What is DRX RPH Meaning Definition RX Full Form ?

What is DRX RPH Meaning Definition RX Full Form ?

RX DRX-and-RPH: There are thousand of short abbreviations that are being used on a regular basis when we speak about pharmaceutical applications and in relation to taking drugs.  The medical dictionary has thousands of medical abbreviations that basically denote something in a shorter form which the physicians or those in relation to this trade are aware of but which most of us, the common masses or those who are not related to this field are aware of.  Each one of them has a specific meaning and denotes a specific action when speaking about the pharmaceutical products and is in accordance with treatment.  While the physicians prescribe drugs, generally they provide these short abbreviations in the prescriptions for us to know how and when to take them.  Today we are going to look at the meaning of DRx and RPh, its full form and use in brief here and consider its application and go through what they really means.

What is DRX RPH Meaning Definition RX Full Form ?

The meaning Rx and RPh

Rx and RPh are two of the most common abbreviations that are being used.  Firstly the “Rx” has derived from a Latin word which means “recipe”.  It basically means the action of taking something or receiving something or the fact of it being received.  This symbol basically has originated in the medieval manuscripts and denotes abbreviation of the late Latin verb “recipere”.  Here it denotes that the way how the things (which here is medicine) needs to be taken by the patient.  It basically denotes the direction by which the prescribed medicine needs to be taken by the patient in plain and simple words.  This is a symbol that is commonly found at the head of the prescription provided by the physician to us when means “take, thou”.

Thus accordingly when a pharmacist get the prescription and sees “Rx” written over it they get a clear idea about what the drugs have been prescribed to the patient and thus provides them in accordance to the order they are being prescribed.

What is “RPh”

Now speaking about “RPh” another most common term that is being used in the medical terminology and found common in the prescription, we get to know that it indicates the individual is registered under the State Board of Pharmacy (acknowledged by the Medical Board) and is eligible to prescribe drugs when in need.  He or she has been certified by the Government to prescribe medicines and drugs to patients.  The term “Rph” stands for “Registered Pharmacist”.  Now someone who is willing to complete and get registration must need to complete a tertiary degree in Pharmacy like that of a Bachelor or Master of Pharmacy.  Once the individual is graduated, he or she needs to go through a registration procedure with affiliated board of that particular country and complete internship which takes approximately a year or two (according to the rules laid by the medical bord of that particular country) and finally obtain a registered pharmacist degree.

Now in order to avoid any discrepancies the physicians use these types of short form which not only indicates how to take it but also denotes when to take.  It often helps them to write in short and to fully express what they intend to mean in the way of taking each and every drug as per the requirement.  Though these types of short abbreviations are quite impossible to understand for the common mass who have less knowledge about them, the druggist or the pharmacist who regularly handle medical cases are very much aware of the terms and understands the meaning perfectly.  This helps them to provide drugs to the patient in accordance.