodium Citrate 870
90 Chlorpheniramine+Ammonium Chloride + Menthol 970
91 Chlorpromazine + Trihexyphenidyl 800
92 Chromium Polynicotinate + Metformin 819
93 Cilnidipine + Metoprolol Succinate + Metoprolol Tartrate 782
94 Ciprofloxacin + Fluocinolone + Clotrimazole + Neomycin + Chlorocresol 1009
95 Ciprofloxacin + Fluticasone + Clotrimazole + Neomycin 778
96 Ciprofloxacin + Phenazopyridine 770
97 Clidinium + Paracetamol + Dicyclomine + Activated Dimethicone 843
98 Clindamycin + Clotrimazole + Lactic Acid Bacillus 854
99 Clindamycin + Telmisartan 786
100 Clobetasol + Gentamicin + Tolnaftate + lodochlorhydroxyquinone + Ketoconazole 1012
101 Clobetasol + Neomycin + Miconazole + Clotrimazole 1016
102 Clobetasol + Neomycin + Miconazole + Zinc Sulphate 1019
103 Clobetasol + Ofloxacin + Ketoconazol + Zinc Sulphate 1010
104 Clobetasol + Ofloxacin + Miconazole + Zinc Sulphate 1003
105 Clobetasol Propionate + Ofloxacin + Ornidazole + Terbinafine 1018
106 Clobetasole + Gentamicin + Miconazole + Zinc Sulphate 1004
107 Clomifene Citrate + Ubidecarenone + Zinc + Folic Acid + Methylcobalamin + Pyridoxine + Lycopene
+ Selenium + Levocarnitine Tartrate + L-Arginine 856
108 Clotrimazole + Beclomethasone + Lignocaine + Ofloxacin + Acetic Aicd + Sodium Methyl Paraben +
Propyl Paraben 1048
109 Clotrimazole + Beclomethasone + Ofloxacin + Lignocaine 830
110 Clotrimazole + Ofloxaxin + Lignocaine + Glycerine and Propylene Glycol 826
111 Codeine + Chlorpheniramine + Alcohol Syrup 920
112 Codeine + Levocetirizine + Menthol 901
113 Combikit of 3 tablets of Serratiopeptidase (enteric coated 20000 units) + Diclofenac Potassium & 2 tablets of D
114 Combikit of Azithromycin, Secnidazole and Fluconazole 760
115 Combikit of Fluconazole Tablet, Azithromycin Tablet and Ornidazole Tablets 769
116 Cyproheptadine + Thiamine 835
117 Dextrometharphan + Chlopheniramine + Ammonium Chloride+ Menthol 958
118 Dextrometharphan + Chlopheniramine + Ammonium + Sodium Citrate + Menthol 1026
119 Dextrometharphan + Phenylephrine + Guaiphenesin 955
120 Dextromethophan + Chlopheniramine + Bromhexine 1024
121 Dextromethorphan + Ambroxol + Ammonium Chloride + Chlorpheniramine + Menthol 991
122 Dextromethorphan + Ambroxol + Guaifenesin + Phenylephrine + Chlorpheniramine 902
123 Dextromethorphan + Bromhexine + Guaiphenesin 862
124 Dextromethorphan + Bromhexine + Guaiphenesin + Menthol 914
125 Dextromethorphan + Cetirizine 917
126 Dextromethorphan + Cetirizine + Guaifenesin + Ammonium Chloride 986
127 Dextromethorphan + Chlorpheniramine + Chlorpheniramine Maleate 875
128 Dextromethorphan + Chlorpheniramine + Guaiphenesin 896
129 Dextromethorphan + Levocetirizine + Phenylephrine + Zinc 859
130 Dextromethorphan + Paracetamol + Cetirizine + Phenylephrine 965
131 Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Ammonium Chloride + Menthol 913
132 Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Bromhexine + Guaifenesin + Chlorpheniramine 974
133 Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Cetirizine + Paracetamol + Caffeine 929
134 Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Cetirizine + Zinc + Menthol 992
135 Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Guaifenesin + Certirizine + Acetaminophen 979
136 Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Guaifenesin + Triprolidine 921
137 Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Tripolidine + Menthol 972
138 Dextromethorphan + Phenylephrine + Zinc Gluconate + Menthol 880
139 Dextromethorphan + Tripolidine + Phenylephirine 898
140 Dextromethorphan + Triprolidine + Phenylephrine 878
141 Dextromethorphen + Bromhexine + Chlorpheniramine Maleate + Guaiphenesin 873
142 Dextromethorphen + Promethazine 891
143 Diclofenac + paracetamol + chlorpheniramine maleate + mgnesium Trisillicate 725
144 Diclofenac + Paracetamol + Chlorzoxazone + Famotidine 715
145 Diclofenac + paracetamol + magnesium Trisilicate 738
146 Diclofenac + Paracetamol injection 751
147 Diclofenac + Tramadol + Chlorzoxazone 710
148 Diclofenac + Tramadol + Paracetamol 714
149 Diclofenac + Zinc Carnosine 724
150 Dicyclomine + Paracetamol + Domperidone 711
151 Diethyl Carbamazine + Chlorpheniramine + Guaifenesin 938
152 Diethylcabamazine Citrate + Cetirizine + Guaiphenesin 892
153 Diethylcarbamazine + Cetirizine + Ambroxol 923
154 Diphenhydramine + Guaifenesin + Bromhexine + Ammonium Chloride + Menthol 908
155 Diphenhydramine + Guaiphenesin + Ammonium Chloride + Bromhexine 889
156 Diphenhydramine + Terpine + Ammonium Chloride + Sodium Chloride + Menthol 866
157 Diphenoxylate + Atropine + Furazolidonee 768
158 Disodium Hydrogen Citrate + Paracetamol 748
159 Doxycycline + Serratiopeptidase 765
160 Doxylamine + Pyridoxine + Mefenamic Acid + Paracetamol 793
161 Dried Alumnium Hydroxie Gel + Prophantheline + Diazepam 1038
162 Drotaverine + Clidinium + Chlordiazepoxide 794
163 Enrofloxacin + Bromhexin 882
164 Ergotamine Tartrate + Belladona Dry Extarct+Caffeine + Paracetamol 1027
165 Ethylmorphine + Noscapine + Chlorpheniramine 924
166 Famotidine + Oxytacaine + Magaldrate 840
167 Flunarizine + Paracetamole + Domperidone 832
168 Flupentixol + Escitalopram 796
169 Furazolidone + Metronidazole + Loperamide 844
170 Gabapentin + Mecobalamin + Pyridoxine + Thiamine 798
171 Gentamicin Sulphate + Clotrimazole + Betamethasone + Lignocaine 829
172 Gentamycin + Dexamethasone + Chloramphenicol + Tobramycin + Ofloxacin 858
173 Glibenclamide + Metformin (SR)+ Pioglitazone 822
174 Gliclazide 40mg + Metformin 400mg 1029
175 Gliclazide 80 mg + Metformin 325 mg 803
176 Glimepiride + Pioglitazone + Metformin 815
177 Glimepiride 1mg/2mg/3mg + Pioglitazone 15mg/15mg/15mg + Metformin 1000mg/1000mg/1000mg 806
178 Glimepiride 1mg/2mg+ Pioglitazone 15mg/15mg + Metformin 850mg/850mg 807
179 Glipizide 2.5mg + Metformin 400 mg 816
180 Glucosamine + Methyl Sullfonyl Methane + Vitamin D3 + Manganese + Boron + Copper + Zinc 732
181 Guaifenesin + Bromhexine + Chlorpheniramine + Paracetamol 980
182 Guaifenesin + Bromhexine + Chlorpheniramine + Phenylephrine + Paracetamol + Serratiopeptidase
(as enteric coated granules) 10000 SP Units 1000
183 Guaifenesin + Dextromethorphan 948
184 Guaifenesin + Diphenhydramine + Bromhexine + Phenylephrine 1037
185 Heparin + Diclofenac 731
186 Imipramine + Chlordiazepoxide + Trifluoperazine + Trihexyphenidyl 799
187 Ketoconazole + Tea Tree oil + Allantion + Zinc Oxide + Aloe Vera + Jojoba oil +
Lavander oil + Soa noodels 1017
188 Ketotifen + Cetirizine 939
189 Ketotifen + Levocetrizine 951
190 Ketotifen + Theophylline 941
191 L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium + Escitalopram 788
192 L-Arginine + Sildenafil 783
193 Levocetirizine + Ambroxol + Phenylephrine + Guaiphenesin 874
194 Levocetirizine + Ambroxol + Phenylephrine + Paracetamol 1005
195 Levocetirizine + Dextromethorphan + Zinc 931
196 Levocetirizine + Montelukast + Acebrophylline 912
197 Levocetirizine + Paracetamol + Phenylephirine + Caffeine 949
198 Levocetirizine + Phenylephrine + Ambroxol + Guaiphenesin + Paracetamol 886
199 Levocetirizine + Ranitidine 885
200 Levofloxacin + Bromhexine 884
201 Levofloxacin + Ornidazole + Alpha Tocopherol Acetate 761
202 Levothyroxine + Phyridoxine + Nicotinamide 1043
203 Lignocaine + Clotrimazole + Ofloxacin + Beclomethasone 773
204 Lornoxicam + Paracetamol + serratiopeptidase 737
205 Lornoxicam + paracetamol + Tramadol 736
206 Lornoxicam + paracetamol + trypsin 728
207 Magaldrate + Famotidine + Simethicone 834
208 Magaldrate + Papain + Fungul Diastase + Simethicone 838
209 Magaldrate + Ranitidine + Pancreatin + Domperidone 836
210 Mebeverine & Inner HPMC capsule (Streptococcus Faecalis + Clostridium butyricum + Bacillus
mesentricus + Lactic Acid Bacillus) 853
211 Menthol + Anesthetic Ether 1025
212 Metformin (SR) 500mg + Pioglitazone 5mg 824
213 Metformin (Sustainded Release) 500mg + Pioglitazone 15 mg + Glimepiride 3mg 823
214 Metformin + Atorvastatin 785
215 Metformin + Bromocriptine 812
216 Metformin + Gliclazide + Chromium Polynicotinate 821
217 Metformin + Gliclazide + Piogllitazone + Chromium Polynicotinate 820
218 Metformin + Glimepiride + Methylcobalamin 813
219 Metformin 1000/1000/500/500mg + Pioglitazone 7.5/7.5/7.5/7.5mg + Glimepiride 1/2/1/2mg 802
220 Metformin 500mg/500mg+Gliclazide SR 30mg/60mg + Pioglitazone 7.5mg/7.5mg 810
221 Metformin 850mg + Pioglitazone 7.5 mg + Glimepiride 1mg 809
222 Metformin 850mg + Pioglitazone 7.5 mg + Glimepiride 2mg 808
223 Metformin ER + Gliclazide MR + Voglibose 818
224 Metronidazole + Norfloxacin 776
225 Metronidazole + Tetracycline 779
226 N-Acetyl Cysteine + Ambroxol + Phenylephrine + Levocertirizine 971
227 Naphazoline + Carboxy Methyl Cellulose + Menthol + Camphor + Phenylephrine 916
228 Naphazoline + Chlorpheniramine + Zinc Sulphate + Boric Acid + Sodium Chloride + Chlorobutol 976
229 Naproxen + Paracetamol 716

