Because NIPER-JEE question papers are not given to the test takers it is difficult rather impossible to give you the entire paper as it is. However with contributions of our pharma friends we are able to collect and list some of the questions based on the memory. Below we are providing a list of previously asked NIPER-JEE questions





NIPER-JEE questions PART 1

NIPER-JEE questions PART 2

NIPER-JEE questions PART 3

NIPER-JEE questions PART 4

NIPER-JEE questions PART 5 (2003)

NIPER-JEE questions PART 6 (2005)

NIPER-JEE questions PART 7 (2006)



Click here (UPDATED!!!) to download syllabus for NIPER-JEE. This is not official. But the question paper usually consists of these topics. There is NO particular syllabus for NIPER-JEE.

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*Disclaimer: This site collects free information from various sources and links them together at one place. The original files are provided “as is” and are not modified in any form. This is an honest attempt for the benefit of NIPER aspirants…

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