Job Prospects & Opportunities of Pharmacist in Canada

Job Prospects & Opportunities of Pharmacy in Canada

Let us see today Job Prospects & Opportunities of Pharmacy in Canada for all the candidates who wants to immigrate Canada for job purpose or study purpose. Canada is the world’s second-largest country by total area in the northern part of North America covering 9.98 million square kilometres. Because the northern part of the country is mostly an uninhabited region, Canada has got the lowest population density among the world. Hence, ample job prospects are found in Canada especially in the Pharmaceutical field due to shortages of skilled pharmacists. In areas such as British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Prince Edward Island pharmacy students can get their job requirements fulfilled. Pharmacy is a regulated profession here in Canada and you are ought to get licence before you start your work.

Pharmacy Informatics is a booming career wherein the pharmacists are linked with the optimization and overall management of the health system. Careers in the educational sectors are worthy enough that provide quality education and training in pharmaceutical science to prospective students. While discussing the job role of a pharmacist we see that they have various categories to fill in suiting the environment in which they work. They can take up their role as following

Community Pharmacists- They can work with the government or private hospitals and clinics or can also set up their own drugstore. They give instructional information on the drug type, its required dosage, and storage.

Hospital Pharmacists- They solely work in the hospitals fulfilling the role in determining the correct amount of medicines delivered to the patients in both cases of intravenous and oral administrations. If necessary, they are also in charge of compounding drugs.

Industrial Pharmacists- Mostly they indulge in research work while conducting trials which is why they are responsible for drug safety and its appropriate promotion.

Consultant Pharmacists- This requires them to play the role of a consultant who will provide the necessary drug information to the patients and clients.

Veterinary Pharmacists- They particularly take care of animal diseases and illnesses. For pets, strays and wildlife they are in high demand as none can understand animal physiology except them.


  • A bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or related field that contains a sufficient number of pharmacy subjects. Excellent knowledge of clinical sciences and pharmaceutical chemistry.
  • A good grasp on communication along with interpersonal and problem-solving skills.
  • Pharmacist License required for authorizing their practice.
  • Good experience and training.

Job Prospects & Opportunities of Pharmacy in Canada

For job immigrants, one can apply for a work visa in Canada from a Canadian employer on receiving a job offer or an employment contract. They can work in the Canadian Pharmaceutical industry based on Indian Pharmaceutical industries’ experience in the field of production, R&D, F&D, Sales etc. only after having Canadian citizenship. Alternatively, if a student goes for higher education in Pharmacy, it would be quite easier to get absorbed in Canada. After getting a Student visa, one can get a work permit for some years and thereafter apply for a work contract followed by green card and citizenship. This whole process takes up to 7-10 years. Only if someone wants to practice there as a pharmacist they must qualify PEBC exam to become a registered Canadian Pharmacist.