How to Start Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Setup in India? Procedure Documents Licence

Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Setup in India :Apollo Pharmacy is a division of Chennai-based major healthcare Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd. With India’s first and largest branded pharmacy network with more than 740 key locations outlets, it is accredited with International Quality Qualification offering genuine medicines with 24 hours of service. Apollo Pharmacy VP Atul Ahuja said it would add 250 outlets every year and that it has grown between 30 to 35 per cent every year. The company had a turnover of 1,150 cores in the last financial year. He mentioned that it is feasible to have home delivery of medicines, but the law of the land says that the dispensing of the medicines have to be done by the qualified pharmacists. He further said dispensing has become a critical aspect in the pharmacy retail chain business, which includes transportation, warehousing in proper cold environment and distribution, which are managed at the back end.

Why franchising Apollo Pharmacy?

Franchising is witnessing a consistent demand from the metros and other cities. If you are really interested to own this franchise, you have to gain insight into the franchise setup of the pharmacy. On one hand, as the owner of an independent business, you leverage your entrepreneurial capabilities while working with a nationally recognized brand like Apollo minimizes your risks. On the other hand, all the knowledge and expertise required to successfully run the business is ensured from the pharmacy end. The entire work of supply chain management right from procuring to warehousing and sale at outlets is done by an experienced pharmacist. Every business oriented person is aware of the great possibilities of facing problems in his career. In spite of knowing this, every businessman takes the risk because he has the courage that he can eventually resolve them and he also knows the rewards awaiting him after that. The bright side of working under the canopy of a large organization would be over-emphasized and is huge in India.

Franchise Benefits

The Apollo Pharmacy franchise has more to share about franchising considering some basic matters first before proceeding to the requirements. As a franchisee of Apollo Pharmacy, you definitely become the gainer. Check out how you can be?

  • The biggest benefit you are going to get while you own a pharmacy franchise is the great discount of the products from the wholesalers.
  • Better access to the newest technologies and access to approved new drugs, partnerships with the biomedical distributors and major medical and more exposure of your business through various advertising.
  • Being a part of Apollo Clinics network spreading across the Asian sub-continent, you will be able to offer world-class services without consuming your fortune.
  • You will have access to years of healthcare domain knowledge and expertise. You can achieve your business goals with the help of Apollo Pharmacy franchise’s essential guidelines and information about the pharmacy and anything about franchising also.

How do I get Apollo pharmacy franchise?

The very first step in the business process all franchising companies and franchisee take generally is, filling out the application forms and agreement. The most vital requirement is the financial investment along with the other qualifications. When it is fulfilled you can proceed to the final step which the training. It is done on hands and sometimes with orientation. The company is supposed to provide sufficient training to know everything inside and outside of the pharmacy.

Strategies you should implement as an Apollo pharmacy franchise

How to Start Apollo Pharmacy Franchise Setup in India? Procedure Documents Licences

To any of the franchise, the Apollo Pharmacy is generous enough to share its core strategies on how to manage your pharmacy carefully. Usually, you will learn more about its strategies during your actual training. You have to implement those to really boom your setup but yes it’s also not that you really have to take every detail they share to you. The successful businessman doesn’t depend on everything to the strategy of the mother company and therefore you must also combine your own ways to keep your business expanding. Use and gather knowledge, detect your limitations and of the company as well your personal strengths and weaknesses to plan beforehand of every action you take. Remember that you will be opinionated judged still it is important to listen to your own voice as long as you are sure of the outcome no matter what others tell you.

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