GENERAL STUDIES AND MENTAL ABILITY Government Pharmacist GENERAL STUDIES MENTAL ABILITY previous question paper with fully solved answer sheet practice questions for exams

Government Pharmacist GENERAL STUDIES

General Studies and Mental Ability
Q.1. The term ’16 + 1’ Countries refers toChina and Central and Eastern European Countries
Q.2. With which body Indian Army has signed MoU for construction of tunnel in China
and Pakistan borders?
National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd.
Q. 3. How many states have started Operation Night Riders?
Q.4. 5 Indians were appointed as members of technical committees of Asian
Gymnastic Union. Who was not one among them?
Dipa Karmakar (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics)
Q. 5. With reference to Hyperloop. Which of the following statements is/ are correct?
a. It is a proposed transport system where pods would travel at high speeds in a
near vacuum tube.
b. Maharashtra government has signed an agreement to build a Hyperloop
between Mumbai and Pune.
Select the answer using the code given belowBoth a and b
Q.6. Where was Cyber Exercise on ‘Scenario Building & Response’ held?
New Delhi
Q. 7. Which country has built first artificial Crater on an asteroid?
Q.8. Which one of the following is not correct?
The breaking apart of the nucleus of an atom is called fusion.
Q.9. Which phase change has the same magnitude of energy to the heat of
vaporization for water?
Q. 10. Which planet stays the closest to Earth the longest?
Q. 11. Who discovered D2O
Harold C. Urey
Q. 12. Which one is the sound of Mosquito?
Q.13. With reference to ‘Ozone Layer’, which of the following statements is/ are
a. This layer is found in the stratosphere that is above the Troposphere and
below the Mesosphere.
b. Ozone layer was discovered by French physician Charles Fabry in 1913.
c. Chlorofluorocarbons contribute to depletion of the ozone layer.
All a, b and c
Q.14 . Which is the largest bone in human body?
Q.15. With reference to ‘The Partition of India and Pakistan’, which of the following
statements is/ are correct?
a. Cyril Radcliffe designed the border between the two countries who had no
knowledge about anything except the geographical layout of the country.
b. After the partition, Pakistan got 1/4th of the Indian Army, 2 out of major 6
metropolitan cities and 35% of the Indian Railways lines.
c. Pakistan got Independence on the 14th and India on the 15th of August
because Lord Mountbatten wanted to personally attend both Pakistan’s and
India’s Independence ceremony.
d. The Father of the Nation, Gandhi was not present in Delhi during the partition.
Instead, he was in Calcutta, on August 15, 1947, where he prayed,
confronted rioters and worked with Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy to stop the
communal killing.
a, c and d
Q. 16. Consider the following statements with respect to ‘Parliament House’-
a. The shape of the building is circular, which is based on the Ashoka Chakra.
b. The parliament consists of two halls- Lok Sabha (House of People), Rajya
Sabha (the Council of States).
c. The Parliament House is located in New Delhi. The construction of buildings
took six years and the opening ceremony was performed on 18 January 1927.
Which of the above statement is incorrect?
Only b
Q. 17. Which of the following statement is not correct about ‘Election ink’?
It was first used in India 1960 in Mysore Karnataka.
Q. 18. “There shall be a President of India”, it is described in the article52
Q.19. India has a parliamentary system of Government. Which of the following are
the necessary features of Parliamentary government?
a. Majority Party Rule
b. Political Homogeneity
c. Collective Responsibility
d. Prime Minister as the Centre of Power
c, d and a
Q. 20. Who among the following proposed the suggestion for a Constituent
Assembly first in 1935?
M.N. Roy
Q. 21. In which planet’s moon Titan has 100m deep methane lakes?
Q. 22. Which of the following statements is/are correct about Ganga River System?
a. The Ganga river system is the largest in India having a number of perennial
and non-perennial rivers originating in the Himalayas in the north and the
Peninsula in the south, respectively.
b. It rises from the Gangotri glacier near Gaumukh in the Uttarkashi district of
Uttarakhand. Here, it is known as the Bhagirathi.
c. At Devprayag, the Bhagirathi meets the Alaknanda; then after, it is known as
the Ganga.
d. Ludhiana is located on the water divide between Indua and Ganga.
a, b and c
Q.23. Read the following statements:
a. The line that separates day and night is called the terminator, also referred to
as the “grey line” and the “twilight zone.”
b. The terminator is a circle with a radius that is approximately that of Earth.
c. The terminator passes through any point on Earth’s surface twice a day, at
sunrise and at sunset
Which of the above statement is/ are correct?