Banned  drugs list

230 Neomycin + Doxycycline 1008
231 Nimesulide + Certirizine + Phenylephrine 975
232 Nimesulide + Cetrizine + Caffeine 707
233 Nimesulide + Diclofenac 706
234 Nimesulide + Dicyclomine 730
235 Nimesulide + Loratadine + Phenylephrine + Ambroxol 860
236 Nimesulide + Paracetamol + Cetirizine + Phenylephrine 867
237 Nimesulide + Paracetamol + Levocetirizine + Phenylephrine + Caffeine 918
238 Nimesulide + paracetamol Injection 721
239 Nimesulide + Paracetamol Suspension 743
240 Nimesulide + Phenylephrine + Caffeine + Levocetirizine 864
241 Nimesulide + Pitofenone + Fenpiverinium + Benzyl Alcohol 719
242 Nimesulide + Serratiopeptidase 717
243 Nimesulide + Tizanidine 708
244 Nimorazole + Ofloxacin 762
245 Norfloxacin+ Metronidazole + Zinc Acetate 847
246 Oflaxacin + Ornidazole Suspension 1031
247 Ofloxacin + Clotrimazole + Betamethasone + Lignocaine 828
248 Ofloxacin + Metronidazole + Zinc Acetate 767
249 Ofloxacin + Nitazoxanide 758

