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Pharmaceutical Companies in Jaipur: Jaipur is the capital city of the Indian state of Rajasthan. The State of Rajasthan has been marching ahead in terms of industrialization. Due to the consistent support and growth strategy adopted by the Government, the units of large, medium and small-scale industries are increasing every year. Being the largest city of Rajasthan, major industries of Jaipur cover a wide range of sectors including tourism, luxury textiles and hand-made garments, gems and jewelry, food and beverages, tobacco, mining and minerals production, automobiles, machinery and machine tools.

 In terms of Pharmaceutical advancement, Jaipur is not so very far in its establishments for medical aid. With 210 Allopathic Hospitals, 97 Primary health centers and 18 Community health centers Jaipur is thriving to become a developed pharmaceutical hub. Besides these with the ushering of their natural medical remedies the city owns 180 Ayurvedic Hospital 39 Dispensaries and 525 Sub Health Centers. According to the experts at the IIHMR University, Jaipur, the employment sector of Biotechnology & pharma profiles reported 21% rise in demand followed by IT/Telecom professionals. Among the top ten locations of India, Jaipur reported the highest rise in talent demand of per the latest an analysis identifying the hiring activity and trends in India Inc.


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Below are the names of the Pharmaceutical Companies in Jaipur with their Addresses

  • Ahlcon Parenterals (India) Ltd.

SP 918, Phase III, Ind. Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Air Liquide North India Pvt. Ltd.

125, MIA, Alwar.

  • Aldoc Pharmaceuticals

17-B, Indraprastha Indl Area, Road No.2, Kota.

  • Alka Laboratories Pvt Ltd.      

B-1124, Riico Ind. Area, Phase III, Bhiwadi Dist. Alwar

  • Allied Chemicals

Debari, Near Maharaja College, Hakdar Road, Udaipur

  • Allied Chemiclas & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.      

Hathi babu ka Bagh, Station Road, Jaipur

  • Amol Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

E-362-363, Sitapura Indl Area, Sanganer, Jaipur

  • Ananta Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

G-271, Phase-II, Udyog Vihar, Riico Ind Estate, Sriganganagar

  • Ankur Lab Eye Division

G-1/103-04, Malviya Indl.Area, Jaipur

  • Anmark Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

F-61-A Ind Area, Parbatpura, Ajmer.

  • Anon Pharmaceuticals

H-38-B, Tagor Path, Banipark, Jaipur

  • Antrix Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

G1-102, IID Center, Kaladwas, Udaipur

  • Asiatic Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

C-826, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Aymed

G-1, 572(A), Riico Indl.Area, Sitapura, Jaipur

Pharmaceutical companies in Jaipur Rajasthan Jodhpur Udaipur

  • Jain Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

E-41-F, Kushkhera Riico Industrial Area, Bhiwadi, Alwar.

  • Barsana Highcam Industries

Vill. Kesarpura, Alwar.

  • Bhandari Homoeopapths Pvt. Ltd.

G 1-679, RIICO Ind. Area, Bhiwadi, Dist. Alwar.

  • Bhartiya Pharmaceuticals

G-170-A, Desula MIA, Alwar.

  • Bhilwara Gases Pvt. Ltd.

SPL 3, Riico Ind Area, Chittorgrah Road, Bhilwara.

  • BOC India Ltd.


Pharmaceutical Companies in Jaipur:

  • Borocaps Pharmaceuticals

H-146, Riico Indl Area, Sarna Dungar, Jaipur

  • Brothers Pharma Pvt, Ltd.    

F-859-870 Road No.14P, VKI Area  Jaipur

  • Cachet Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

C-582, Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Chemcaps Ltd.

C-584, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Chemicure Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

F-325, Charak Marg, Amba Mata Scheme, Udaipur

  • Chemitech Drug Division        

C-26,(a)Malviya Indl Area, Jaipur

  • Chetana Polytex Pvt.Ltd.       

A-105, Ind. Area, Bhiwadi

  • Clenton Pharmaceuticals   

H-160, Riico Indl.Area, Road No.14, Sanganer, Jaipur

  • Continental Pharmaceuticals

D-68, Ambabari, Japur

  • Corporate Channels India Pvt. Ltd.       

1590-1600, Paldi, Post Loyara, P.O. Badgaon, Udaipur

  • Crown Pharmaceuticals       

F-173, MIA, Alwar.

  • D.Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

G/1-583, Riico Indl.Area, Sitapura, Tonk Road, Jaipur

  • Dalas Biotech Ltd.       

E-292, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Denex International

812, G-1/31, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Dowra Gases Pvt. Ltd,         

Behind Tilam Sangh, Udaipur Road, Fatehnagar, Udaipur

  • Dueful Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.       

