Thank You Notes for Pharmacy Residency Interviews

Here is the Thank you notes for Pharmacy residency interviews provided for you to make it easy when you really need them.

You might have involved a lot much into preparing for your residency interview and performing well throughout the interview day, isn’t it? But the work is not yet over after the interview because the right thing to do is Thank You Letter writing; it is an important gesture that demonstrates your dedication, determination, and lasting interest in the program. Also, when it comes to ranking, it leaves a program’s impression of you, raising your standard amongst the other candidates after you have parted. Does it impact you after the interview is over? Why bother? Just do the needful.

What to do After the Interview?

Naturally exhausted after your interview, you need to follow some steps that can make your job of writing the Thank You Letter easier and stronger. Once you have settled down for some time, take some notes while recapitulating the events you have gone through the whole day.

Ponder Upon:

“Overall impression of the program?”

“Mostly spent time/made a connection with?”

“About the facilities/any special mention?”

If these details are written down while they are still fresh it will help you personalize your Letter and reveal that you were paying attention throughout the day.

Thank you notes for Pharmacy residency interviews

 Whom & When to send the Thank You Letter?

You should send a Thank You Letter to the Program Director. Always address to RPD in inclusion or exclusion of other interview committee members (you can always ask RPD to extend your thanks to them if you didn’t get a chance to really get to know them).
However, you may also send a brief letter or note to anyone who spent enough time with you for you to feel as though you made a connection.  Remember that the Program Coordinators deserves their own Thank You Letter if they have helped you out a lot during the interview process.

Generally, you prepare the Thank You Letter written within 48 hours of the interview. Deliver the letter so that it arrives within a week after the interview.

Mode of sending the Thank You Letter:

The two main methods of sending a Thank You Letter are email and Postcard. If you have more time to work with, send a letter or card in the mail. You may handwrite the letter, but if your handwriting is questionable or hard to read, type out the letter and hand sign it. You may choose to send a letter on regular paper, or use paper with a header or even a card. If you choose to send a card, make sure it is conservative with a minimal design with little or no use of colour.

If the program has mentioned they will be making their decisions shortly, consider email. Emails reach faster yet run the risk of getting ignored within the emails tides programs receive or get lost in the Spam/Junk folder. After the interview, choose an appropriate moment, and ask the Program Coordinator for the best way to send Thank You Letters to get noticed. Some programs have a preference, others do not.

 What to say in the Thank You Letter?

The letter should be short, generally, around 2 to 3 paragraphs. Write in your own words, it should open with your thanks and a reaffirmation that you are hoping to see them again.

Some potential topics are:

  • What you saw
  • Whom you met
  • Good experiences

Avoid to Say

  • Complaints and criticism about the program
  • Advantages and provisions including vacation time, pay, lower hours etc
  • Remarks like, “I will be ranking you #1 in my list” in the Thank You Letter.

A Thank You Letter is the correct and best way to pay vote of thanks as well as follow up an interview experience. Here you can express your thoughts about the program based on your honesty, be enthusiastic and grateful and remain hopeful that you will get the right message across. We hope The Thank you notes for Pharmacy residency interviews provided  you great help.

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