List of Banned FDC drugs

250 Ofloxacin + Ornidazole + Zinc Bisglycinate 775
251 Olmesartan + Hydrochlorothiazide + Chlorthalidone 787
252 Omepraozle + Paracetmaol+ Diclofenac 720
253 Oxetacaine + Magaldrate + Famotidine 849
254 Pantoprazole (as Enteric Coated Tablet) + Zinc Carnosine (as Film Coated Tablets 850
255 Paracetamol + Ambroxol + Phenylephrine + Chlorpheniramine 1030
256 Paracetamol + Caffeine + Codeine 749
257 Paracetamol + Caffine + Phenylephrine + Chlorpheniramine 959
258 Paracetamol + Cetrizine + Caffeine 709
259 Paracetamol + Chlorpheniramine + Ambroxol + Guaifenesin + Phenylephrine 988
260 Paracetamol + Codeine + Chlorpheniramine 968
261 Paracetamol + Dextromethorphan + Bromhexine + Phenylephrine + Diphenhydramine 934
262 Paracetamol + Dextromethorphan + Chlorpheniramine 899
263 Paracetamol + Diclofenac + famotidine 718
264 Paracetamol + Disodium Hydrogen Citrate + Caffeine 746
265 Paracetamol + DL Methionine 747
266 Paracetamol + domperidone + Caffeine 739

Prohibited Medicines 2018 list

267 Paracetamol + Levocetirizine + Phenylephirine + Zink Gluconate 952
268 Paracetamol + Levocetirizine + Pseudoephedrine 995
269 Paracetamol + Loratadine + Dextromethophan + Pseudoepheridine + Caffeine 868
270 Paracetamol + Loratadine + Phenylephrine + Dextromethorphan + Caffeine 863
271 Paracetamol + mefenamic Acid + ranitidine + Dicyclomine 729
272 Paracetamol + Pheniramine 1001
273 Paracetamol + Phenylephrine + Chlorpheneramine + Dextromethorphan + caffeine 723
274 Paracetamol + Phenylephrine + Chlorpheniramine + Zinc Gluconate 928
275 Paracetamol + Phenylephrine + Desloratadine + Zinc Gluconate + Ambroxol 911
276 Paracetamol + Phenylephrine + Levocetirizine + Caffeine 932
277 Paracetamol + Phenylephrine + Triprolidine 905
278 Paracetamol + Phenylephrine + Triprolidine + Caffeine 953
279 Paracetamol + Prochloperazine 797
280 Paracetamol + Prochlorperazine Maleate 741
281 Paracetamol + Promethazine 790
282 Paracetamol + Propyphenazone + Caffeine 1036
283 Paracetamol + Pseudoephedrine + Cetrizine 726
284 Paracetamol + Pseudoephedrine + Dextromethorphan + Cetirizine 888
285 Paracetamol + Tapentadol 733
286 Paracetamol+Phenylephrine+Levocetirizine+Sodium Citrate 1035
287 Paracetamol+Pseudoephedrine+Certirizine+Caffeine 969
288 Permethrin + Cetrimide + Menthol 1006
289 phenylbutazone + sodium salicylate 727
290 Phenylephrine + Chlorpheniramine + Paracetamol + Bromhexine + Caffeine 1047
291 Pholcodine + Phenylephrine + Promethazine 900
292 Pioglitazone 15mg + Metformin 850 mg 817
293 Pioglitazone 30 mg + Metformin 500 mg 814
294 Pioglitazone 7.5/7.5mg + Metformin 500/1000mg 805
295 Pseudoephedrine + Bromhexine 984
296 Pseudoephedrine + Cetirizine 957
297 Pseudoephedrine + Dextromethorphan + Cetirizine 893
298 Rabeprazole + Diclofenac + Paracetamol 845
299 Rabeprazole + Zinc + Domperidone 839
300 Rabeprazole + Zinc Carnosine 833
301 Ranitidine + Domperidone + Simethicone 841
302 Ranitidine + Magaldrate 846
303 Ranitidine + Magaldrate + Simethicone 837
304 Roxithromycin + Serratiopeptidase 904
305 Salbutamol + Aminophylline + Guaiphensin 960
306 Salbutamol + Bromhexine + Guaiphenesin + Menthol 935
307 Salbutamol + Certirizine + Ambroxol 973
308 Salbutamol + Choline Theophylinate + Ambroxol 982
309 Salbutamol + Choline Theophylinate + Carbocisteine 996
310 Salbutamol + Theophylline + Bromhexine 961

Banned Medicines 2018 list

311 Salbutamol+Hydroxyethyltheophylline (Etofylline) + Bromhexine 1034
312 Sildenafil + Estradiol Valerate 855
313 Tamsulosin + Diclofenac 722
314 Telmisartan + Metformin 1041
315 Terbutaline + Ambroxol + Guaiphenesin + Zinc + Menthol 919
316 Terbutaline + Bromhexine + Etofylline 940
317 Terbutaline + Bromhexine + Guaiphenesin + Dextromethorphan 897
318 Terbutaline + Etofylline + Ambroxol 967
319 Terbutaline + N-Acetyl L-Cysteine + Guaifenesin 993
320 Terpinhydrate + Dextromethorphan + Menthol 879
321 Thyroid + Thiamine + Riboflavin + Phyridoxine + Calcium Pantothenate + Tocopheryl Acetate +
322 Thyroxine + Pyridoxine + Folic Acid 857
323 Tranexamic Acid + Proanthocyanidin 734
324 Ursodeoxycholic Acid + Silymarin 801
325 Voglibose + Pioglitazone + Metformin 811
326 Voglibose+ Metformin + Chromium Picolinate 804
327 Zinc Carnosine + Magnesium Hydroxide + Dried Aluminium Hydroxide + Simethicone 851
328 Zinc Carnosine + Oxetacaine 848
329 Zinc Carnosine + Sucralfate 852



Banned medicines drug combination latest list in news 4

Hope this article helped you in getting what you are looking for.

Here in this article you have found list of banned drugs in India 2018, Latest news on banned drugs in india 2018, banned drugs list in India 2018 with reason,LIST OF DRUGS BANNED IN INDIA PDF – 2018 || 329 Full list Recently Banned Drugs Ban on medicines in India


Top 10 Prescribed drugs of “United States of America” / US Side Effects PDF

Top 10 Prescribed drugs of United States of America US Prescribed drugs Side Effects

Hello readers. Good Morning. Here we present in this article the top 10 Prescribed drugs of “United States of America”. You can also know the common US Prescribed drugs Side Effects in the next section of this article.

