Free Medical Books For You – Free Pharmaceutical Books For You

Free Medical Books For You

When you are a student in the medical stream you not just have to love reading but have to learn the concepts well and not memorizing the words. Physicians say, “If you want to graduate from medical school, there are two rules: Don’t fall behind and don’t fall in love.” Studying medicine would need your stubborn patience. Mostly the books recommended from the medical school books are huge textbooks that one finds difficult to finish, even if medical school was extended to six years. Reading in clinical practice is important as it relates to clinical competencies including patient care, medical knowledge and practice-based learning. Majority of students report problems with reading. The main problem has been an unclear source to read about their patients. This can be attributed to the lack of students’ skills to search and find the proper information needed. This issue if enhanced in the first year of medical school the students’ would become to be self-learners and know how to make use of the available learning resources.

In a questionnaire for fifth-year students, King Saud University College of Medicine, 76%reported reading for an average of 4.3(SD 5) (median three hours per week, range zero to 35 hours per week). The most commonly used resources are pocketbooks and medical textbooks. Students spend a sufficient amount of time reading medical pocketbooks and lecture handouts with less time spend on online sources. Students need to be advised to use the update online sources more frequent. Spending more time reading maximizes the efficiency and performances during the clinical rotations.

Below are some links where you can get some collection of medical books in soft copy version:-

Folder link–> Anatomy – Google Drive


1–> KLM for Gross Anatomy

2–> Snell’s Anatomy

3–> BD Churassia

4–> RJ Last

5–> Grey’s Anatomy

6–> Langman Embryology

7–> KLM for Embryology

8–> BD for General Anatomy

9–> Dissector

10–> Di Fore Histology

11–> Junqueira’s Histology

12–> Netter Atlas of human Anatomy

Folder link–> Physiology – Google Drive


1–> Guyton

2–> Ganong

3–> Sheerwood

4–> Sembulingam

Folder link–> Biochemistry – Google Drive


1–> Harper

2–> Lippincott

3–> Chatterjea

4–> Satyanarayan

5–> Stryer

6–> MRS Biochemistry

Folder link–> Pathology – Google Drive


1–> Big Robins

2–> Medium Robins

3–> Pathoma

4–> Goljan

5–> Harsh Mohan Pathology

6–> Atlas of Histopathology

7–> Levinson

8–> MRS microbiology

9–> Microbiology by Jacquelyn G. Black

10–> Color Atlas of Microbiology

11–> Kaplan Pathology

Free Medical Books For You - Free Pharmaceutical Books For You

Folder link–> Pharmacology – Google Drive


1–> Big Katzung

2–> Mini Katzung

3–> Kaplan Review

4–> Lippincott

5–> Pocket Katzung

6–> Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology

7–> Atlas of Pharmacology

Folder link–> Forensic Medicine – Google Drive


1–> Simpson’s Forensics

2–> Krishan’s Forensics

3–> Atlas of Autopsy

4–> Atlas of Forensic Medicine

Folder link–> Eye – Google Drive


1–> Jogi

2–> Jatoi

3–> Parson’s Textbook of Eye

4–> Kanski

5–> AK Khurana

6–> Atlas of ophthalmology

Folder link–> ENT – Google Drive


1–> Dhingra

2–> Logans Turner

3–> Color Atlas of Otorhinolaryngology

4–> Maqbool’s Text Book of ENT

5–> Clinical Methods in ENT by PT Wakode

6–> ENT at a Glance

Folder link–> Community Medicine – Google Drive


1–> Monica’s Text Book Community Medicine

2–> Mahajan And Gupta Text Book of Community Medicine

3–> Bancroft’s Text Book of Community Medicine

>…  Physiology:-Folder link–>…  Biochemistry:-Folder link–>… Pathology:-Folder link–>… Pharmacology:-Folder link–>… Forensic Medicine:-Folder link–>… Ophthalmology:-Folder link–>… Otorhinolaryngology:-Folder link–>… Community Medicine:-Folder link–>… Medicine:-Folder link–>… Surgery:-Folder link–>… Obstetrics & Gynecology:-Folder link–>… Pediatrics:-Folder link–>… 1st Professional Books–>… 2nd Professional Books–>… 3rd Professional Books–>… 4th Professional Books–>… One Link For All eBooks–>…

When you study, focus on studying. Take your book, some earplugs, some paper, a pen, and take notes on what you’re trying to learn. Writing things out helps you remember concepts. All the other distractions make it harder for you to concentrate on learning. Don’t take your phone with you, or take it and pull the battery out of it. Subjects like anatomy and pharmacology include memorizing relationships. Remember, medical school is about drinking a vast amount of information efficiently. You can’t do that with a textbook. There’s a big difference between “book sense” and “common sense.” You need both to succeed.

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