🤦‍♀️3rd B-PHARM D- Pharm Juris Notes=Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Act,1985

3rd B-PHARM Notes for Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act,1985 and Rules, 1985

Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances are the habit forming substances which may produce a sleep. At higher concentration, those substances proved to be toxic and therefore, there is a restriction for the cultivation, collection, import, manufacture, purchase, sale, transportation of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. Psychotropic substances are substance, salt or any preparation which is included in the list of narcotic substance as specified in the Schedules to the Act.


Charas :

separated resin whether crude or purified obtained from Cannabis plant and also includes concentrated preparations and resin known as hashish oil or liquid hashish.


Flowering and fruiting tops of Cannabis plant excluding from seeds and leaves, or

Any mixture with or without neutral material of any above forms of Cannabis or any drink prepared from them.

Coca derivatives:

Crude cocaine which can be used directly or indirectly for the manufacture of cocaine; or

  1. b) Ecgonine and all the derivatives of ecgonine from which it can be recovered; or
  2. c) Cocaine i.e. methyl ester of benzoyl ecgonine; or
  3. d) All the preparations containing more than 0.1% cocaine
  4. 3rd B-PHARM Notes

Opium poppy

The plant of species Papaver somniferum or the plant of any other species of Papaver from which opium or any other phenanthrene alkaloids can be extracted and Central Government may declare to be Opium poppy.

Poppy straw

Parts of Opium poppy after harvesting them in their original form, cut or rushed and whether or not the juice has been extracted therefrom.

Poppy straw concentrate

Material arising when the poppy straw has entered into processes for the concentration of its alkaloids

Coca Leaf

Leaf of coca plant except a leaf from which cocaine and all the derivatives of ecgonine have been removed and any mixture with or without neutral material but does not include any preparation containing not more than 0.1% cocaine.

Coca Plant

Plant of any species of the genus Erythroxylon.

Medicinal Cannabis (hemp) is Extract or tincture of Cannabis (hemp).

Prepared opium

Opium which is obtained by any series of operations design to transform opium into an extract suitable for smoking and the dross or other residue remaining after the opium is being smoked.

Medicinal opium

Opium which has undergone the processes necessary to adopt it for its medicinal use in accordance with the requirements of Indian Pharmacopoeia or any other Pharmacopoeia notified, whether in powder form or granulated or mixed with the neutral material.

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