Top 10 Prescribed drugs of United States of America US Prescribed drugs Side Effects

Top 10 Prescribed drugs of “United States of America” -Generic Name

Generic Name
levothyroxine sodium
rosuvastatin calcium
albuterol sulfate
esomeprazole magnesium
fluticasone and salmeterol
insulin glargine
lisdexamfetamine dimesylate
tiotropium bromide

Top 10 Prescribed drugs in the United States of America – Brand Name Generic Name – Uses

Rank # Brand Name Generic Name Drug’s Major Function
1 Synthroid levothyroxine sodium Treats low thyroid levels
2 Crestor rosuvastatin calcium United States of Americaed to lower LDA (“bad”) cholesterol
3 Ventolin HFA albuterol sulfate A bronchodilator that increases air flow to the lungs
4 Nexium esomeprazole magnesium Blocks acid production in the stomach
5 Advair DiskUnited States of America fluticasone and salmeterol Treats asthma and chronic bronchitis
6 LantUnited States of America Solostar insulin glargine Treats type 1 and type 2 diabetes
7 Vyvanse lisdexamfetamine dimesylate Treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
8 Lyrica pregabalin Treats pain from diabetes, shingles, and fibromyalgia
9 Spiriva Handihaler tiotropium bromide Treats bronchitis, emphysema, or COPD
10 Januvia sitagliptin Treats type 2 diabetes

Top 10 Prescribed drugs in the United States of America: side effects

Rank # Brand Name Drug’s Possible Side Effects
1 Vicodin Sedating, habit-forming, dizziness, N/V*, impaired thinking and function
2 Prinivil N/V, dry cough, dizziness, drowsiness
3 Zocor N/V, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, mUnited States of Americacle pain
4 Synthroid chest pain, tachycardia, heat intolerance, nervoUnited States of Americaness, weight loss
5 Amoxil Allergic reaction, diarrhea, N/V, itching, rash, confUnited States of Americaion
6 Zithromax N/V, diarrhea, abdominal pain, allergic reaction, abnormal heart beat
7 Microzide Low blood pressure, electrolyte changes, weakness, rash
8 Norvasc headache, swelling (legs), palpitations, dizziness, fatigue, N/V
9 Xanax Allergic reaction, depression, confUnited States of Americaion, dizziness, reduced urine, chest pain
10 Glucophage N/V, diarrhea, gas, bloating, decreased appetite, low glucose

*N/V means naUnited States of Americaea and vomiting

Fortunately, only a small percentage of people develop one or more side effects but some side effects may cause people to be unable to take certain drugs. Many of the infrequent but possible side effects of the top ten prescribed drugs are listed here above.

Top 10 Prescribed drugs of United States of America US side effects pdf

CMO – How to Set Up Pharmaceutical Contract-Manufacturing-Organization ??

CMO - How to Set Up Pharmaceutical Contract-Manufacturing-Organization

Pharmaceutical-contract-manufacturing organization setup

A contract manufacturing organization (CMO) is a company that serves other companies on a contract basis to provide comprehensive services. In the pharmaceutical industry, the service ranges from drug development to drug manufacturing. Nowadays, it is also termed as contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), because of a comprehensive single-source provider from drug development through the commercial manufacturers. It is of help in terms of scalability and allows the major companies to focus on drug discovery and drug marketing instead. Global manufacturers are occupying a monster share of the contract manufacturing market with low-cost. Even the highest ranking service providers target a specific technology or dosage form for the promotion of end-to-end continuity. Therefore, specialization may be an effective hedge against the loss of market share. This reflects their efficiency for the outsourcing clients.

CMOs offer:

  • Pre-formulation
  • Formulation development
  • Stability studies
  • Method development
  • Pre-clinical and Phase I trial materials
  • Late-stage clinical trial materials
  • Formal stability, scale-up, registration batches and commercial production.

CMOs are contract manufacturers but aren’t limited to these services because of their development aspect. For the pharmaceutical market, the outsourcing services providers are used in the form of CMOs and CROs- contract research organizations. In response to the international nature of the pharmaceutical niche, CMOs are called for outsourced services. 

Setup strategy

Putting up a manufacturing unit is a big challenge for a layman not having the technical know-how and idea about the market. Carrying out a good technical and market survey would be beneficial. Moreover, depending upon one’s forte and the market demand the following are considered:

  • The ever-rising competition to be in demand as a constant cost-effective manufacturer
  • Regulatory compliance & Maintenance cost
  • Locations are selected based on Land cost, tax-free zones, accessibility to resources/transportation convenience.
  • Cost factor for faraway places or in government/private industrial zones.

You may choose formulation with a wide market to cover up the cost by having maximum utilization of installed pharmaceutical equipment. For people holding specialization and are sure about its actual application can create a market through the novel product/facility.CMO - How to Set Up Pharmaceutical Contract-Manufacturing-Organization


  • Regulatory checks are most important as its non-compliance seems untrustworthy.
  • Apply and comply with regulatory bodies country-wise to export products in the Indian Pharmaceutical Association website.
  • For Export registration, enquire the nearest Directorate General of Foreign Trade office.

Popular Pharma News Blogs – Latest Pharmaceutical Industry News Websites

Popular Pharma News Blogs - Latest Pharmaceutical Industry News Websites

Pharmacy websites are real matter of concern for information and news. Pharmaceuticals play a vital role in our day-to-day living. And hence their rising costs are destined to be our major concern. If asked to name one thing that affects our life in most phases one would hardly say pharmaceuticals. But wait this is a fact that most of us since our birth depend on pharmaceuticals in one-way or other. Definitely by age our dependence on pharmacy products increases but even teenagers and young ones consume a big percentage of pharmaceutical derivatives.


Blog belong to Covent Garden, London. This blog is all about In-depth news, features and insights for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Our wide editorial lens delivers sharp, informed and entertaining coverage from every side.


Popular Pharma News Blogs - Latest Pharmaceutical Industry News Websites
Popular Pharma News Blogs – Latest Pharmaceutical Industry News Websites

FiercePharma blog is all about pharma industry news on big pharma, FDA decisions, patents, pharmaceutical marketing, generic drugs, and other pharma news.


RxRights blog belongs to United States that is dedicated to promoting and protecting American consumer access to sources of safe, affordable prescription drugs.


Newtown, PA A blog about pharmaceutical marketing and advertising written by PharmaGuy, a constructive critic of the industry.


Pharmaphorum is United Kingdom based Pharma Blog with lots of information on Pharma news, views and analysis of healthcare in a rapidly changing world. Not only do we keep you connected with the latest trends in pharma, we can also help you develop and bring to life your own thoughts, ideas and inspirations to enable you and your business to become key pharma influencers.


You can get pulse of the pharma industry with help from the news posts on this site.


