How to become Pharmacist in Canada from India – Registered Pharmacist Clinical Pharmacy Technician

How to become Pharmacist in Canada from India

The Question answered in this article is How to become Pharmacist in Canada from India
Is this really possible?? I will give you the answer right away without bragging. You cannot be a registered pharmacist or a clinical Pharmacist or Pharmacy technician of Canada while you’re in your country like INDIA. But it is really happy to know that you can start the process of becoming a pharmacist in CANADA from India. Although, to finish this process you have to be actually a resident of the CANADA.

To know about how to become a registered pharmacist in Canada you need to first know about PEBC. Wonder what is PEBC? PEBC is an organization assessing the qualifications and competence of candidates for licensing by pharmacy provincial regulatory authorities in CANADA. To be crisp Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) is the national certification body for the pharmacy profession in Canada. The PEBC Board evaluates qualifications, develops and administers examinations including a national Qualifying Examination, and issues Certificates of Qualification. how to become a clinical pharmacist in Canada from India
All you need to know is that there’s no connection between taking the exam and having a PR or express entry or anything about immigration, yet, you will need some sort of visa to be able to enter Canada to take the exams, as long as you can enter and be present for the exam at the time, that all that matters for the PEBC

How to become a Registered Pharmacist in Canada for International students/ Immigration

The PEBC Certificate of Qualification for pharmacy technicians is an entry-to-practice licensing requirement in all provinces that have regulated pharmacy technicians. he PEBC Certificate of Qualification for pharmacists is a licensing requirement for entry-to-practice applicants (whether trained in Canada or elsewhere) in all provinces, except Quebec.

How to be Canadian Registered Pharmacist?
If you are from India or any other country, you need to take PEBC Qualifying Examination to become Pharmacist or Pharmacy technician in Canada. The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) invites qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to consider participating in the PEBC Qualifying Examination. The PEBC OSCE and OSPE consists of a series of clinical stations designed to assess communication and interpersonal skills and clinical or technical problem solving.
The PEBCQE-Part II for pharmacists is known as an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) and the PEBCQE-Part II for pharmacy technicians is known as an OSPE (Objective Structured Performance Examination). The exams are held in major Canadian cities, you can find a list on the website.

How to know more information on PEBC Qualifying Examination

Log on to to know more. The PEBC office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time, for receiving telephone calls and written correspondence by regular mail, email and fax. PEBC is not available for in-person candidate visits. Application forms may not be delivered in person, to the PEBC office. Note that the office is closed for lunch between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm Eastern Time and no telephone calls are received during the lunch break.


Pandemic period allowed the Part 1 of the exam to be conducted online.  PEBC’s multiple-choice computer-based testing (CBT) examinations: the Pharmacist Evaluating Examination and Pharmacist/Pharmacy Technician Qualifying Examination – Part I (MCQ).egardless of where they live in Canada or internationally, candidates have the option to take PEBC’s upcoming exams either on-site at a Prometric test centre or by using Prometric’s ProProctor Remote Proctoring Platform. Please check out the official site for more information.

Top Canada Pharmacy Universities-REVIEWS How to Select?

10 best Canada universities

Are you planning to study pharmacy in Canada this article gives you whole idea all about the top colleges and top Canadian universities which provides pharmacy education. This article will surely help you to choose a University if you are considering Canada as an option for your higher studies. There are almost 10 universities which provide best education in pharmacy. Really want to do your under graduation or project post graduation you need to consider few points before you select your University.

  1. Let us discuss now things you need to to keep in your mind before actually trying to decide on a University.
    1. Which course you want to take is it undergraduate Bachelor of Pharmacy or doctorate of Pharmacy course or you want to complete your masters or a post graduate diploma in pharmacy subjects.
  2. 2. You need to have a complete Idea on all the courses of Canadian universities where a Pharmacy bachelor can apply.
  3. 3. After selecting your course you need to to search the best college which is providing your appropriate subject of interest. Almost all universities have a good standard but you need to specifically look for your subject of your concern.
  4. 4. You need to have an idea on what is your future idea of pursuing masters for graduation in Canada. Each would have a different perspective of going for higher studies in abroad. Some might think an exposure of of the subject or some other might think to settle as a permanent residence or some might think to just work for few years and return to India.
  5. 5. Do you decide what you wanna do after your completion of the course? This will help you to decide the place you want to study at the university because if you want to settle as an permanent resident need to go for a place where the province itself helps the international students to apply for the permanent residents easily.
  6. 6. The most important thing you need to consider before selecting a university or a province is that the availability of part time if you really need to pay your fees by yourself. The fee structure is really very high for the international students and everyone might need to have a part time pay off fees. So it is best to touch a place which I have an ample part-time jobs where students can do along with their studies.
  7. 7. You need to consider is the cost of living of that particular place if you don’t have any problem with finances then you don’t really need to think about this but to choose a good University. When you really have some issues with your finances you might be smart to select a good University in a good place with minimum expenses for your month.