Both a and c
Q.24. Which among the following is the largest Lok Sabha constituency in India in
terms of area?
Q.25. Which among the following is the largest Lok Sabha constituency by number
of voters?
Q.26. Arrange the following Indian States in decreasing order of coastlinea. West Bengal
b. Kerala
c. Karnataka
d. Odisha
b, d, c, a
Q. 27. Which important latitude divides India in about two equal parts?
230 30’ North
Q.28. With reference to Andhra Pradesh, which of the following statements is/ are
a. Yeduguri Sandinti Jaganmohan Reddy is the second chief minister of Andhra
Pradesh, post its bifurcation.
b. Andhra Pradesh shares boundaries with Telangana in the north-west,
Chhattisgarh in the north, Odisha in the north-east, Tamil Nadu in the south
and Karnataka in the west.
c. The largest city in Andhra Pradesh is Visakhapatnam.
d. Andhra Pradesh has the third-largest coastline among the states of India.
a, b, and c
Q. 29. Consider the followinga. The Kanaka Durga Temple of Vijayawada is located on hill of Indrakeeladri in
Vijayawada on the banks of Krishna River.
b. The temple was constructed for Goddess Durga by Arjuna.
Which of the statements given above is/ are correct?
Both a and b
Q.30. How much is the difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich
Mean Time?
+ 5

Q.31. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
Sundari : West Bengal
Q.32. The earth is located betweenMars and Venus
Q.33. Ten Degree Channel separatesAndaman from Nicobar Islands
Q.34. With reference to ‘Aspirational Districts’ Program, which of the following
statements is/ are correct?
a. It aims to expeditiously improve the socio-economic status of 117 districts from
across 28 states.
b. The program focusses on 6 main themes.
c. NITI Aayog in partnership with the Government of Andhra Pradesh has
created a dashboard for monitoring the real-time progress of the districts.
Both a and c
Q.35. Which world heritage site comprises of the Alai Darwaza Gate?
Qutub Minar
Q.36. Name the Sanctuary famous for rare Gangetic Dolphins, Magar (Crocodile)
and Gharial (Aligator).
National Chambal Sanctuary
Q.37. Sustainable agriculture meansTo utilize land so that its quality remains intact
Q.38. The primary source of energy in Eco- body isSolar energy
Q.39. Which of the following is the most stable ecosystem?
Q.40. “Ecology is permanent economy” is the slogan of which movement?
Chipko Movement
Q.41. Find the correct alternative to fill in the blank space
Shoe: Leather:: ________
Highway : Asphalt
Q.42. Carbohydrates and fats are referred to as
Body fuels
Q.43. The fatty acids which cannot be synthesized by the body are referred to as_fatty
Q.44. Weight for height is a measure of:
Q.45. Read the following statements:
A) Green leafy vegetables should be cooked in covered pan to retain its color.
B) Green leafy vegetables change color during cooking because of
acidic compound naturally present in them and escaping of gas in
cell interspaces.
Statement A is incorrect and Statement B is correct.
Q.46. Which of the following is not a social welfare service?
Providing health services to the people in general.
Q.47. The treatment of emotional/mental disorders through a relatively long-term
verbal interaction between a client and therapist is named as:
Q.48. The Panchayat Raj system was adopted first by Rajasthan State in India in year:
Q.49. Write down the word which represents the correct meaning of “an extreme
fear of a particular thing or situation especially one that cannot be
reasonably explained:
Q.50. Which one of the following is the smallest state of India?
Q.51. Which of the following Indian states share border with China?
A. Arunachal Pradesh
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Uttarakhand
D. Assam
A, B and C
Q.52. Which of the following states had its first Governor, a Woman?
Uttar Pradesh
Q.53.Through which of the following Indian States the Tropic of Cancer does not
Q.54. Who among the following was the president of British Indian Association?
Radhakanta Deb
Q.55. Which of the following monuments has not been built by Shah Jahan?
Buland Darwaza, FatehpurSikri
Q.56. Which of the following is/are true about the book “Charaka Samhita”?
A. It is foundational textbook of Astrology.
B. Primarily written in Sanskrit
C. Authored by Ashwaghosha
D. It is fundamental textbook of Ayurveda
B and D
Q.57.The number of languages on the language panel of a currency note is:
Q.58. Who is the author of the book “Who were the Sudras”?
B. R. Ambedkar
Q.59. Who was the founder of “Abhinav Bharat Society”?