PharmacyChecker.com publishes profiles, ratings and comparative drug prices of US, Canadian and other online pharmacies. Since 2003, we have provided the American consumer with useful information on how to save money on prescription drugs. In this blog, we endeavor to further support the American consumer by providing clarity to public policy issues affecting drug prices.


pharmalive.com is established in 2013, Outcomes LLC provides the $500 billion pharmaceutical industry with need-to-know business information.

INDIAN JOURNALS List to Submit Pharmacy Research Papers – 50* Science

INDIAN JOURNALS List to Submit Pharmacy Research Papers - Science

Hello Readers. Here is the Indian Journals List to Submit Pharmacy Research Papers. You can submit your original work of your M Pharmacy or PhD on these journals. You know the value of the published papers in your career. So don not neglect write your paper under the guidance of your mentors and publish your research articles. You need to send your abstract then your approval will depend on the norms of the journal you submit. This is a list you can go through and find the best related journal to publish your paper or article.

List Indian Journals List to Submit Pharmacy Research Papers

1. Business India

2. Business Today

3. Business World

4. Chemical Weekly


6. CSIR News

7. Current Literature on Science of Science

8. Current Science

9. Dataquest Magazine

10. Decision

11. DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology

12. Digit

13. Down to Earth

14. Drug One

15. Drugs & Pharmaceuticals-Current R & D Highlights

16. Drugs & Pharmaceuticals-Industry Highlights

17. Drugs Cases

18. Economic & Political Weekly

19. Electronics For You

20. Express Pharma

21. Fortune India

22. IDMA Bulletin

23. India Today

24. Indian Drug Reviews

25. Indian Drugs

26. Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics

27. Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

28. Indian Journal of Chemistry

29. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology

30. Indian Journal of History of Science

31. Indian Journal of Microbiology

32. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

33. Indian Journal of Pharmacology

34. Indian Management

35. Industrial Products Finder

36. Journal of Chemical Sciences

37. Journal of Food Science& Technology

38. Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

39. Journal of Marketing & Communication

40. Journal of Medicinal & Aromatic Plant Science

41. Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research

42. Management Review

43. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts

44. MIMS India

45. Nandini Chemical Journal

46. Official Journal of the Patent Office

47. Outlook

48. Paradigm

49. Pharma Buz 50. PTI Science Service

51. Punjab University Research Journal

52. Scientific American India

53. Survey

54. Swamy News

55. Udymita Samachar Patra

56. University News

57. Vikalpa

58. Vision

59. Yojana

INDIAN JOURNALS List to Submit Pharmacy Research Papers - Science

This is a list of  Indian Journals List you can go through and find the best related journal to publish your Submit Pharmacy Research paper or article.

Which Countries Offer Best Salaries 4 Pharmacy Graduates? – Pharma Scope

Which countries offer Best salaries for Pharmacy Graduates? - Pharma Scope

Why do you want to know which countries will offer best salaries for pharmacy graduates? or which one pays you well? Pharmacy is one of the best and popular courses in the field of medicine. Besides the popularity, this course has plethora of opportunities and several career openings. The students who are pretty much interested towards Pharmacy and other medicine related courses, they can simply join in either 4-year Bachelor program or 2 year Diploma program in Pharmacy. Just like the Engineering and Medicine course, the students can pursue a 6 year Post Graduation in the stream of Pharmacy.

Do you know which countries will offer best salaries for pharmacy graduates?

Which countries offer Best salaries for Pharmacy Graduates? - Pharma Scope

Top Country for Pharma- 1

US is indeed the best but you must have a masters in pharmacy to ensure a big paycheck. You will be absorbed by universities or big pharma companies’ R&D which will provide you a great exposure.

Also, since most of these companies are MNCs, they can relocate you to different R&D centers. Try to do a masters first and go for it you are able to secure a seat in a good university in US.

Many people of different department are at big positions in pharma industry now after completing their masters.

Top Country for Pharmacy 2

United Kingdom is the second best country which pays you well if you are a Pharma Grad.

Top Country Pharmaceutical Industry 3

Canada is not only the best place to live with a chilled climatic conditions but it is one of the best place for a pharmacy graduate to take up their job to get paid well.

Many people are very happy with this profession and try to get a challenging job which pays them well. And not only this but it gives an immense satisfaction when you do the work. Let me give a great reason why to take up this wonderful profession. It’s a big secret. It opens a wide golden gate to all the people who want to innovate some thing in their lives with the Research and development department with huge salaries and AID. Choose best country to earn a handsome amount in pharmaceutical department.

Do you want to add more ? Do not hesitate. Type it right now in the comment section below. Your views are always valuable for us and for our readers.

Pharmacy Jokes – Funny Pharma Doctor Patient Pharmacist Medical Joke

Pharma jokes for whatsapp

Pharmacy Jokes – Funny Pharma Doctor Patient Pharmacist Medical  Joke: Here are real funny pharmacy jokes for you to share in your college or school and even you can use them in your work place.

329 Banned Drugs List in India – PDF Full Download 2018 – Recent News


Banned drugs 2018: Latest News on sale of Banned drugs

Pharmacy Jokes for you

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pharmacy Jokes

Pharmacy student = educated drug dealer  🙂

Pharmacy Jokes 1 : A doctor is to give a speech at the local AMA dinner. He jots down notes for his speech. Unfortunately, when he stands in front of his colleagues later that night, he finds that he can’t read his notes. So he asks, “Is there a pharmacist in the house?”

A Polak was suffering from constipation, so his doctor
prescribed suppositiories. A week later the Pole complained to the doctor that they didn’t produce the desired results.
“Have you been taking them regulary?” the doctor asked.
“What do you think I’ve been doing,” the Pole said, “Shoving them up my ass?”

Click here to see -10 Basic Definitions Every Pharmacy Student Must Know

whatsapp status for pharma students

Clean Pharmacy Jokes 2 

Pharmacy Jokes: 
A man walks into a pharmacy, buys a condom, then walks
out of the store laughing hysterically. The pharmacist
thinks this is weird, but hey, there’s no law
preventing weird people from buying condoms. Who
knows, maybe it’s a good thing.

The next day, the same man comes back to the store,
purchases yet another condom, and once again he leaves
the store laughing wildly. This piques the interest of
the pharmacist. “What could be so funny about
buying a condom, anyway?” So he tells his clerk “If
this guy ever comes back, I want you to follow him to
see where he goes.” Sure enough, the next day the same
man is back, he buys the condom, and again starts
cracking up with laughter, then leaves. The
pharmacist tells his clerk, go follow the guy. About
an hour later, the clerk comes back to the store.