Top 7 Canada Pharmacy Universities

University of Toronto
Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy
144 College Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3M2
Tel: 416 978-2889
Fax: 416 978-8511

University of British Columbia
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2146 East Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z3
Tel: 604 822-2343
Fax: 604 822-3035

Memorial University of Newfoundland
School of Pharmacy
Health Sciences Centre
St. John’s, Newfoundland A1B 3V6
Tel: 709 777-8300
Fax: 709 777-7044
E-mail: [email protected]

Université de Montréal
Faculté de pharmacie
C.P. 6128, Succ. Centre-ville
Montréal, Québec H3C 3J7
Tel: 514 343-6422
Fax: 514 343-2102
Université Laval
Faculté de pharmacie
Pavillon Ferdinand-Vandry
Québec, Québec G1V 0A6
Tel: 418 656-3211
Fax: 418 656-2305
E-mail: [email protected]

University of Alberta
Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
2-55 Medical Sciences Building
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2H1
Tel: 780 492-3362
E-mail: [email protected]

University of Manitoba
Faculty of Pharmacy
Apotex Centre
750 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0T5
Tel: 204 474-9306
Fax: 204 474-7617
E-mail: [email protected]

University of Saskatchewan
College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
110 Science Place
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 5C9
Tel: 306 966-6327
Fax: 306 966-6377
E-mail: [email protected]

University of Waterloo
School of Pharmacy
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1
Tel: (519) 888-4499
Fax: (519) 888-7910
E-mail: [email protected]

Dalhousie University
College of Pharmacy
5968 College Street, PO Box 15000
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4R2
Tel: 902 494-2378
Fax: 902 494-1396
E-mail: [email protected]

University of Saskatchewan

This is good old college rest with good reputation. Here you can get program where you can study your masters. Importance of this university is the province you are in. Province provides you points even after your Canadian studies to if you let to settle down there as permanent resident. Cities in this province are really affordable and economical for all the international students. The housing and the cost of living is really low when per to the provinces of Canada.

Université de Montréal

This is also a good option for international students especially from India with good reputation. Here you can get program where you can study your masters. Importance of this university is the province you are in. you need to know about the province before you land. this is land of French. you will be at a good place if you have a knowledge of French language before you take up your studies.  Part time jobs become a piece of cake if you know the French language. Cities in this province are really affordable and economical for all the international students. The housing and the cost of living is really low when per to the provinces of Canada.

NAPLEX FPGEE OSPAP KAPS PEBC Pharmacist Exam Quick Revision #1 Pharmacology Guide

NAPLEX FPGEE OSPAP KAPS PEBC Pharmacist Exam Quick Revision #1 Pharmacology Guide

Here Pharmawiki is presenting last day revision for all the aspirants of different pharmacist examinations like  NAPLEX FPGEE OSPAP KAPS PEBC Pharmacist Exam. You can consider it as a Quick Revision on Pharmacology  subject which will help you to qualify and score well in these examinations. This tiny Guide will surely help you to assess your exam preparation level.


1. venous ulcer treatment >
exclude arteriopathy (eg ABPI), control
oedema, prevent infection, compression bandaging.
2. Cushings – Diagnosis: 24hr urinary free cortisol. Addisons >
short synacthen.
3. Rash on buttocks – Dermatitis herpetiformis (coeliac dx).
4. AF with TIA >
Warfarin. Just TIA’s with no AF >
5. Herpes encephalitis >
temporal lobe calicification OR temporoparietal
attentuation – subacute onset i.e. Several days.
6. Obese woman, papilloedema/headache >
Benign Intercanial
7. Drug induced pneumonitis >
methotrexate or amiodarone.
8. chest discomfort and dysphagia >
9. foreign travel, macpap rash/flu like illnes >
HIV acute.
10. cause of gout >
dec urinary excretion.
11. bullae on hands and fragule SKIN torn by minor trauma >
cutanea tarda.
12. Splenectomy >
need pneumococcal vaccine AT LEAST 2 weeks preop
and for life.
13. primary hrperparathyroidism >
high Ca, normal/low PO4, normal/high
PTH (in elderly).
14. middle aged man with KNEE arthritis >
gonococcal sepsis (older
people >
15. sarcoidosis, erythema nodosum, arthropathy >
Loffgrens syndrome
benign, no Rx needed.
16. TREMOR postural,slow progression,titubation, relieved by OH>
essential TREMOR AutDom. (MS – titbation, PD – no titubation)
17. electrolytes disturbance causing confusion – low/high Na.

