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Blood & Immunity

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1. How many blood coagulation factors are known?

a. 11

b. 12




2. Blood coagulation factor IX is

a. Calcium ions

b. Proaccelerin

c. Hageman’s factor

d. Christmas factor


3. Which one of the following blood coagulation factors does not exist?

a. Factor V

b. Factor VI

c. Factor IV

d. Factor VIII


4. The percentage of blood volume occupied by RBC is known as

a. Differential Blood Count

b.  Hematocrit

c.  Differential erythrocyte count

d. None of the above


5. Identify the wrong statement about intrinsic pathway of blood coagulation

i. The factors responsible for the onset of this pathway are present within the blood

ii. It occurs rapidly within seconds

iii. It ends with the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin

iv. The first step in this pathway is the activation of platelets as they come in contact with the exposed collagen fibers of damaged endothelial cells

a. i and iii         b. iii and iv       c. only ii           d. ii and iii


6. Which of the following is/are not an example of MALT

i. Tonsils

ii. Peyer’s patches

iii. Red pulp of spleen

iv. Nodes of Ranvier

a. i       b. ii      c. i and iv         d. iii and iv


7.  A typical ECG shows the following

i. P wave, QRS complex, T wave, PQ segment, QT segment, ST interval

ii. P wave, QRS complex, T elevation, PQ interval, QT interval and ST segment

iii. P wave, QRS complex, T wave, PQ interval, QT interval and ST segment

iv. P elevation, QRS wave, T elevation, PQ segment, QT interval and ST interval


8. The injectable formulation E-mal, marketed in India by Themis medicare, Mumbai contains a new drug which was developed by one of the following research institutes in India

a. CIMAP – Lucknow

b. CDRI – Lucknow

c. NIPER – S.A.S Nagar

d. NCL – Pune


9. The headquarters of WIPO are located at

a. Geneva, Switzerland

b. Copenhagen, Denmark

c. Belfast, Ireland

d. Washington D.C, USA


10. Identify the heterocyclic ring(s) present in Fluoxetine

i.  Quinoxaline

ii. Quinazoline

iii. Morpholine

iv. None of the above




2. d. Christmas factor

3. b. Factor VI

4. b.  Hematocrit

5. d. ii and iii

6.    d. iii and iv

7. iii. P wave, QRS complex, T wave, PQ interval, QT interval and ST segment

8. b. CDRI – Lucknow

9. a. Geneva, Switzerland

10. iv. None of the above


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