“Did you follow him? Where did he go?” asks the

The clerk replies “Your house.”

Pharmacology Text Books List

Another best  set of two Pharmacy Jokes for you

Pharmacy student Jokes pharmacy medicine jokes

Pharmacist Jokes

Pharmacy Jokes 3: A man goes in for an interview for a job as a TV news broadcaster. The interview went quite well but the trouble was he kept winking and stammering.

The interviewer said, “Although you have a lot of the qualities we’re looking for, the fact that you keep winking and stammering disqualifies you.”

“Oh, that’s no problem,” said the man. “If I take a couple of aspirin I stop winking and stammering for an hour.”

“Show me,” said the interviewer.

So the man reached into his pocket. Embarrassingly he pulled out loads of condoms of every variety – ribbed, flavoured, colored and everything before he found the packet of aspirin. He took the aspirin and soon talked perfectly and stopped winking.

The interviewer said, “That’s amazing, but I don’t think we could employ someone who’d be womanizing all over the country.”

Pharma QA Job Interview Guide

“Excuse me!” exclaimed the man, “I’m a happily married man, not a womanizer!”

“Well how do you explain all the condoms, then?” asked the interviewer.

The man replied, “Have you ever gone into a pharmacy, stammering and winking, and asked for a packet of aspirin?”

Are you a pharma student then this will help you when you look for Pharmacy Jokes.

Pharma Jokes Pharmacist Jokes Pharm D Jokes

Pharma Jokes

Pharmacy Jokes 4 : A doctor, a lawyer and an engineer had been friends since childhood. One day they were out playing golf and there was a foursome ahead of them playing along very slowly. They felt impatient. The pro happened to swing by on his cart and they flagged him down. “Why can’t that group ahead play through?” one of them asked the pro. The pro explained that this was a group of firefighters who had saved the clubhouse in the big fire last year but they were blinded by a sudden flashback.
This gave them all thought. In a moment, the doctor said “send them to my clinic, we have been able to do great things for people blinded in this way.” Then the lawyer said, “my firm can help them recover the money needed for their eye operations.” The engineer just said, “why can’t they play at night?”

Pharmacy Jokes 5: 

Teacher: How to write four between five?

Pharma student: Nice joke.
MBA student: not possible

ENGINEERING student: F(IV)E. 😛

Pharma jokes for whatsapp Pharma jokes Pharmacist jokes

Pharmacy Jokes: 6

A man goes into a drugstore and asks the pharmacist if he can give him something for the hiccups. The pharmacist promptly reaches out and slaps the man’s face.
“What did you do that for?” the man asks.
“Well, you don’t have the hiccups anymore, do you?”
The man says, “No, but my wife out in the car still does!”

Pharmacy Jokes: 7

Pharmacy Jokes

How to Write a Pharmacy Progress Note ?

Pharmacy Jokes: 8

Pharmacy Jokes - Funny Pharma Doctor Patient Pharmacist Medical Joke

Pharmacy Jokes: 9

pharmacy funnies

Pharmacy Jokes

Pharmacy Jokes: 10

A doctor is to give a speech at the local AMA dinner. He jots down notes for his speech. Unfortunately, when he stands in front of his colleagues later that night, he finds that he can’t read his notes. So he asks, “Is there a pharmacist in the house?”

Pharm D Jokes in college

A miracle drug is one that has now the same price as last year.

A new drug for Yuppies: It doesn’t give a false sense of security or relaxation — it makes you enjoy being tense.

Pharmacy Jokes: 11

A man goes in for an interview for a job as a TV news broadcaster. The interview went quite well but the trouble was he kept winking and stammering.
The interviewer said, “Although you have a lot of the qualities we’re looking for, the fact that you keep winking and stammering disqualifies you.”

“Oh, that’s no problem,” said the man. “If I take a couple of aspirin I stop winking and stammering for an hour.”

“Show me,” said the interviewer.

Funny Pharma Jokes

So the man reached into his pocket. Embarrassingly he pulled out loads of condoms of every variety – ribbed, flavoured, colored and everything before he found the packet of aspirin. He took the aspirin and soon talked perfectly and stopped winking.

The interviewer said, “That’s amazing, but I don’t think we could employ someone who’d be womanizing all over the country.”

D Pharmacy Entrance Exams

“Excuse me!” exclaimed the man, “I’m a happily married man, not a womanizer!”

“Well how do you explain all the condoms, then?” asked the interviewer.

The man replied, “Have you ever gone into a pharmacy, stammering and winking, and asked for a packet of aspirin?”

Pharmacy Humour 

Pharmacy Jokes: 13

A guy goes to a travel agent and books a two-week cruise for himself and his girlfriend. A couple days before the cruise, the travel agent calls and says the cruise has been canceled, but he can get them on a three-day cruise instead. The guy says “OK,” and goes to the pharmacy to buy three Dramamine and three condoms.
Next day, the agent calls back and says he now can book a five-day cruise. The guy says he’ll take it. Returns to the same pharmacy and buys two more Dramamine and two more condoms.

The following day, the travel agent calls again and says he can now book an eight-day cruise. Guy says, “OK,” and goes back to the pharmacy and asks for three more Dramamine and three more condoms.

Finally, the pharmacist asks, “Look, if it makes you sick, how come you keep doing it?”

Pharmacy Jokes: 15

A young man goes into a drugstore to buy condoms. The pharmacist says the condoms come in packs of 3, 9 or 12 and asks which the young man wants.
“Well,” he said, “I’ve been seeing this girl for a while and she’s really hot. I want the condoms because I think tonight’s “the” night. We’re having dinner with her parents, and then we’re going out. And I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna get lucky after that. Once she’s had me, she’ll want me all the time, so you’d better give me the 12 pack.” The young man makes his purchase and leaves.

Later that evening, he sits down to dinner with his girlfriend and her parents. He asks if he might give the blessing, and they agree. He begins the prayer, but continues praying for several minutes. The girl leans over and says, “You never told me that you were such a religious person.” He leans over to her and whispers, “You never told me that your father is a pharmacist.”

Did you hear about the new “morning after” pill for men?
It changes their blood type.

Pharmacy Jokes: 16

An elderly woman went into the doctor’s office. When the doctor asked why she was there, she replied, “I’d like to have some birth control pills.”
Taken aback, the doctor thought for a minute and then said, “Excuse me, Mrs. Smith, but you’re 75 years old. What possible use could you have for birth control pills?”

Pharmacy Jokes: 17

B pharmacy jokes

The woman responded, “They help me sleep better.”

The doctor thought some more and continued, “How in the world do birth control pills help you to sleep?”

