Pharma Related Associations You should know – Pharmaceutical Business Federations India

DDTA-(Delhi Drug Traders Association)
RCDA-(Raipur Chemist & Druggist Association) AICDF-(All
India Chemist & Distributor Federation) RCA-(Rajasthan
Chemist Association)
Sreema Medical Stores
Sikkim Chemists Association
Bengal Chemists’ & Druggists’ Association Ahmedabad
Chemists Association
Federation of Gujarat State Chemists’ & Druggists’
Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association
Navi Mumbai Retail & Wholesalers Association
Retail & Dispensing Chemist Association
Ratnagiri District Chemist & Druggist Association
Tripura Chemists’ & Druggists’ Association
Anand Chemists’ Association
Gwalior Chemist Association
Jhansi Chemist Association
Jabalpur Chemist & Druggist Association
Bhopal Chemist Association
Indore Chemist Association
Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association (Tamil Nadu,
Kerala & Puducherry State Board)
The Retail Chemists & Druggists Association, Vijayawada
Kurnool District Druggist Association
Andhra Pradesh Chemists & Druggists Association
Bulk Drug Manufactures Association (India)
All Pharma Chemists & Druggists Association of Telangana
Karnataka State Pharmacy Council
Madras Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Association
The Bangalore District Chemist & Druggists Association
(V. Harikrishnan, President)
Chandigarh Chemist Association
CIPI (Confederation of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry)
Raipur District Chemist & Druggist Association
All India Chemist & Druggist Federation
Lucknow Chemist Association
Pharma Distributor Association
Patna Chemist and Druggists Association
Agra Mahanagar Chemist Association
Indian Pharmacist Association
The Chemist & Druggist Association, Baroda

Pharma Related Associations You should know – Pharmaceutical Business Federations India

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