V. D. Savarkar
Q.60. Hunter Inquiry Committee Report is associated with
JallianwalaBagh Massacre
Q.61. Which of the following statement/s is/ are correct regarding Champaran
A. An agriculturist RajkumarShukla requested Mahatma Gandhi to come to
Champaran to investigate the state of affairs of the peasants
B. Dr. Rajendra Prasad requested Mahatma Gandhi to come to
Champaran to investigate the problems of farmers
C. The peasants of the Champaran were growing indigo under the
D. The Champaran Satyagraha happened in 1916 under the leadership of
Mahatma Gandhi
A, and C
Q.62. Which of the following statement/s is/are correct about Diarchy Rule:
A. System of single government introduced by the Government of India Act,
B. It was introduced as a constitutional reform by Edwin Samuel Montagu
and Lord Chelmsford.
Only B
Q.63. Arrange the following in the correct chronological order:
A. Home Rule Movement
B. Chauri- Chaura Incident
C. Non-cooperation Movement
D. Quite India Movement
A, C, B, D
Q.64. Which of the following statement/s is/are correct about the cell wall:
A. Every living thing has cell walls.
B. In plants, the cell wall is composed mainly of strong fires of the polymer
called peptidoglycan.
C. The cell wall is located outside the plasma membrane.
Only C
Q.65. Which of the following statement is correct about Phloem?
A. It conducts food from leaves to rest of the plant.
B. They are dead at maturity.
C. Mostly Phloem cells are located outside the xylem
D. Facilitate gas exchange between the inner parts of leaves.
A and C
Q.66. Deficiency of Vitamin B-12 may cause:
Megaloblastic Anemia
Q.67. Which of the following is correct about Optical Fiber Communication:
A. It works on total internal reflection.
B. The fiber optics transmission involves transmission of signals in the form
of light.
C. Single mode fibers are used to transmit one signal per fiber.
D. Multimode fibers are used to transmit many signals per fiber.
All of above
Q.68. What is the SI Unit of Magnetic Intensity?
Q.69. Consider the correct statement about the Newton Law’s of Motion:
A. If there is no net force acting on an object then the object will
maintain a constant velocity.
B. Force to be equal to the change in momentum.
C. When we shake a tree vigorously its fruits and leaves fall down
because it works on the principle of inertia.
A, B, and C
Q.70. Which of the following is /are correct about the sound wave:
A. Sound waves are longitudinal electrical waves.
B. Frequency range 200 Hz falls under Infrasonic wave
C. Frequencies greater than 20000 Hz are called ultrasonic waves.
D. Speed of Sound is maximum in gases and minimum in solid.
C only
Q.71. Observe the following statements about Doppler’s Effect?
A. If there is a relative motion between source of sound and observer, the
apparent frequency of sound heard by the observer is different from
the actual frequency of sound emitted by the source.
B. When the distance between the source and observer increases, then
apparent frequency increases.
Statement A is correct and statement B is wrong.
Q.72.Which of the following is the chemical formula of Vinegar?
Q.73. Who among the following has given the Atomic Theory?
Q.74. Which of the following country has developed “Father of All Bombs”?
Q.75.Which of the following statement/s is/are correct about Agni –I Missile?
A. It is a high range ballistic missile developed by ISRO.
B. It has specialized navigation system which ensures it reaches the target
with accuracy.
C. 15 meter long Agni –I can carry payload up to 1000 Kg.
B and C Only
Q.76.In which year the word Secular was added to the preamble of the Indian
Q.77.India borrowed the concept of Single Citizenship from which of the following
Q.78. Which of the following Article of the Indian Constitution discusses about
“Protection of the Interest of Minorities”-
Article 29
Q.79. What is the meaning of Habeas Corpus?
You shall have the body.
Q.80.Which of the following Article of the Indian Constitution confer power to the
President of India to grant pardon to any person convicted with death sentence?
Article- 72
Q.81. Indian Politician Lalu Prasad Yadav belongs to which of the Following Political
Q.82.Question should be as followsWhich of the following statements is correct about the Constituent Assembly?
Dr. K. M. Munsi was the Chairman of Order of Business Committee.
Q.83. Which of the following is/are correct about the Fundamental Rights?
A. Fundamental Rights are absolute and not subjected to reasonable
B. All the fundamental Rights are suspended during the operation of a
National Emergency except the rights guaranteed by Article 14 and
Neither A nor B
Q.84. Fundamental Duties to the Indian Constitution was added on the
recommendation of:
Swaran Singh Committee
Q.85. In which of the following Schedule of the Indian Constitution “Anti-Defection
Law” has been discussed?