Village Benar, Tehsil Amer, Jaipur

  • Dueful Labs

C-4, Moti lal Atal Road, Jaipur

  • Earnest Gases Pvt. Ltd.

A-204 & 205, Mewar Ind. Area, Udaipur

  • Elcon Drugs & Formulation Pvt.Ltd.

F-59-60, Riico Indl Area,Bindayaka, Jiapur

  • Elphos Laboratory,

F-54, Malviya Indl.Area, Jaipur

  • Eutticon Laboratories          

577, Patel Nagar, Ganganagar

  • G D Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd

PWD Rest House Road, Nohar, Hanumangarh

Pharmaceutical Companies in Rajasthan:

  • S. Pharmabutors Pvt. Ltd.

B-172, Ind. Area, Behrod, Alwar

  • Goel Homoeo Pharma

A-7, Nagar Palika Ind. Area, Chhitorgarh

  • Gracure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

E-1105, Ind Area, Phase III, Bhiwadi.

  • Granth Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

G-1/31(F) Riico Ind. Area, Gegal, Ajmer.

  • Guljag Oxygen Pvt. Ltd

Jalipa Near Harsani Phanta Barmer (Rajasthan)

  • Harvey(I) Pharmaceuticals

8, Sarvodaya Colony, Barkat Nagar   Jaipur

  • Inn Chemical Industries

G-1,551 Sitapura Indl.Area, Sanganer, Jaipur

  • Iscon Surgicals Ltd       

B- 70, Marudhara Ind. Area. Phase –II Basni, Jodhpur.

  • J & J Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

109, Ind. Area, Khunja, Hanumangarh

  • Jaipur Pharmaceutical Works

SP-2, 22; Godam Indl.Estate, Jaipur

  • Janak Laboratoreis Ltd.    

G-1, 1209-A, Phase-II, Riico Ind. Area, Bhiwadi

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies in Jaipur:

  • Jawa Pharmaceutical (I) Pvt. Ltd.    

E-3, Malviya Indl Area, Jaipur

  • Jodhpur Gases

G-14, I Phase, Boranada Ind. Area Boranada, Jodhpur

  • C. Industries

H-38, Riico Ind Area, Bindayaka, Jaipur

  • Karnani Pharmaceuticals P. Ltd.

F-67, Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Kay sons Pharma

1, Vigyan Nagar, Sarna Dungar Indl Area, Jaipur

  • Kesla Healcare

28 Old Ind. Area, Alwar.

  • Kusum Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

SP-289(A) Riico Ind. Area, Chopanki, Bhiwadi.

  • Lark Laboratories (India) Ltd.          

SP-1192E, Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Mac Medicare (P) Ltd.

G-585, Riico Indl.Area, sitapura,  Jaipur

  • Macsen Laboratories

Village Titerdi, Tehsil Girwa, Udaipur

  • Marks HealthCare (P)Ltd.

H-1032, HI-106, Riico Indl Area, Sitapura,  Jaipur

  • Mecca Health Care(P) Ltd

F-252, III Phase, Bornada, Dist- Jodhpur

  • Medicamen Biotech Ltd.       

SP-1192 A&B, Phase IV, Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Milsun Pharma Chemical,   

G-217, Riico Indl.Area, Hirawala (Ext.) Kanota, Jaipur

Pharmaceutical Industries in Udaipur:

  • Mithila Drugs Pvt. Ltd

F-70, Mewar Ind. Area, Road No. 2, Madri, Udaipur

  • Neelkanth Plaster Works        

F-322 Riico Industrial Area, Boranada Phase- III, Jodhpur

  • Neelkanth Sodaccays Ltd       

G- 29, Industrial Area, II Phase Boranada- Jodhpur

Pharma Companies in Jodhpur:

  • Neelkanth Minechem            

E-63, Ist Phase, Riico Ind. Area, Boranada, Jodhpur

  • Onex Pharmaceuticals         

G-1,234 Riico Indl.Area, Kanota, Jaipur

  • Parth Formulations Pvt. Ltd,        

G-1-31, (I&H) Riico Ind Area, Gegal, Ajmer.

  • Prime Pharmaceuticals

H-649, Riico Indl. Area, Sitapura, Jaipur

  • Purnima Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd.      

E-859, Road No. 14/N, V.K.I.Area, Jaipur

  • S. Bhargva Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.      

E-1216, Phase-I Ext; Ghatal Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Rajasthan Air Products (P) Ltd.

A-307, Road No.17, VKI Area, Jaipur

  • Rajasthan Antibiotic Ltd.

A-619 & 630, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • Rajasthan Drugs & Pharmaceuticls Ltd.

Road No. 12, VKI Area,  Jaipur

  • Ramnath Industries

32, A&B, Ind. Area, Rani Bazar, Bikaner

  • Raptakos Brett & Co. Ltd.      

