Books for SSC CGL 2017 EXAM Self Study Preparation Material PDF Download

Books for SSC  CGL 2016 EXAM Self Study Preparation Material PDF Download: Hello readers. Greetings from Pharma wiki. Today we are here with a great article about SSC CGL 2017 EXAM (Staff Selection Commission – Combined Graduate Level Exam).  Best Books for SSC cgl as a part of ssc cgl preparation strategy will be provided for you for all the subjects like general awareness English Maths Current affairs for both Tier 1 and Tier 2. I’m writing with experience

Books for ssc cgl maths Tier 1 and Tier 2:

What do you need to prepare for the Mathematics Section?This is the main subject which you are separated form other competitors and makes you stand in the top candidate for the best posts of Staff selection commission. So this is the key subject to crack SSC CGL 2016. I think you have a one word answer for the question How to crack SSC CGL 2016 in your first attempt.

Let me give you the Details of books you need to follow for Maths section of the SSC 2016. Before I tell you which books to follow let me tell you what you need to exactly learn in mathematics for this SSC Exam

  1. Number System
  2. Divisibility
  3. LCM and HCF
  4. Fractions & Decimal fractions
  5. Basic Mathematics
  7. Surds and indices
  8. Square & Cube Root
  9. Algebra
  10. Linear equation
  11. Graphs of Linear Equations
  12. Quadratic equations
  13. Polynomials
  14. Basic algebraic identities
  15. Average, Ratio & Proportion
  16. Alligation
  17. Ratio & proportion
  18. Partnership
  19. Percentage
  20. Time & Distance
  21. Time, speed & distance
  22. Problems on trains
  23. Boat & streams
  24. Time, Work and Wages
  25. Pipes and Cisterns
  26. Profit & Loss & Interest
  27. Profit & Loss
  28. Simple Interest & Compound Interest
  29. Discount
  30. Geometry
  31. Triangle and its centres
  32. Congruence and similarity of triangles
  33. Circle and its chords
  34. Tangents & angles subtended by chords of a circle
  35. Common tangents to two or more circles
  36. Trigonometry – Trignometric ratios, Degree and Radian Measures, Standard Identities,
  37. Complementary angles, Heights and Distances
  38. Data interpretation
  39. Data sufficiency & analysis
  40. Histogram, Frequency polygon, Bar diagram & Pie chart
  41. Progression (AP + GP)Series

Books for SSC Maths

When you are preparing SSC mathematics chapters like Number System, Divisibility, LCM and HCF, Fractions & Decimal fractions you need to follow NCERT Class 7 Chapter 2, 9 , NCERT Class 10 Chapter 1 and M.Tyra Chapter 4,7,8, 9 and 12. When you go for study material for writing SSC CGL you need to concentrate on Basic Mathematics
BODMAS which can be practiced from NCERT Class 8 Chapter 1 along with Surds and indices from NCERT Class 8 Chapter 12, NCERT Class 9 Chapter 1 and M.Tyra Chapter 11. Square & Cube Root are very important in tier 1 and especially tier 2 which you can easily score around 5 marks without fail if you prepare with NCERT Class 8 Chap 6 and 7 and M.Tyra Chapter 5 & 6. Dont neglect Algebra, Linear equation,Graphs of Linear Equations material for ssc can be found from NCERT Class 8 Chap 2 and 9, NCERT Class 9 Chap 4, NCERT Class 10 Chap 3. When you are prepaing Quadratic equations, Polynomials, Basic algebraic identities for SSC maths exam go with NCERT Class 8 Chap 14, NCERT Class 9 Chap 2, NCERT Class 10 Chap 4. This is another important topics you need to concentrate for SSC CGL maths tier 2 Average, Ratio & Proportion , Alligation
M.Tyra Chapter 24 Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal Chapter 20.  Average portion is good to practice in M.Tyra Chapter 19 & Ratio & proportion from NCERT Class 8 Chap 13 , M.Tyra Chapter 16. Partnership is another good scoring chapter you can easily learn from M.Tyra Chapter 17 along with Percentage
in NCERT Class 8 Chap 8 and M.Tyra Chapter 18. There are few topics like Time & Distance, Time, speed & distance, Problems on trains, Boat & streams, Time, Work and Wages, Pipes and Cisterns from where you can easily score 10 questions correctly if you practice them on M.Tyra Chapter 25 to 30 and Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal Chapter 15 to 19. This is a bit complicated but must to get qualified for both Tier one and two of SSC CGL Yes Im talking about Profit & Loss & Interest. Profit & Loss, Simple Interest & Compound Interest, Discount can be grabbed from M.Tyra Chapter 21 to 24. Geometry, Triangle and its centres Congruence and similarity of triangles,Circle and its chords, Tangents & angles subtended by chords of a circle, Common tangents to two or more circles from NCERT Class 9 Chapter 6, 7, 8 and 10.
Mensuration (Area and Volume) can be practiced from NCERT Class 8 Chap 3 & 11 along with NCERT Class 9 Chap 9, 12, 13, NCERT Class 10 Chapter 13, M.Tyra Chapter 31& 32. Many asprants of SSC CGL will complain about the difficulty level of Trigonometry – Trignometric ratios, Degree and Radian Measures, Standard Identities, Complementary angles, Heights and Distances but these can be easily learnt from NCERT Class 10 Chapter 8 and 9, Quantitative Aptitude book, M.Tyra Chapter 36. Data interpretation and Data sufficiency & analysis, Histogram, Frequency polygon, Bar diagram & Pie chart are easy
M.Tyra Chapter 34 & 35 Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal Chapter 36-39 takes to be done but it will real time saving if you practice these more in your preparation time.

Books for ssc cgl English

There are many books in market concentrating on SSC CGL English section. You can opt any of them which have less errors. You need to revise grammar, there has never been a book better than Wren And Martin as it has remained the top seller English all over the world. You have many apps for English on your smart phone if you have one. Just install few of them and practice your English Objective General English by S P Bakshi (Arihant).

Books for ssc cgl General Awareness:

For General Awarness you can use NCERT science and social books to give a kick boost to your ssc cgl tier 1 exam. If you want a quick access to all the notes as short notes for ssc cgl tier 1 general awareness you can look on to General Awareness Arihant publishers and also Manorama or Prathyogitha darpan for the annual issues.

Books for SSC CGL Current affairs 2015-2016:

You can follow Hindu daily news paper and many websites today are at your hand today giving you the best material.Soon we will give you here all the links you can go to download the current affairs which will be very helpful as ssc cgl 2016 free download pdf

Staff selection commission material for Reasoning:

Here are what you have to learn in Reasoning. If you can practice well, this is the most easy part you can cover and you can score more in the ssc CGL exam 2016.

Name of the Reasoning Topic is given along with Number of Questions
Rule Detection 5
Triangle 2
Dices 1
Figure Formation 3
Completion of Pattern 2
Hidden/Embedded Images 1
Paper Folding 1
Mirror Image 1
Figure Matrix 1
Syllogism 1
Statement Conclusion 2

Usual Reasoning 30
Visual /Non-Verbal Reasoning 17
High Level Reasoning 3

Completion of Pattern, Hidden/Embedded Images, Paper Folding, Mirror Image, Figure Matrix, Syllogism, Statement-Derivation, Triangle, , Arrangement and Conclusion 1-2
Directions and Figure Formation 3-4
Series, Alphabet & Dictionary, Coding Decoding, Analogy, Classification/Odd Pair and Rule Detection, Dices, Ranks 5-7

Books for SSC CGL 2017 EXAM Self Study Preparation Material PDF Download

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