FPGEE | National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

18. contraindications lung Surgery >
FEV dec bp 130/90, Ace inhibitors (if
proteinuria analgesic induced headache.
21. 1.5 cm difference btwn kidneys >
Renal artery stenosis >
resonance angiogram.
22. temporal tenderness>
temporal arteritis >
steroids > 90% ischaemic
neuropathy, 10% retinal art occlusion.
23. severe retroorbital, daily headache, lacrimation >
cluster headache.
24. pemphigus – involves mouth (mucus membranes), pemphigoid – less
serious NOT mucosa.
25. diagnosis of polyuria >
water deprivation test, then DDAVP.
26. insulinoma >
24 hr supervised fasting hypoglycaemia.
27. Diabetes Random >7 or if >6 OGTT (75g) >
>11.1 also seen in HCT.
28. causes of villous atrophy: coeliac (lymphocytic infiltrate), Whipples , dec
Ig, lymphoma, trop sprue (rx tetracycline).
29. diarrhoea, bronchospasm, flushing, tricuspid stenosis >
gut carcinoid c
liver mets.
3/5/2017 MRCP part 1 2/5
30. hepatitis B with general deterioration >
hepaocellular carcinoma.
31. albumin normal, total protein high >
myeloma (hypercalcaemia,
32. HBSag positive, HB DNA not detectable >
chornic carier.
33. Inf MI, artery invlived >
Right coronary artert.


NAPLEX Exam guide

34. Aut dom conditions: Achondroplasia, Ehler Danlos, FAP, FAMILIAL
hyperchol,Gilberts, Huntington’s, Marfans’s, NFT I/II, Most porphyrias,
tuberous sclerosis, vWD, PeutzJeghers.
35. X linked: Beck/Duch musc dyst, alports, Fragile X, G6PD, Haemophilia
36. Loud S1: MS, hyperdynamic, short PR. Soft S1: immobile MS, MR.
37. Loud S2: hypertension, AS. Fixed split: ASD. Opening snap: MOBILE
MS, severe near S2.
38. HOCM/MVP inc
by standing, dec by squating (inc all others). HOCM
inc by valsalva, decs all others. Sudden death athlete, FH, Rx.
Amiodarone, ICD.
39. MVP sudden worsening post MI. Harsh systolic murmur radites to
40. Dilated Cardiomyopathy: OH, bp, thiamine/selenium deficiency, MD,
cocksackie/HIV, preg, doxorubicin, infiltration (HCT, sarcoid), tachycardia.
41. Restrictive Cardiomyopathy: sclerodermma, amyloid, sarcoid, HCT,
glycogen storage, Gauchers, fibrosis, hypereosinophilia Lofflers,
caracinoid, malignancy, radiotherapy, toxins.
42. Tumor compressing Respiratory tract >
investigation: flow volume
43. Guillan Barre syndrome: check VITAL CAPACITY.
44. Horners – sweating lost in upper face only – lesion proximal to common
carotid artery.
45. Internuclear opthalmoplegia: medial longitudinal fasciculus connects
CN nucleus 34.
Ipsilateral adduction palsy, contralateral nystagmus. Aide
memoire (TRIES TO YANK THE ipsilateral BAD eye ACROSS THE nose ).
Convergence retraction nystagmus, but convergence reflex is normal.
Causes: MS, SLE, Miller fisher, overdose(barb, phenytoin, TCA), Wernicke.
46. Progressive Supranuclear palsy: Steel Richardson. Absent voluntary
downward gaze, normal dolls eye . i.e. Occulomotor nuclei intact,
supranuclear Pathology .

The Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS) Exam

47. Perinauds syndrome: dorsal midbrain syndrome, damaged midrain and
superior colliculus: impaired upgaze (cf PSNP), lid retraction, convergence
preserved. Causes: pineal tumor, stroke, hydrocephalus, MS.
48. demetia, gait abnormaily, urinary incontinence. Absent papilloedema>
Normal pressure hydrocephalus.
49. acute red eye >
acute closed angle glaucoma >> less common (ant
uveitis, scleritis, episcleritis, subconjuntival haemmorrhage).
50. wheeles, URTICARIA , drug induced >
3/5/2017 MRCP part 1 3/5
51. sweats and weight gain >
52. diagnostic test for asthma >
morning dip in PEFR >20%.
53. Causes of SIADH : chest/cerebral/pancreas Pathology , porphyria,
malignancy, Drugs (carbamazepine, chlorpropamide, clofibrate,
atipsychotics, NSAIDs, rifampicin, opiates)
54. Causes of Diabetes Insipidus: Cranial: tumor, infiltration, trauma
Nephrogenic: Lithium, amphoteracin, domeclocycline, prologed
hypercalcaemia/hypornatraemia, FAMILIAL X linked type
55. bisphosphonates:inhibit osteoclast activity, prevent steroid incduced
osteoperosis (vitamin D also).
56.returned from airline flight, TIA>
paradoxical embolus do TOE.
57. alcoholic, given glucose develops nystagmus >
B1 deficiency
(wernickes). Confabulation>
58. monoartropathy
with thiazide >
gout (neg birefringence). NO
ALLOPURINOL for acute.
59. painful 3rd nerve palsy >
posterior communicating artery aneurysm till
proven otherwise
60 late complication of scleroderma >
pumonaryhypertention plus/minus
61. causes of erythema mutliforme: lamotrigine
62. vomiting, abdominal pain, hypothyroidism >
Addisonian crisis (TFT
typically abnormal in this setting DO NOT give thyroxine).
63. mouth/genital ulcers and oligarthritis >
behcets (also eye /SKIN
lesions, DVT)
64. mixed drug overdose most important step >
Nacetylcysteine (time
dependent prognosis)
65. cavernous sinus syndrome 3rd
nerve palsy, proptosis, periorbital
swlling, conj injectn
66. asymetric parkinsons >
likely to be idiopathic
67. Obese, NIDDM female with abnormal LFT’s >
NASH (nonalcoholic
steatotic hepatitis)
68. fluctuating level of conciousness in elderly plus/minus deterioration >
chronic subdural. Can last even longer than 6 months
69. Sensitivity >
TP/(TP plus FN) e.g. For SLE ANA
highly sens,
dsDNA:highly specific
70. RR is 8%. NNT is >
100/8 >
50/4 >
25/2 >

