Can a Mathematics Student Pursue B.Pharmacy?

Can a Mathematics Student Pursue B.Pharmacy?

Can a Maths student pursue B.Pharmacy is a very lethal question which comes to the mind of the people nowadays that a student who invested his time in learning trignometries and probabilities can actually understand the concept of Oxymetazolyne ,Paracetamol etc.

Can a Mathematics Student Pursue B.Pharmacy?
In this article we will discuss about the chances of him/her succeeding in this transition , because when we think of it as a whole we get them confused as two vastly different fields but what we miss is the few yet very important similarities

B Pharmacy and Maths is there anything common?

When you study the concepts as a maths student the main objective is to get the equation right and to upgrade your levels in problem solving techniques but one subject which plays a vital role in maths stream is chemistry which bonds the maths and pharmacy stream together.
Although, not just chemistry there is one more thing which is very important in pharmacy and in the life of a maths student is the keen interest in doing research and performing various experiments to test out the different possibilities.

Society and Career.

In our society , students do not choose career out of interest but majorly because of the influence of the society . The career path is depending on various factors like
Mass Approach

And these factors turns who could have been a brilliant find in the field of medicine into an average engineer.

Who should decide what is good for you ?

We cannot deny the fact that our parents should have a say in deciding our future and career but the percentage should be fifty-fifty , that means parents and you both must equally participate in deciding what is important for a student and what is the future aspect of the career chosen.
In a nutshell , Pharmacy and maths have few things in common but only when it is seen under the microscope . Academically, they are different but by the nature of the work they are same as the objective is to perform research and look for the future possibilities in their respective fields.

The engineers succeeding in field of civil services ,bankings etc so why not in the field of medicine?

Whats your take?

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