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World Pharmacists Day

The day marked as World Pharmacists Day globally falls on September 25 every year. It is an event used by pharmacists across the world to highlight the value of the pharmacy profession on improving health. As designated in 2009 by the FIP Council in Istanbul, Turkey, 25 September the global awareness-raising event is commemorated. FIP encourages pharmacists to use this day to organise activities that promote and advocate for the role of the pharmacist in improving health in every corner of the world.

World Pharmacists Day Date:

Tuesday, 25 September
World Pharmacy Day 2018

About FIP – Pharmacists Day

FIP is termed as the International Pharmaceutical Federation, the governing global body representing pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. This non-governmental organisation was founded in 1912; FIP owns its headquarters in the Netherlands. Through the vast partnerships and extensive pharmacy along with pharmaceutical sciences network, their aims are

  • In order to meet the world’s health care, needs and expectations, develop the pharmacy profession, by supporting and working tenaciously, practising and emerging scientific innovations.
  • To represent over four million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists around the world through their 140 national organisations, academic institutional members and individual members.

“We want to emphasize that pharmacists are the backbone of health care in many different settings.”- Dr Carmen Peña, Pharm D (President)

2018 Theme World Pharmacists Day

The current year will witness the theme of Pharmacists:

Your medicines experts” as this year’s World Pharmacists Day.

This theme was particularly chosen to highlight pharmacists’ expertise in the area of patient health according to President Dr Carmen Peña. The President also stated that this year, FIP’s focus on the extensive expertise that pharmacists have and put to use every day to ensure better patient health. Their knowledge of expertise has to be implemented through science and research, applied for educating the next generation, and by transforming patient needs into services.

Ernest R. Anderson Jr., MS, FASHP, FMSHP, a consultant in Brockton, MA, also noted that “pharmacy is the one profession that touches everyone—almost all patients take medications. Pharmacists interface with physicians and nurses and other healthcare professionals across all specialities, and are the medication experts that bring medication management all together for patients across the spectrum and the patient care continuum.”

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