Krokodil – The “Zombie Drug”


If you have seen the hindi movie “Go Goa Gone”, you will find this news interesting.  A drug that literally eats a person inside out and makes him look like a zombie has made its way to the markets in the United States. This flesh eating drug is extremely addictive and is named Krokodil. Chemically, it is an opioid (desomorphine), and can be given through the parenteral route. The name “Krokodil” which rhymes with crocodile, is derived from the appearance of a scaly skin, green or black in colour, which is the major side effect of this drug.

The drug causes severe damage to veins and soft tissue infections which is followed by necrosis and gangrene as per the reports published in a study this year.

Five people were hospitalized in Joliet, Illinois and their symptoms closely resembled those of similar cases reported in Arizona and Oklahoma.

Dr.Abhin Singla, an addiction specialist and internist at Joliet’s Presence St. Joseph Medical Center, said that if someone wants a way to die, then Krokodil is one way to do that. It literally eats the patient inside out.

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