How To Score Distinction Marks Percentage In B. Pharmacy?

How To Score Distinction Marks Percentage In B. Pharmacy?

As we know that like every other course, in B.Pharmacy too, the distinction marks come with a percentage of 75% and above in aggregate inclusive of all the subjects.  B. Pharmacy percentage is calculated at the end of the final year by adding marks scored in all the 8 semesters of 4 years. Getting more marks involves several factors like if you are getting favor from the college your marks in the internal examinations will be high that would definitely raise your marks percentage along with the final examinations marks. In one university, getting 85% marks is easier than the getting of 70% marks in another university. However, considering the field of Pharmacy to be very innovative that involves sound creative thinking.

We can suggest a few steps to score well as getting distinction marks percentage:

  • Refer to the previous exam papers thoroughly to find the FAQ.
  • List out the topics by identifying the important chapters from exam point of view
  • Maintain your personalized notes using reference books and the internet then add additional current researches or innovations in it.
  • Considering a question set to be attempted for the stipulated exam divide the time and get an idea of how to invest time per answer based upon the weight-age.
  • Sit for self-made mock tests, try and write the answer in a limited time frame. Practice and repeat until you feel confident enough to score more.

How To Score Distinction Marks Percentage In B. Pharmacy?

Let’s check the strategy to be followed in the B. Pharmacy

The strategy of gaining marks varies in accord to university regulations; some may be strict or lucid. It would not matter in which semester you got more or fewer marks as they consider your percentage as a whole.  Therefore if you want to score distinction marks try to concentrate on getting more marks up to the time of the first semester of the third year. If you are a GPAT exam aspirant then this is a bonus for you because this time onwards is best to start taking coaching that helps a lot in the preparation. Not only that you can also cover a few common subjects from the academic syllabus which are also present in the next semester. This is true that it depends on several factors to earn the distinction in B. Pharmacy nevertheless a lack of interest is not going to help you score good marks be it pharmacy or any other field.

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