The woman said, “I put them in my granddaughter’s orange juice and I sleep better at night.”

A pharmacist looks out the front of the store and sees a woman holding a bottle jumping up and down in the parking lot. The pharmacist walks out to the parking lot and asks the woman whats the matter. She replies ” I saw it said ‘Shake Well’ after I took it”.

Customer gets a topical cream. Direction: apply locally two times a day.
Customer says to the pharmacist: “I can’t apply locally, I’m going overseas.”

Pharmacy Jokes: 20 

A pharmacist is going over the directions on a prescription bottle with an elderly patient. “Be sure not to take this more often than every 4 hours,” the pharmacist says. “Don’t worry,” replies the patient. “It takes me 4 hours to get the lid off”.

A funeral procession is going up a steep hill on main street when the door of the hearst flys open and the coffin falls out then speeds down main street into a pharmacy and crashes into the counter. The lids pops open and the deceased says to the astonished pharmacist, “You got anything to stop this coffin ?”

A front end clerk in a pharmacy has just been admonished by the owner for missing too many sales. “I’m sorry” the boss says “But one more missed sale and your fired”
The next customer that comes in has a terrible cough and asks the problem clerk for help. Unable to recall where the cough remedies are, the nervous clerk points to a box of Ex-Lax and says “Here, buy this then go over to our cooler and take all of it with plenty of water”.

Pharmacy Jokes: 21

The customer thanks him and obliges. Finishing his last glass of water, the customer exits the pharmacy. Once outside he stops, takes a few faltering steps, then hugs a telephone pole. The boss, having witnessed the entire scene, approaches the clerk and asks him what he recommended.

“Ex-Lax,” says the clerk hesitantly.
“Ex-Lax !” yells the boss. “That won’t help a cough!”
“Sure it does,” says the clerk. “Look,.. he’s afraid to cough.”

Lady says to pharmacist: “Why does my prescription medication have 40 side effects?”
Pharmacist replies: “Cause that’s all we’ve documented so far.”

B pharmacy whatsapp jokes
A woman and her husband approach their pharmacist and begin to ask questions like if the pharmacy checks for medications past their expiration date and the reliability of a certain company that makes birth control pills. Finally the pharmacist asks the couple what’s the matter. The wife explains, “In spite of using birth control pills I continue to get pregnant.”

Pharmacodynamics Basic Notes
The pharmacist is astounded and asks the woman if she takes them every day.
The woman replies, “My husband takes them every day.”
“What ?” the pharmacist croaks.
“Yep. After we read all those potential side-effects, my husband said ‘ Ah honey.. I don’t what you taking that stuff.. it’s too dangerous,…..let ME take them.’ “

How pharmacists do it…
Pharmacists do it with drugs.
Pharmacists do it by prescription.
Pharmacists do it with side effects.
Pharmacists do it over the counter.
Pharmacists do it with scruples.
Pharmacists do it with a grinding motion.

Pharmacy Jokes: 25

How many pharmacists does it take to change a light bulb?
Just one, but he has to do it ten days, three times a day.

Two young pharmacists are talking professionally at their office.

Boy Pharmacist. : What do you want this time, with coat or without coat ?
Gal Pharmacist: with coating, because I don’t want to release granules earlier.
Boy Pharmacist: So, Shall I start molding?
Gal Pharmacist: No, No… first close the door and window and switch off, because this work is light sensitive.

Pharmacy Jokes: 26

What do you call a pharmacist working at a  veterinary drug company… a FARM-ASSISTpharmacist adedamola ilori

Guy runs into a pharmacy. He dashes to the counter and exclaims, “Please, help! I’ve got a splinter in my finger and I don’t know what to do!” The pharmacist grabs a bottle of Ichthammol Ointment and says to the man, “Here my good sir…Try this black salve.” To which the man replies, “This is no time for heavy metal music!”Pat Lare

What do scots take for fungal groin infections?
‘Sporranox!’Sarah Hird

An elderly woman went into the doctor’s office. When the doctor asked why she was there, she replied, “I’d like to have some birth control pills.”

Taken aback, the doctor thought for a minute and then said, “Excuse me, Mrs. Smith, but you’re 75 years old. What possible use could you have for birth control pills?”

The woman responded, “They help me sleep better.”

The doctor thought some more and continued, “How in the world do birth control pills help you to sleep?”

The woman said, “I put them in my granddaughter’s orange juice and I sleep better at night.”

A blonde walks into a pharmacy and asks the assistant for some bottom deodorant. The pharmacist, a little bemused, explains to the woman that they don’t sell bottom deodorant, and never have.

Doctor Pharmacist Jokes

Unfazed, the blonde assures the pharmacist that she has been buying the stuff from this store on a regular basis, and would like some more.

“I’m sorry,” says the pharmacist, “we don’t have any.”

“But I always get it here,” says the blonde.

“Do you have the container it comes in?”

“Yes!” said the blonde, “I will go get it.”

She returns with the container and hands it to the pharmacist who looks at it and says to her, “This is just a normal stick of underarm deodorant.”

D Pharmacy colleges in Karnataka + Bangalore || Mysore

The annoyed blonde snatches the container back and reads out loud from the container, “To apply, push up bottom.”

A man walks into a pharmacy and goes to the counter. Standing behind the
counter is a young woman.
“May I speak to the pharmacist?” he asks.
“Well,” she replies, “I am the pharmacist.”
He looks very uncomfortable, and asks for a *male* pharmacist, as he has a
“male problem.”
She informs him that only she and her sister work at this particular
He blushes and says, “Well, I really do need help, so I guess I’ll ask you…
I have a problem. I have a constant erection, and nothing I do seems to get rid
of it. It’s been like this for three months now. Can you give me anything for
The woman looks thoughtful, and says, “Hold on, I’ll go in back and ask my
After a couple of minutes she returns and says, “We’ll give you half of the
business and it’s profits, but that’s all we can give you for it…”

Pharm D Jokes in college

Medical Jokes

New Drugs For Women

D A M N I T O L (<—-my favorite 😀 :thumbup: )
Take 2 and the rest of the world can go to hell for up
to 8 full hours.

Plant extract that treats mom’s depression by
rendering preschoolers unconscious for up to two days.

Suppository that eliminates melancholy and loneliness
by reminding you of how awful they were as teenagers
and how you couldn’t wait till they moved out.

Liquid silicone drink for single women. Two full cups
swallowed before an evening out increases breast size,
decreases intelligence, and prevents conception.