Australian Pharmacy Council

71. ipsilateral ataxia, Horners, contralateral loss pain/temp >
PICA stroke
(lateral medulary syndrome of Wallenburg)
72. renal stones (80% calcium, 10% uric acid, 5% ammonium (proteus),
3% other). Uric acid and cyteine stone are radioluscent.
73. hyperprolactinaemia (allactorrohea, amenorrohea, low FSH/LH) >
antags (metoclopramide, chlorpromazine, cimetidine NOT TCA’s),
pregnancy, PCOS, pit tumor/microadenoma, stress.
74. Distal, asymetric arthropathy >
3/5/2017 MRCP part 1 4/5
75. episodic headache with tachycardia >
76. very raised WCC >
ALWAYS think of leukaemia.

OSPAP qualification

77. Diagnosis of CLL >
immunophenotyping NOT cytogenetics, NOT
bone marrow
78. Prognostic factors for AML >
bm karyotype (good/poor/standard) >>
WCC at diagnosis.
79. pancytopenia with raised MCV >
check B12/folate first (other causes
possble, but do this FIRST). Often associayed with phenytoin use >
decreased folate
80. miscariage, DVT, stroke >
LUPUS anticoagulant >
81. Hb elevated, dec ESR >
polycythaemua (2ndry if paO2 low)
82. anosmia, delayed puberty >
Kallmans syndrome (hypogonadotrophic
83. diag of PKD >
renal US even if think anorexia nervosa
85. commonest finding in G6PD hamolysis >
86. mitral stenosis: loud S1 (soft s1 if severe), opening snap.. Immobile
valve >
no snap.

PEBC Guide to Pharmacist

87. Flank pain, urinalysis:blood, protein >
renal vein thrombosis. Causes:
nephrotic syndrome, RCC, amyloid, acute pyelonephritis, SLE
(atiphospholipid syndrome which is recurrent thrombosis, fetal loss, dec plt.
Usual cause of cns manifestations assoc with LUPUS ancoagulant,
anticardiolipin ab)
88. anaemia in the elderly assume GI malignancy
89. hypothermia, acute renal failure >
rhabdomyolysis (collapse assumed)
90. pain, numbness lateral upper thigh >
meralgia paraesthesia (lat
cutaneous nerve compression usally by by ing ligament)
91. diagnosis of haemochromatosis: screen with Ferritin, confirm by
tranferrin saturation, genotyping. If nondiagnostic do liver biopsy 0.3%
92. 40 mg hidrocortisone divided doses (bd) >
10 mg prednisolone (ie.
Prednislone is x4 stronger)
93. BTS: TB guidlines – close contacts >
Heaf test >
positive CXR,
negative >
repeat Heaf in 6 weeks. Isolation not required.
94. Diptheria >
exudative pharyngitis, lymphadenopathy, cardio and neuro
95. Indurated plaques on cheeks, scarring alopecia, hyperkeratosis over
hair follicles >>
Discoid LUPUS
96. wt loss, malabsoption, inc ALP >
pancreatic cancer
97. foreign travel, tender RUQ, raised ALP >
liver abscess do U/S
98. wt loss, anaemia (macro/micro), no obvious cause >
coeliac (diarrhoea
does NOT have to be present)
99. haematuria, proteinuria, best investigation >
if glomerulonephritis
suspected >
renal biopsy

100. Acromegaly – Diagnosis: OGTT followed by GH conc.
101. Malaria, incubation within 3/12. can be relapsing /remitting. Vivax and
Ovale (West Africa) longer imcubation.
102. Fever, lymphadenopathy, lymphocytosis, pharygitis >
heterophile antibodies
103. GI bleed after endovascular AAA Surgery >
aortoenteric fistula

Pharma Universities in Melbourne MS Pharmacy Australia

Pharma universities in Melbourne Melbourne is one of the most primary and well known places in Australia.  Melbourne stands as the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria.  The city has developed highly and flourished well in terms of availability of various requirements of social life that includes plazas, restaurants, bars, universities, schools, colleges and the list is endless.  It truly depicts the cultural heritage of the people living in Australia.  Since founded on 30 August 1835, this city has developed itself to a greater extend.  To this it has been found that some of Australia’s most well established and more prominent schools, colleges and Universities are based here.  Today we try to look at this aspect in a bit detail in relation to some of the best prominent Pharma Universities.


