Functions of Hospital Pharmacy 🏥 PPT PDF

Primary Function of Hospital Pharmacy⛑️:

  1. Selection of reliable suppliers
  2. storing and dispensing of Drugs
  3. Determining specifications of the required medicament
  4. Maintenance of manufacturing records🏪
  5. quality control of purchased and manufactured products🏥
  6. Manufacturing sterile & non sterile products
  7. Expecting and knowing the hospital demands🏥

What are functions of hospital pharmacy

Functions of hospital Pharmacy PPT

Functions of Hospital Pharmacy Management Panel:

  1. Ensure than all drugs are stored, dispensed correctly
  2.  check the accuracy of the dose prepared
  3. keep proper records and preparation of bills
  4. coordinate the over all pharmaceutical needs of the “patient care”
  5. ensure that the established policies and procedures laid down are
  6. maintain professional competence
  7. communicate with all pharmacy staff regarding new developments
  8. co ordinate the activities of the area
  9. To maintain liaison between nurses
  10. Reviewing of drug administration in each patient
  11. provide instruction and assistance to junior Pharmacist
  12. co ordinate over all pharmaceutical services on the running unit level
  13. Identification of drugs bought into hospital by the patient
  14. Obtaining all medication history and communicating all information t
    the attending Physician
  15. assist in the selection of drug products and their identities
  16. monitor patient’s total drug therapy for:
    1)effectiveness 2)side effects 3) toxicity 4) allergic reactions 5)drug interaction
  17. Patient counseling
  18. Participating in cardio pulmonary emergencies
  19. provide in service training and information for:
    * the Pharmacists
    * the pharmacy students
    * nurses and nursing students
    * Physicians and medical students
  20. The pharmacist ensures that:
    • Proper techniques are used in extemporaneous compounding
    • Provides for adequate record keeping and billing
    • Correctly maintaining prescription files
    • Keep the outdoor pharmacy in a neat and tidy manner


  1. To provide and evaluate pharmaceutical services
  2. To draw a plan for hospital pharmacy administration
  3. To establish liaison between administrative authorities and medical Doctors.
  4. To estimate the requirements for the department and enforce the policies and procedures for the recruitment of adequate and competent staff
  5. To develop and maintain an effective system of clinical and administrative records and report
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