E-285-86, M.I. Area, Alwar.

Reginal Veterinary Biologecal Unit.  Jamdodi Jaipur

  • Rolex India,

2/7, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

  • Rudraya Health Care

G-310, III rd Phase, Boranada, Ihdustrial Area, Boranada Jodhpur

  • Rupali Chemicals        

F-322, Mewar Ind. Area, Madri, Udaipur

  • S B L Pvt. Ltd.

533, Sitapura Indl Area, Jaipur

  • J. Cemical Industries

E-89 (A) II, 1 Q Road, M.I.A. Madri, Udaipur

  • M. Herbals Ltd.

A-1132, Riico Ind Area, Bhiwadi.

  • S.M Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd.

F-28(J) Phase-I, Malviya Indl Area, Jaipur

  • Scortis Pharma Ltd.                                 

F-3, Kararpura Indl. Area, Jaipur

  • Seagull Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

E-1190, Phase-IV, RIICO Ind. Area, Bhiwadi (Alwar)

  • Sharp Arometics India Ltd.

F-76 C & D Ind Area, Phase-I, Bhiwadi.

  • Shashi Phytochem India Ltd.

329 Old Ind. Area. Alwar.

  • Smilex Pharmaceuticals      

11 Km Stone, Tonk Road, Sanganer, Jaipur

  • Soniko Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd

F-09(a) Old Riico Indl.Area, Opp Railway Station, Dholpur

  • Sukhmani Gases (I) Pvt. Ltd

G1-1425 Phase V,

  • Riico Ind. Aread, Bhiwadi Dist. Alwar.
  • Sunil Health care Ltd.          

17/18, Old Ind. Area, Alwar.

  • Surya Chemicals Works,

J-262,(F) Indraprasth Indl Area, Kota

  • Sushant Overseas (P) Ltd.

H-102, Road No. 5-B, Riico Indl.Area, Bindayaka, Jaipur

  • Swiss Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

F-351 & 350 (A), Phase-II, Udyog Vihar, Sriganganagar

  • Thio Pharma          

26-C Ind. Area Falna (W.R) Rajastha

  • Tolima Laboratories

A-53, Subhash Nagar, Shopping Centre, Jaipur

  • Udaipur Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Dakan Kotada, Sulumber Road, Udaipur

  • Udaipur Surgicals Pvt. Ltd.      

Hawa Magri, Suker, Udaipur

  • Umalaxmi Organies Ltd.           

F- 245 to 249, 255, Agro Road Park Bornada Ind. Area, Jodhpur

  • Vardhman Pharma         

G-1-191, Road No. 6, Riico Ind. Area, Gudli, Teh. Mavli,  Udaipur

  • Velentino Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

F-529, Riico Ind. Area. Bhiwadi.

  • Vijay Shree Chemical Ltd.

H-21, Heerawala Indl Area, Jaipur

  • Vikarm Industries

G-101, Riico Indl.Area, Bagru (Ext.) Distt. Jaipur

  • Vinayak Manutrade (P) Ltd.     

31, Indl.Area, Jhotwara, Jaipur

  • Vitromed Healthcare          

A-27, Indl Estate, 22 Godam, Jaipur

  • Vivek Pharmachem(I) Ltd.

NH-8, Chimanpura, Amer, Jaipur

  • Welcure Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

A-1129, Phase III, Riico Ind. Area. Bhiwadi.

  • Western Drugs Ltd

F-271 (A) Mewar Ind. Area, Madri, Udaipur

  • Xl Laboratoreis Pvt. Ltd.

E-1223 Phase-I Ext. (Ghatal), Ind. Area, Bhiwadi

Present Scenario:-

In spite of prevailing challenges in the Indian pharma sector Rajasthan today has over 367 medium and large scale industries providing employment to 122 thousand people and over 2.29 lac small-scale industries employing 8 lakhs people. The experts also mentioned that 58,000 additional job opportunities are likely to be created as the industry is expected to grow up to 45% by 2025.

Recently a Jaipur-based smartphone application MeraPatient has come up to bring more offline pharma stores online. The founders of this app out of concern to Healthcare connectivity aimed to create a single point platform that could bring together all stakeholders in the healthcare system. It offers the user to search nearby authenticated pharma stores and diagnostic labs (in a five-kilometre radius) by uploading the prescription on the app and can see and buy medicines or book an appointment for any prescribed tests. Depending on the choice and convenience, a user may choose an option and avail the offer. For the certified pharma stores and diagnostic labs, MeraPatient sends them alerts based on demand from users and based on availability. They are provided to offer a combination of price discounts and home delivery options. For hassle-free access of the user Diagnostic labs can also opt to upload test reports.

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