Pharma being one of the most important fields of learning, there are many Universities in Melbourne which helps Pharma student to get their Pharma degree easily.  Basically these Universities allow those who are willing to do their Bachelor’s, master or PhD on a particular subject.  One of such University available in Melbourne is University of Melbourne.  It helps student to obtain their Bachelor’s degree as well as complete their Master in Pharma.  It has got high repute and is considered to be one of the finest Universities in Australia providing first class learning experience for the students especially when in consideration of studying pharmacy.  Next is the Monash University, Clayton Campus.  This is considered to be one of the finest in imparting pharmacy education to the students after Melbourne University.  It has got one of the finest batches of teachers who impart education of international standards making them to stands apart from rest.  The curriculum in relation to Pharma is excellent and covers wide range of the subject from an overall point of view.  It is the second oldest university in the state of Victoria.  This University four campuses in Australia and one found in Malaysia.  Then there is the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  This campus is purely dedicated to the students of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  This University purely deals with education in relation to Pharmacy, pharmaceutical and area of concern in relation to this.

Pharma Universities in Melbourne MS Pharmacy Australia

Other than those mentioned here, there are different other Universities in Melbourne which provides the scope for the students to their higher studies in relation to Pharma and dedicate their life to this profession.  The most important aspect in relation to this is that most of the Universities have proper curriculum and study materials with learned faculties which maintains a healthy yet a streamline form of education in relation to Pharma and other related field of study.


Pharma is definitely a subject that needs more and more attention and the Universities of Melbourne are working hard for the betterment and improvement of this field of Science.  These Universities maintains a strict curriculum and provides world class curriculum in relation to Pharma.  Here the University allows only students who are willing to do their Bachelor’s or Masters’ degrees.  The amount need to joint the course is very minimal and anybody fulfilling the specific criteria of the University in concern can take up Pharma as a field of study.


According to statistics obtained from different sources, the average pay for a Pharmacist in Australia is AU$32.59 per hour and the average pay for a Pharmacist is around AU$67,960 per year.  Thus anybody who wants to take Pharmacy as a career living in Australia and does not know where to start from, then Melbourne can be the best place to start with.

How to Get Pharmacy Higher Education in Australia?

How to Get Pharmacy Higher Education in Australia?

If your question is How to get pharmacy higher education in Australia? You will get answer here.Getting higher education of a subject of your choice can be pretty easy in Australia.  You need to fulfill at least the minimal criteria that have been particularly mentioned by the Australian Education Ministry.  Providing the same you can easily get your higher education here in Australia.  Now to become a pharmacist in Australia firstly you need to complete a tertiary degree in pharmacy.  The tertiary degree basically means getting a graduate or bachelor degree in minimum.  Bachelor degree from one of the University from Australia or the course that you have past must have proper recognition and approved by the Australian Education Ministry on a whole.  The degree can also be a master degree from Australia or approved by the education ministry as well.  Now once you have simply fulfilled the minimum criteria required then you need to look out for other higher courses involving it.  Today we look at the way to receive higher education in Australia in relation to pharmacy in short and precise way.

There are number of good pharmacy schools in Australia from where you can able to achieve your higher education in pharmacy. First, there is the University of Sydney.  They have the course-offering master of pharmacy program to students for those willing to go with it.  It is a two-year full time program.  Then there is Curtin University, which offers Master degree course in Clinical pharmacy for those who have successfully completed their bachelor degree in the same.  Next comes the University of Queensland, the Griffith University which offers a 18 month full time program for studying pharmacy.  University of Canberra also provides the same.  Now in order to do higher studies with Pharmacy and eventually get a pharmacist degree requires some time.  Now in terms of money that you require in order to study pharmacy is AU$20,000 (US$14,400) to $37,000 (US$26,600) for.  This is obtained from the official government site of Australia.  In order to do higher studies in pharmacy one needs to first earn a undergraduate degree completing his or her secondary examination.  Once it has been obtained, the student is eligible for applying for the bachelor degree course as per the rule laid by the government.  Completing the bachelor degree program would provide the pathway for getting yourself enrolled to the Master Degree Program especially designed for pharama students to do higher studies.  A full completion of the master degree will take up to two years generally.  Now once master degree is completed the government of Australia (the Education Ministry) has programmed a 48 week paid internship.  One needs to complete this in order to earn a repute of pharmacist.  Now in order to complete this full course, ie in order to become a pharmacist and earn a degree in Australia it would require at least six years in total to complete.