When taken with Peptobimbo, can cause dangerously low
IQ, resulting in enjoyment of country music and pickup

Increases life expectancy of commuters by controlling
road rage and the urge to flip off other drivers.

Potent anti-boy-otic for older women. Increases
resistance to such lethal lines as, “You make me want
to be a better person … Can we get naked now?..”

Injectable stimulant taken prior to shopping.
Increases potency, duration, and credit limit of
spending spree.

Relieves headache caused by a man who can’t remember
your birthday, anniversary or phone number.

A spray carried in a purse or wallet to be used on
anyone too eager to share their life stories with
total strangers in elevators.

When administered to a husband, provides the same
irritation level as nagging him all weekend, saving
the wife the time and trouble of doing it herself.

A chemist walks into a drug store and asks the pharmacist, “Do you have any
acetylsalicylic acid?”
“You mean aspirin?” asked the pharmacist.
“That’s it, I can never remember that word.”

umm… a pharmacist without scruples isn’t worth a dram

[insert old person sound]

Old pharmacists never die, they just lose their potency….

Doctor Jokes

Favorite forged prescription:


now why did he get caught?

A chemist walks into a drug store and asks the pharmacist, “Do you have any
acetylsalicylic acid?”
“You mean aspirin?” asked the pharmacist.
“That’s it, I can never remember that word.”

A Man goes into a pharmacy and asks for a vial of Cyanide. The pharmacist, trying to remain professional, asked what he wanted it for.
He answered, “I want to kill my wife.”

“I’m sorry Sir,” the pharmacist replied, “but you will have to understand under such circumstances I can’t sell you any Cyanide.”

The guy reaches into his pocket, pulls out his wallet and produces a photo of his ugly wife. The pharmacist blushes and replies, “I am sorry Sir, I didn’t realize you had a prescription.”

Pharmacy Students Joke:

1.First Year

2. Lectures

3. Attendance

4. Assignments


A man went into a drug store in Baltimore, pulled a gun, announced a robbery, and pulled a “Hefty-bag” face mask over his head. He then and realised that he’d forgotten to cut eyeholes in the mask. He was arrested by security men.

Who To Trust? Doctor or Google?

If you trust Google more than your doctor than maybe it’s time to switch doctors.
Jadelr and Cristina Cordova
Sugar Test

One day an Irishman called Seamus went into a pharmacy in Clonmel. He reached into his jacket pocket and took out a bottle of Irish whiskey and a teaspoon.

Seamus proceeded to pour some of the amber liquid into the teaspoon and offered it to the chemist.

“Could you taste this for me, please?” Asked Seamus

The chemist took the teaspoon, put it into his mouth, swilled the liquid around and swallowed it.

“Does that taste sweet to you?” says Seamus.

“No, not at all,” says the pharmacist.

“Oh that’s a relief,” says Seamus.

“Doctor Flannigan told me to come here and get my urine tested for sugar.”

Wedding Preparation – Kindly sent in by Sarah Cowling
Jacob, age 92, and Rebecca, age 89, living in Devon , are all excited about their decision to get married. They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding, and on the way they pass a pharmacists. Jacob suggests they go in.

Jacob addresses the man behind the counter: “Are you the owner?”
The Pharmacist answers, “Yes.”

Jacob: “We’re about to get married. Do you sell heart medication?”
Pharmacist: “Of course we do.”

6.End of semester/New semester

7. Interviews!!

8. Strange facts!

And last not to mention….

Thank you. I hope so many loads of memories relived. Every bit of college g was happiest and beautiful in one or other way.

A group of pensioners were discussing their medical problems at the Day Centre coffee morning.

‘Do you realise,’ said one, ‘My arm is so weak I can hardly hold this coffee cup.’

‘Yes, I know.’ replied the second, ‘My cataracts are so bad I can’t see to pour the coffee.’

‘I can’t turn my head,’ rejoined the third, ‘because of the arthritis in my neck.’

‘My blood pressure pills make my dizzy,’ commented the fourth, adding, ‘I guess that’s the price we pay for getting old.’

‘Well, it’s not all bad.’ piped up the first, ‘We should be thankful that we can still drive.’


Pharmacist Jokes Latest

Jacob: “Medicine for rheumatism?”
Pharmacist: “Definitely.”

Jacob: “Medicine for memory problems, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s?”
Pharmacist: “Yes, a large variety. The works.”

Jacob: “What about vitamins, sleeping pills, Geritol, antidotes for Parkinson’s disease?”
Pharmacist: “Absolutely..”

Jacob: “Everything for heartburn and indigestion?”
Pharmacist: “We sure do.”

Jacob: “You sell wheelchairs and walkers and canes?”
Pharmacist: “All speeds and sizes.”

Jacob: “In that case, we’d like to use this store for our wedding presents list.”


Remember, humor is subjective, so not all of these jokes may tickle your funny bone, but I hope you find some of them amusing!

  1. Certainly! Here are 20 pharmacy-related jokes for you:
  2. Why did the pill go to school? Because it wanted to be a little capsule!
  3. What do you call a pharmacist who knows how to play the guitar? A med-rockin’ pharmacist!
  4. Did you hear about the pharmacist who lost his license? He just couldn’t make enough cents.
  5. What did the pharmacist say to the rude customer? “You must have a prescription for your bad attitude!”
  6. Why did the tablet go to therapy? Because it had too many issues to swallow!
  7. How do you make a hormone? Don’t pay her!
  8. Why do pharmacists make great baseball players? They know how to handle the drugs!
  9. What’s a pharmacist’s favorite game? Pill-ow fight!
  10. Why did the pharmacist go broke? Because he lost all his patients!
  11. What did one aspirin say to the other? “I’ll stop your pain if you stop splitting headaches!”
  12. How does a pharmacist greet you on Halloween? “Trick or treatment!”
  13. What did the sick grape say at the pharmacy? “I’m not feeling so wine.”
  14. Why did the pharmacist bring a ladder to work? Because he heard the flu shot was on the top shelf!
  15. What do you call a pharmacist who doesn’t make mistakes? An “ex-chemist”!
  16. Why did the pharmacist keep his job at the fruit stand? Because he knew how to handle all kinds of “prescriptions”!
  17. Why do pharmacists always look so calm? Because they know how to keep their composure!
  18. How do you organize a space party? You “planet” at the pharmacy!
  19. What did the grape say when it got stepped on at the pharmacy? “Nothing, it just let out a little wine.”
  20. Why was the pharmacy employee always so happy? Because he had the right “dose” of humor!
  21. Why do pharmacists make terrible secret agents? Because they can’t keep a prescription secret!