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GPAT syllabus

Syllabus for GPAT

GPAT/GATE question papers (from 1998 – 2011)

GPAT-2011 Question paper

GPAT-2010 Question Paper

GPAT-2009 Question Paper

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GPAT 1998 question paper


Pattern of Question Paper GPAT 2012

The GPAT-2012 question paper will consist of one hundred fifty (150 Nos.) multiple choice objective questions only. Candidates have to mark the correct choice by darkening the appropriate bubble against each question on an Optical Response Sheet (ORS). Each right answer will carry three marks while for each wrong answer, 1/3 (one third) marks will be deducted. ‘No attempt’ will fetch zero mark.

Each question will have four choices for the answer. Out of these, only one choice is correct/most appropriate. Each choice contains stand-alone statement(s)/phrase(s)/ data/structure(s).

The type of questions asked in this examination would be to evaluate a candidate’s aptitude and knowledge of Pharmacy subjects and applied subjects (as per the syllabus given in the website) taught at B. Pharmacy level, which may involve basic principles, facts, formulae/laws, understanding of the fundamental ideas, and application or drawing observations of the fundamentals of pharmacy discipline.


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