How to Get Pharmacy Higher Education in Australia?

How to Get Pharmacy Higher Education in Australia?

Now in order to study with pharmacy getting the right subject combination is very important and essential.  This includes English language, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and a trade subject in total.

Being a pharmacist in Australia can provide you with a handsome income on an overall basis.  The charges are quite decent and the expected income is higher than usually assumed.  According to stats obtained on an average the earning ranges typically between $122,229 and $138,781.  Thus looking at this earning potential, one can simply look out for a higher education in Pharmacy if residing in Australia.  The work not only will provide a good earning potential but also will provide a decent repute in society as well.



SCHOLARSHIP FOR PHARMACY STUDENTS: A scholarship is a programme that backs up the students with the purpose of helping them through financial aid. The findings say it is targeted to the students mostly who want to study at the tertiary level including Universities and colleges. Many learners drop out after passing the 10th or 12th grade because they cannot afford to pay for tertiary studies due to lack of funds. Their dreams are not fulfilled in spite of earning good marks. Although they meet minimum requirements to be admitted to the university the problem remains if they cannot afford their further studies. The scholarship programme is that aid to bridge the gap.

Normally the scholarships are given to those students who fulfill some of the criteria based on the following parameters:

  • Merit-based- Merit Scholarships can be awarded based on fulfilling all the criteria including performance in a particular school subject or even club participation or community service.
  • Need-based- Typically Academic Scholarships use a minimum Grade Point Average or standardized test score such as the ACT or SAT to select awardees.
  • Athletic- based on the athletic performance of a student Athletic Scholarships are generally applicable and used as a tool to recruit high-performing athletes for their school’s athletic teams.
  • Student-specific- For some learners/students, Government and Companies want only them to benefit from these programmes. E.g. – South African citizens are covered by the Scholarship programme in SOUTH AFRICAN countries.

Besides these, Scholarships may rely on criteria of Career-specific, College-specific, Branding Scholarships and Creative Contest Scholarships.


Every year scholarships programmes are offered for pharmacy students at all levels in India as well as internationally. In this article, we have discussed solely the scholarships. This is intended thinking towards the meritorious and needy students who are eligible for earning a scholarship. Here we are naming some of the scholarship programmes offered to Pharmacy students:-

  1. APhA Foundation Student Scholarship
  2. NCPA Foundation Scholarships
  3. Postdoctoral Researcher – Radiopharmacy and Molecular Imaging
  4. Blooms The Chemist – John Sidgreaves Scholarship in Pharmacy
  5. PhD Studentship Basic Bioscience
  6. TMA Pai PhD Scholarships at Manipal University in India
  7. RGU School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences International Bursaries in UK
  8. 4 HDR Scholarships for Domestic and International Students at UTS in Australia

9.      Science Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Strathclyde in UK,

10.  Pharos University Scholarships in Egypt

11.  Finland University of Helsinki Pharmacy Postdoctoral Research Position

12.  Science Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Strathclyde in UK


Not all the costs mentioned below are covered by every scholarship programme as each of them has its own costs allocations.

  1. Transport Fees

Money for transport will be given to him/her if the student is studying outside the campus or stays at a distant place from the campus.

  1. Tuition fees

The money needed by the student to learn from the Institution through lectures, classes, Lab equipment use and smart classes is provided. More or less all the programmes do pay these fees.

  1. Accommodation

Usually, the amount is paid directly to the institution if you are staying inside the campus or hostel, but if you are staying outside the campus money is paid directly into your personal account.

  1. Book Fees

Cost of Study materials including the books, computers, Cell phone, tablets are paid directly to students account.



What are the top US business schools for an MBA education in pharma healthcare?

When you have raise a doubt of where to pursue your MBA or niche specific course probably depends on if you want to pursue MBA education in pharma healthcare or normal MBA. If you want to pursue a pharma career, you would lean more toward the Pharma school rankings, and if not, weigh the business school rankings more heavily.


Creating a MBA ranking is tough because of how varied MBA career paths can be. So here is the answer for the direct question top US business schools for an MBA education especially in pharma healthcare

Wharton/Kellogg/Duke/Columbia are the top four for healthcare MBA programs in the US.

