GPAT 2014 – Online examination tips and practice for success

GPAT 2014 is now an online examination. This is a newer development and hence you might feel anxious about the exam. Here are some tips to help you succeed in the online GPAT exam

Practise, Practise and Practise for GPAT 2014

You cannot have a clear understanding of the level of your preparation, unless and until you test yourself. By giving as many tests as possible, more so in the last one month before the exam will definitely help you in improving your final score. The best way to test your preparation levels is to subscribe for mock tests. The online GPAT mock tests conducted by are a very good choice for assessing your preparation as these tests are designed to test your understanding of the subject in depth.

You must make it a point to write at least 5 mock tests based on the final exam pattern in order to get a clear sense of where you stand in the competition. And taking online tests will surely help.

The actual GPAT exam (Dated: 25/02/2014)

You need to be smart when you are actually attempting the exam. All the hard work you have put in will go in vain, if you fail to finish the exam on a positive note. You cannot afford to lose at the last moment. The pain and agony associated with failure after thorough preparation is unbearable. Therefore, you must bear the following points in your mind while you are taking the exam.

  1.   You have 180 minutes to complete the test. Use each and every second of this time.
  2.  Do not waste your time on questions which confuse you. You have the option of marking the questions for REVIEW which you can visit later.
  3.   Keep navigating through the questions and answer those questions first, which are easy and have direct answers.
  4.   Follow the deletion method wherever possible. If you are fortunate enough, you may come across at least 10-15 questions where you can find the correct answer by omitting the wrong answers if you are sure of them.
  5.   Try to solve questions which have mathematical calculations in the first two hours. This will give you enough time to avoid calculation mistakes.
  6.   Remember that there is NEGATIVE MARKING. You must avoid answering questions which are too difficult or from the topics you have not covered. It does not matter how many questions you attempt. All that matters is how many questions you have answered CORRECTLY. So try to avoid the tendency to answer all questions and rely on luck!
  7.   Lastly, allot at least 10 min time to review all the unanswered questions and mathematical questions. This will ensure that you check these questions twice and reduce the scope of mistakes.


We hope that this discussion will help you in making a proper plan to prepare for GPAT.

We would be glad to help you if you have any queries. Keep watching this space for more updates about GPAT 2014 preparation.

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