Rank Analysis of GPAT mock test 3 conducted on 19/01/2014

With regards to the GPAT mock test #3 conducted on 19/01/2014, we provide you the following analysis


Total Number of students who have taken the test till 26/01/2014581
Highest score obtained270
Lowest score obtained65

Individual Analysis

Name here <removed> 
Questions attempted 102
Questions not attempted24
Correct answers66264 marks
Incorrect answers36-36 marks
Total score:228  /500 marks
Rank 4 of 581
Percentile score*99.34

*This means there are x% of candidates who have scored equal to your score or below your score)

Please note that the scores are indicative only of your performance in our mock test and the actual GPAT test

Team Pharmawiki


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