Kellogg – Kellogg School of Management
Duke-Duke’s Fuqua School of Business Health Sector Management


Top US business schools for an MBA education in pharma healthcare

A successful career in the pharmaceutical world demands both fundamental business skills and in-depth pharmaceutical knowledge. The USP MBA program provides both. The USP MBA program is unique in that every course offered is taught within the context of the healthcare field. Students learn how to predict global healthcare trends, develop pharmaceutical product strategies, do pharmaceutical marketing, understand the research and development process from drug discovery through clinical testing, analyze and interpret healthcare regulatory practices and public health policies, and apply strategic and creative thinking to challenges that are unique to the pharmaceutical industry. In addition the USP MBA program stresses the competencies that are critical to career success in the modern healthcare field: critical thinking, analytical assessment, presentation skills, and cultural astuteness.

You may choose to pursue an MBA in one of three batches:
1) evening track,
2) executive (or weekend) track
3) online.

Wharton/Duke would probably top the list.

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List of US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program – United States

List of US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program - United States

Hello buddies. Here we present List of US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program in United States of America. This list will definitely help you to have a closer and prompt look at the colleges and universities offering you PharmD course. 

Pharm.D. Degree Programs.. You can see here te list of Institution and Location name.

List of US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program - United States

US Universities offering Pharm.D. Degree Program – United States:

  • Auburn AL
  • Samford AL
  • Midwestern–Glendale AZ
  • Arizona AZ
  • Harding AR
  • Arkansas AR
  • California Northstate CA
  • Loma Linda CA
  • Touro–California CA f
  • California–San Diego CA
  • California–San
  • Francisco CA
  • Pacific CA
  • Southern California CA
  • Western CA
  • Regis CO
  • Colorado CO
  • Connecticut CT
  • Howard DC
  • Florida A&M FL
  • Nova Southeastern FL
  • Palm Beach Atlantic FL
  • Florida FL
  • Mercer GA
  • South GA
  • Georgia GA
  • Hawaii HI
  • Idaho State ID
  • Chicago State IL
  • Midwestern–Chicago IL
  • Southern Illinois IL
  • Illinois–Chicago IL
  • Butler IN
  • Purdue IN
  • Drake IA g
  • Iowa IA
  • Kansas KS
  • Sullivan KY   h
  • Kentucky KY
  • Louisiana–Monroe LA
  • Xavier LA
  • Husson ME
  • New England ME
  • Notre Dame MD
  • Maryland MD
  • Massachusetts–Boston MA  i
  • Massachusetts–
  • Worcester MA j
  • Northeastern MA
  • Ferris State MI
  • Michigan MI
  • Wayne State MI
  • Minnesota MN
  • Mississippi MS  k
  • Louis MO
  • Missouri–Kansas City MO
  • Montana MT
  • Creighton NE
  • Nebraska NE
  • Southern Nevada NV
  • Rutgers NJ
  • New Mexico NM
  • A&M Schwartz NY
  • John Fisher NY
  • John’s NY
  • Touro–New York NY
  • Buffalo NY
  • Albany NY
  • Campbell NC
  • North Carolina NC
  • Wingate NC
  • North Dakota State ND
  • Northeastern Ohio OH
  • Ohio Northern OH
  • Ohio State OH
  • Cincinnati OH
  • Findlay OH
  • Toledo OH  l
  • SW Oklahoma OK
  • Oklahoma OK
  • Oregon State OR
  • Pacific–Oregon OR  m
  • Duquesne PA n
  • Lake Erie PA
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Temple PA
  • Thomas Jefferson PA
  • Pittsburgh PA
  • Table 1 (continued)
  • Wilkes PA
  • Puerto Rico PR
  • Rhode Island RI
  • South Carolinao SC
  • South Dakota State SD
  • Belmont TN
  • East Tennessee State TN
  • Lipscomb TN
  • Union TN
  • Tennessee TN
  • Texas A&M Kingsville TX
  • Texas Southern TX
  • Texas Tech TX
  • Houston TX p
  • Incarnate Word TX
  • Texas–Austin TX p
  • Utah UT
  • Hampton VA
  • Shenandoah VA
  • Appalachian VA
  • Virginia
  • Commonwealth VA
  • Washington WA
  • Washington State WA
  • Charleston WV
  • West Virginia WV
  • Wisconsin WI
  • Wyoming WY
  • Lebanese American L

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Which Countries Offer Best Salaries 4 Pharmacy Graduates? – Pharma Scope

Which countries offer Best salaries for Pharmacy Graduates? - Pharma Scope

Why do you want to know which countries will offer best salaries for pharmacy graduates? or which one pays you well? Pharmacy is one of the best and popular courses in the field of medicine. Besides the popularity, this course has plethora of opportunities and several career openings. The students who are pretty much interested towards Pharmacy and other medicine related courses, they can simply join in either 4-year Bachelor program or 2 year Diploma program in Pharmacy. Just like the Engineering and Medicine course, the students can pursue a 6 year Post Graduation in the stream of Pharmacy.

Do you know which countries will offer best salaries for pharmacy graduates?

Which countries offer Best salaries for Pharmacy Graduates? - Pharma Scope

Top Country for Pharma- 1

US is indeed the best but you must have a masters in pharmacy to ensure a big paycheck. You will be absorbed by universities or big pharma companies’ R&D which will provide you a great exposure.