Tenth Schedule
Q.86. The statement “The State shall regard the raising of the level of nutrition and
the standard of living of its people and the improvement of public health as among
its primary duties and, in particular, the State shall endeavor to bring about
prohibition of the consumption except for medicinal purposes of intoxicating drinks
and of drugs which are injurious to health” has been discussed in which part of the
Indian Constitution?
Part IV
Q.87. Which of the following statement/s is/are correct about the Fundamental
A. Fundamental Duties are confined to Indian citizens only and do not
extend to foreigners.
B. Like fundamental rights, the fundamental duties are also justiciable.
Only A
Q.88. Choose the correct statement/s about the Indian and the British Parliamentary
A. Head of the State in India is elected.
B. Head of the State in Britain is elected.
C. British system is based on the sovereignty of Parliament.
D. Indian Parliament is not supreme and enjoys limited power.
A, C and D
Q.89. Sarkaria Commission is related with:
Centre-State Relation
Q.90. Which of the following Amendment to the Constitution made Sikkim a fullfledged state of the Indian Union?
36th Amendment
Q.91. Kuchipudi, the village is located in which district of Andhra Pradesh
Krishna and Guntur
Q.92. Sriharikota is situated in which district of Andhra Pradesh?
Q.93. What does foreign capital include?
A. Foreign direct investment
B. Trade credit
C. NRI deposits
D. External commercial borrowings
Select the correct answer using the code given below:
Q.94. Which of the following are implications of deflationary effect on an economy?
A. Unemployment rises and wages decline
B. Demand for goods increases
C. Drop in lending of bank
Select the correct answer using the code given below:
A and C only
Q.95. Monopolistic competition is a:
Market structure where there exist a very large number of sellers selling
differentiated but substitutable products.
Q.96. What does the BIFR (board for industrial and financial reconstruction) deal
Revival of sick industries
Q.97. Who among the following designed the National Flag of India?
Pringali Venkayya
Q.98. The OPEC (Organization of petroleum exporting countries) is an example of
which of the following types of market?
Q.99. Promoting digital payments has been assigned to which of the following:
Ministry of electronics and information technology
Q.100. In which year the Environment Protection Act was enacted?
Q.101. In which of the following river the KumbhMela of Nashik is celebrated?
Q.102. Who among the following world leader is the recipient of prestigious Seoul
Peace Prize-2018 for contributing international cooperation and fostering global
economic growth?
Narendra Modi
Q.103. Which among the following books was written by Bhogaraju Pattabhi
The History of Indian National Congress.
Q.104. Veer Pariwar Mobile App is associated with which of the following force
Q.105. Which of the following statement is correct about the Programme “MERA
It is a Programme in which Agri-Scientists will go the village to provide
farmers with required information, knowledge and advisories.
Q.106. Which of the following statement/s is/are correct about the “Champion of
the Earth”?
A. It is the highest award of the United Nation Environment.
B. It is the highest award of the United Nation Human Settlements
C. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also the one of the recipients of
the award of the Champion of the Earth.
D. Champion of the Earth was introduced by UN in 2000.
A and C
Q.107. In which of the following Assembly, World Health Organisation has adopted
India’s Digital Health Initiative as its first resolution on digital health?
71st World health Assembly.
Q.108. Which of the following country has created the first direct route to transport
gas from one of the world’s largest fields to Europe bypassing Russia?
Q.109. What was the theme for the World Radio Day 2019?
Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace
Q.110. On which of the following dates Andhra Pradesh Reorganization bill was
assented by the President of India.
1st March 2014
Q.111. Who among the following Indians is the recipient of the Carnot Prize for the
contribution to the energy policy?
Piyush Goyal
Q.112. Which of the following statement is/are correct about “Khelo India Youth
Games (KIYG)”?
A. The programme was launch in 2018.
B. The Khelo India Programme has been introduced to revive the sports
culture in metro cities.
C. The second events for the KIYG was held in Bangalore.
D. The First event for the KIYG was held in Pune.
Only A
Q.113. The online campaign “Web- Wonder Women” is related with:
The women, who have been driving positive agenda of social change via
social media.
Q.114. Who among the following was the President of World Bank before David
Jim Yong Kim
Q.115. Which of the following amendment to the constitution facilitated the
reservation for the economically weaker sections?
