How to Write a Letter of Interest for a Job? Simple Steps

Here in this article you can learn How to Write a Letter of Interest for a Job in Simple Steps.

 Simple steps to  write Effective Letter of Interest for jobs

A letter of interest (cover letter) is crucial when you start a job application process. In simple it is a letter usually used to introduce yourself and your qualifications (Eligibility & Skills) to someone who is in a hiring position of the company or organization. Your resume or CV should always accompany your job interest letter when you are sending it to a potential employer. You need to know few things like letter of interest format when you write it. As first impression is the best impression make sure you don’t drop your ball at the first step of the hiring process. We present you few best tips and suggestions as you start writing your job interest letter.

Compile your thoughts prior you start the letter

 You need to organize your thoughts and ideas. write them down as draft to summarize them logically and sequentially in your cover letter. Prepare lists of your skills related to the present position you are applying, work experience. Analyse your educational achievements, projects and other courses which you feel will add to the current opening.

Highlight the “Purpose” of your letter within the First Paragraph

You need to draw special attention of the hiring person to the position you really interested along with the department you want to work in the first para itself. You need to give the details of source from where you got to know about the opening like news paper or website.Express you interest towards the position or employment in that organization.

Need to market your Qualifications

In the Second Paragraph, you need to market your educational qualifications, experience, skills and even yourself. You can make your resume highlight with a powerful cover letter prepared by matching your skills perfectly with the position and the company profile. Address the desired criteria of the job requirement as your strengths.

Never miss to encourage the recruiter to contact you

Express your keen interest in a meeting or interview with the hirer to discuss in detail about your educational qualifications, skills and experience. Include your contact information in the third paragraph. Provide your telephone number, email address.


Format for the Letter of Interest (Cover Letter)

Your Local Street Address

City, State and Zip Code


Mr./Ms. First and Last Name


Name of Firm or Organization

Street Address

City, State and Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

First Paragraph:

Indicate the purpose for your letter and the position or field of work or the department in which you are really interested. If you are applying for a specific opening, indicate how you learned of the vacancy (i.e. website, CDC’s eRecruiting, referral).

Second Paragraph:

Market your qualifications for current position only. Give details of your academic background, skills and interests, experience, and activities which will contribute to the success of their organization

Third Paragraph:

Encourage the hirer to contact you and to schedule an interview.

Refer the hirer to your enclosed resume.

Express appreciation for the hirer for consideration.


(Written signature)

Points to remember:

For writing a Strong Cover Letter you need to note few important things. We provide do’s and don’t’s while you write your cover letter


  • Prior writing a cover letter learn about the organizations goals and mission.
  • Address the letter directly to exact hirer or appropriate person. You need to write in a professional, confident, and polite tone
  • Use good quality paper
  • Check spelling and grammar meticulously
  • You must and should confine your cover letter to one page.
  • Always use simple font and the same font style you chose for your resume writing
  • Convey the recruiter that you’d be a good and best match based on your skills and experience. 
  • Remember to close your letter always with an action statement. 


  • Don’t repeat your resume.
  • Do not use phrases like “to whom it may concern.” .
  • Never use a weak ending like “I look forward to your reply”
  • Don’t use the pronoun “I” with every sentence

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