UGC Journals Update 2020 – SELF-PLAGIARISM

20rh April,2020 update on UGC Journals SELF-PLAGIARISM

In the interests of lndian academia, to promote Indian research among the nations, and to ensure credibility and quality. from time to time the UGC has instituted various measures. In its efforts to curb plagiarism the
UGC issued the University Grants Commission (Promotion of Academic lntegrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2018, so that plagiarised work does not acquire any credibility or value in evaluation. In continuation of its initiative, and in line with global standards of ethical publishing established by leading institutions and Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the UGC draws the attention of the academic community to the following:

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(i) Reproduction, in part or whole, of one’s own previously published work without adequate citation and proper acknowledgment and claiming the most recent work as new and original for any
academic advantage amounts to ‘text-recycling’ (also known as’selfplagiarism’) and is g! acceptable.
( ii) Text-recycling/self-plagiarism includes:

  • republishing the same paper already published elseutherc without due andfull citotion;
  • publishing smaller/excerpted work from a longer and previous without due andfull cilations in order to show a larger number ofpublications;
  • reusing data already used in a published work, or communicated for publication, in another work withoul due and full citation;
  •  breaking up a longer/larger study into smaller sections and publishing them as altogether new work without due andfull citation;
  • paraphrasing one’s own previously published work without due andfull citation of the original.
    (iii) Self-citations do not add any number/s to the individual’s citation index or h-index in global academia.
    (iv) Vice Chancellors, Selection Committees, Screening Committees, IQACs and all/any experts involved in academic performance/evaluation and assessment are hereby strongly advised that their
    decisions in the case of promotions, selections, credit allotment, award ofresearch degrees must be based on an evaluation ofthe applicant’s published work to ensure that the work being submitted
    for promotion/selection is not self-plagiarized.
    The UCC will be issuing a set of parameters to evaluate instances of text recycling/self- plagiarism soon.
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(Prof. Rajnish Jain)


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