124th Constitution Amendment Bill
Q.116. Which of the following statement/s is/are correct about Electronic Voting
Machine (EVM)?
A. Gujarat is the first state in India to use EVM in the state assembly elections.
B. EVMs have been used for the first time at the pan India level in 2009
General Elections.
C. VVPATs, a paper slip is generated bearing name and symbol of the
candidate along with recording of vote for the first time has been used in
2019 Lok Sabha elections.
D. EVMs machines run on a 6-volt alkaline battery.
C and D
Q.117. Which of the following statement/s is are correct about the India-Central Asia
A. The republic of Uzbekistan organized the first India-Central Asia Dialogue.
B. The Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan participated in the dialogue as the
special invitee.
C. The next India-Central Asia Dialogue 2020 will be hosted by India.
D. The dialogue was also participated by the External Affair Ministers of
Afghanistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and
A,C and D
Q.118. The campaign of “Sabki Yojana, SabkaVikas’ is related with:
Gram Panchayats
Q.119. Which of the following statement/s is /are correct about the Aisa – Europe
A. The 12th Asia – Europe Meeting was held in Brussels.
B. The First summit was held in Singapore.
Only A
Q.120. The cost price of an article is X. It is marked up by 150%. It is sold at Rs. 600
after giving 40% discount. What is X (in Rs.)?
Rs. 400
Q.121. Which among the following is premier financial institution for agricultural
Q.122. Two cars start from the opposite places of a main road, 150 km apart. First car
runs for 25km and takes a right turn and then runs 15 km. It then turns left and then
runs for another25 km and then takes the direction back to reach the main road. In
the meantime, due to Minor break down the other car has run only 35 km along the
main road. What would bethe distance between two cars at this point?
65 km
Q.123. When (X3
-PX-Q) is divided by (X2
-2X-3), the reminder is (X – 6). The values of
P and Q are respectively
Q.124. A train 100 meters long takes 6 seconds to cross a man walking at 5 kmph in a
direction opposite to that of the train. Find the speed of the train.
Q.125. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 24 min. and 32 min. respectively. If both
the pipes are opened simultaneously, after how much time B should be closed so
that the tank is full in 18 minutes?
Q.126. A Truck factory manufacturing at a steady rate produces 20 trucks in 4 days.
How manyTrucks could 3 such factories produce in 6 days, if they were working at
the same rate?
Q.127. If 3(x-Y) =27 and 3(X+Y) = 243, then X is equal to:
Q.128. The radius of the cylinder is half its height and the area of inner part is 616 sq.
cms. Approximately how many liters of milk can it contain?
Q.129. When 233is divided by 10, the reminder will be?
Q.130. Unit’s place digit in 962×357×133 is:
Q.131. Match the following:
Dam State
i. Bhakra (A) Himachal Pradesh
ii. NagarjunaSagar (B) Haryana
iii. Hirakud (C) Andhra Pradesh
iv. Kaushalya (D) Odisha
Select the following codes given below:

i iv ii iii
Q.132. The length of a line was measured during survey of an APSRTC site with a 20
metre chain. The length of the line was found to be 250 metres. What is the true
length of the line if the chain was 10 cm too long?
251.25 metres
Q.133.The length of a survey line measured with a 20 m chain was found to be 475
m. The true length of the line was known to be 476.20 m. What is the error in the
0.05 metres
Q.134. Chord scales are used to ________
Measure and set out angles
Q.135. Zero circle is a term pertaining to
Q.136. Any surface parallel to the mean spherical surface of the earth is a
Level Surface
Q.137.Which out of the following is NOT a levellng instrument?
Q.138. One of the following is a parameter in estimation of Ease of Doing Business :
Single Window System
Q.139. Land reform for recording the names of share croppers :
Operation Barga
Q. 140. Indexation benefits on Capital Gains are adjusted by means of a
Cost Inflation Index
Q.141. At the height of economic growth , if unemployment of labour increases , it is
called :
Jobless growth
Q.142. One of the following is Crypto currency :
Q.143. Paritala in Krishna District is known for
Q.144. What is Bombay High Field known for ?
Oil deposits
Q.145. What divides Kathiawar Peninsula from South-Eastern part of Gujarat ?
Gulf of Khambhat
Direction (Q. Nos. 146 – 150): In each of the following questions, four words have
been given out of which three are alike in a certain way and one is different. Choose
out the odd one.
Question Number: 146
Question Number: 147
South – west
Question Number: 148
Question Number: 149
Question Number: 150

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