What do Doctors want from Medical Representative? Med Rep Guide Trick

Are you a Med Rep? D you know What Doctors want from Medical Representative? Then just go through this article.

Doctors and medicines typically go hand in hand yet there is a bridge between the Pharmaceutical manufacturers and the medical field. A survey with a startling revelation came out of which indicated that 70% of Indian doctors from all major fields don’t like clinical interactions with Medical Reps. Some doctors even said that they have started to compare various molecules within their peers online.

This is because one of the major goals of the medical representatives is to be seen as a valued consultant by Doctors. The main purpose of M.R is to create awareness about the products, engage and build a relationship with doctors and effectively change the prescription behaviour of doctors in company’s favour, whereas Doctors have patient emergencies, full day schedules, with no direct access (mostly accessible through an office manager or receptionist). On the other hand, top performing Reps has an entrepreneurial mindset and they just pitch the new products and market the existing line.. Let us know the areas of concern are.

What do doctors want to get from medical representatives?

  • An effective drug.
  • Information concerning the drug.
  • An idea concerning drug price.
  • Available dosage forms.
  • Free samples.
  • Brochures
  • Conferences
  • Services
  • Goodwill

Reasons for Doctor not prescribing the MR’s product

  • No connection.
  • Not convinced with a product.
  • Previous trial failure of the drug.
  • His loyalty to other company
  • Negative opinion of you or your company
  • Unsuitable product to serve his needs.
  • Insufficient information concerning the drug.

 What do Doctors want from Medical Representative Med Rep Guide.

Before any visit, Medical representative should know:

  • Customer profile and background
  • Detailed Product profile, all Drug information.
  • Doctor’s personal information, card, writing habits, class, the personality of the customer.
  • Updated info, Competitive products.
  • Persuade the doctor to recommend their product, and how it differs from other drugs.
  • Doctors care about their reputation with the linked affiliates/companies, so be professional.

Therefore the expectations of doctors towards Reps are raising high as they want a resource or a trusted adviser. This challenge has to be channelized where doctors can conveniently consume the information and the knowledge

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