Also, since most of these companies are MNCs, they can relocate you to different R&D centers. Try to do a masters first and go for it you are able to secure a seat in a good university in US.

Many people of different department are at big positions in pharma industry now after completing their masters.

Top Country for Pharmacy 2

United Kingdom is the second best country which pays you well if you are a Pharma Grad.

Top Country Pharmaceutical Industry 3

Canada is not only the best place to live with a chilled climatic conditions but it is one of the best place for a pharmacy graduate to take up their job to get paid well.

Many people are very happy with this profession and try to get a challenging job which pays them well. And not only this but it gives an immense satisfaction when you do the work. Let me give a great reason why to take up this wonderful profession. It’s a big secret. It opens a wide golden gate to all the people who want to innovate some thing in their lives with the Research and development department with huge salaries and AID. Choose best country to earn a handsome amount in pharmaceutical department.

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Pharmacy Technician Schools – Pharmacy Tech School

Pharmacy Technician Schools

Do you know Why to go to Pharmacy Technician Schools? Like the rest of the health care industry, the market for pharmacy technicians is expected to increase substantially in coming years. Employment of pharmacy technicians is projected to grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024. The population is aging, and older people typically use more prescription medicines than younger people. Higher rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes among all age groups also will lead to increased demand for prescription medications. Advances in pharmaceutical research will allow for more prescription medications to be used to fight diseases.

You need to prepare yourself for a career in this growing field through Pharmacy Technician Schools. Its Pharmacy Technician career training program is offered at different universities and schools across the country. Most diploma programs are designed to be completed in less than a year.


You need to get into get into one of the best Pharmacy Technician Schools to get both the education and practical hands-on training to function as a competent entry-level pharmacy technician to licensed pharmacists in a variety of health care settings.

Pharmacy technicians once traditionally learned on the job, but stricter employer standards and NHA certification requirements have given rise to more formal training programs.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Pharmacy Technician?

Two years or Four years.

Coursework covers technical and practical training in the following areas:

  1. Pharmacy law
  2. Pharmacology
  3. Pharmacy ethics
  4. Anatomy
  5. Healthcare systems
  6. PhysiologyMedical terminology
  7. Pharmaceutical calculations

How Long Is Pharmacy Tech School?

Certificate and associate degree programs are common, but because no states and certification organizations currently require pharmacy techs to earn bachelor’s degrees, baccalaureate programs at 4-year universities are tailored more with the future pharmacist in mind. Postsecondary certificates in pharmacy technology are the most prevalent training path pharmacy technician schools offer, reports the BLS. These targeted, entry-level programs require less than one year of study and establish basic knowledge and skills with minimal general education coursework. Associate degrees, by contrast, require up to two years of study and include a balance of core and general education coursework, especially in science and math. Most pharmacy technician schools offer Associate of Applied Science, or AAS, degrees in pharmacy technology.


There are great reasons for growth of PHARMACY TECHNICIAN profession. The reasons are.
The population is aging, and older people tend to use more prescription medications than younger people.
Higher rates of chronic disease like diabetes among all age groups will lead to an increased demand for prescription medications.
Advances in pharmaceutical research means more prescription medications will be used to fight diseases.

 Pharmacy Technician Schools

What does a Pharmacy Technician do?

Pharmacies are run by licensed pharmacists who’ve undergone many years of education and training. But pharmacy assistants often do much of the routine day-to-day work of operating a pharmacy. Also known as pharmacy technicians or pharm techs, pharmacy assistants perform many of the tasks associated with pharmacy operations. Typical responsibilities include:

  1. Taking incoming prescription orders
  2. Filling prescriptions
  3. Instructing customers on the proper use of their prescription medications
  4. Processing payments and insurance claims
  5. Filling out regulatory paperwork
  6. Read, verify and manage patient prescription requests.
  7. Properly dose and fill prescription orders .
  8. Use and maintain laboratory equipment and tools.
  9. Store prescription and over-the-counter medications properly.
  10. Track inventories Maintain a safe, sanitary environment.
  11. Find, review and relay drug safety information, including potential interactions.
  12. Keep records in accordance with patients’ privacy rights.
  13. Communicate with pharmacists, insurance companies, patients and healthcare providers.
  14. Bill and collect payment for prescription orders

Pharmacy Technician Schools – Pharmacy Tech School

Pharmacy Technician Schools List:

  1. Central Arizona College
  2. Florida State College
  3. Gulf Coast State College
  4. Robert Morris University Illinois
  5. University of Alaska at Anchorage
  6. Vincennes University

Pharmacy Technician Salaries:

Demand for pharmacy technicians is expected to remain high for the next decade, making this career path potentially rewarding for those who wish to work in a pharmacy.
Median Salary:$29,320
Median Hourly: $14.10