List of Pharmacy Schools in Germany and their Websites

Hello Buddies. Here is the top List of Pharmacy Schools in Germany and their Websites which you can go through.Every schools prepare students in the different way.  Few Pharmacy  schools in Germany have a research, few has clinical pharmacy, and some has retail pharmacy approach. You need to look out for their curriculum to know their approach and according to your interest you need to join them.

List of Pharmacy Schools in Germany and their Websites

  1. Freie University Berlin, Institute of Pharmacy, Berlin

  2. Rhein F.-Wilhelms-Univ, Pharmaceutical Institute (English), Bonn

  3. Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf, DusseldorfInstitute of Pharmaceutical Biology (English)

  4. Institute for Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  5. F.-A. University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Institute fuer Pharmazie und Lebensmittelchemie, Erlangen (English)

  6. Institut fuer Pharmazeutische Technologie, TU Braunschweig (auf Deutsch) oder (in English)

  7. Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt, Institutes in the Biocenter, Frankfurt on MainPharmacology for Natural Scientists

  8. Department of Pharmaceutical Biology

  9. Pharmazeutical Biology

  10. Pharmazeutical Chemistry

  11. Pharmazeutical Technology

  12. A.-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Pharmazeutisches Institute, Freiburg

  13. Martin Luther University, College of Pharmacy (or in German), Halle

  14. R.-Karl Universitat Heidelberg, Fakultat fur Pharmazie, Heidelberg

  15. Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Mainz

  16. Philipps University Marburg, Faculty of Pharmacy, Marburg (Lahn) (in English)

  17. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universiy Munich, Institute of Pharmacy – Center of Pharmaceutical Research, Sophienstr.10, D-80333 Munich

  18. University of Muenster, Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology

  19. University of Regensburg, Institut fur Pharmazie, Regensburg

  20. University of Tuebingen, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tuebingen

  21. Students’ Group

  22. Free University, Pharmaceutical Institute, Berlin

Do you know why  people love this profession so much and want to join Pharmacy schools in Germany? Let us see few words exactly said by one Resident Pharmacist online. “The satisfaction of being the most trusted healthcare professional and playing an important role in peoples’ lives. You are the last line of contact between patient and independent drug use — you have the ability to change outcomes, prevent serious events, and play one of the most important roles in protecting public health. This is what brings me joy to what I do, every single day.” Becoming a pharmacist is still a good career choice for the future so people search for best Pharmacy schools in Germany to get most quality education in their lives.


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