GPAT 2012 Solved paper key (in pdf) !!!

UPDATE click here!!!

Solved paper of GPAT Exam conducted on 06/05/2012 is now available for download in pdf format.

Currently we have uploaded the key for Series “C” of the GPAT paper… The solution to remaining series A, B, D will be uploaded shortly… UPDATED click here

GPAT 2012 Key solved paper FULL
GPAT 2012 Key solved paper FULL

GPAT 2012  paper code C – Solved 139/150 ( Uploaded on 7th may 2012 at 6.00 am)

GPAT-2012-Code-C-Fully solved and UPDATED key (Thanks for ur feedback!!!)

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For official keys UPDATE click here

It is only a partial key paper. The full key will be updated as early as possible. From our survey at local GPAT centres, we heard that it was harder than the previous ones. We also found it to be typical national entrance exam.

If you have answers for the unsolved ones or corrections, post them on comments section.

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9 thoughts on “GPAT 2012 Solved paper key (in pdf) !!!”

  1. Hey so fast…. Thanks
    I was so worried that i didnt do well in the exam… But now i am a bit relaxed as the exam was tough was everyone…
    Wonder what will be the cut off this time..

  2. Key Modification…

    4) Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) 21) C 24) D 28) B
    36) B 37) A 38) C 44)A 54) C 72)C 78)C
    83)D 85)C 101) D 104) B 115)A 118)B
    121)A 123)B 132)A
    145)D 147)D 149)B 150)C

  3. Finally a question paper which tests the true intelligence of pharma students. Although some questions are way too beyond the scope of a graduate student, I feel that the standard of the exam is improving with every passing year. This will help in screening out a lot of time wasters in this profession. 🙂

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