NIPER JEE 2012 (syllabus) updated: 07/06/12 !!!

NIPER JEE Syllabus

 (There is NO OFFICIAL syllabus provided for NIPER-JEE exam, but things outside this are rarely asked)

 Natural Products:


  1. In natural products more stress should be given on phytochemistry part rather than biological aspects but you should know about biological sources and chemical constituents of important ones.


  1. Methods of extraction, isolation and characterization of natural products. Various separation techniques used for isolation of natural products.


  1. Biosynthetic pathways.


  1. Primary metabolites, their examples.


  1. Secondary metabolites, various classes of secondary metabolites – Here most important part is chemistry of these classes. (e.g. Alkaloids, glycosides, tannins, lignans, saponins, lipids, flavonoids, coumarins, anthocyanidines etc).


  1. Important therapeutic classes: antidiabetics, hepatoprotectives, immmunomodulators, neutraceuticals, natural products for gynecological disorders, anti-cancer, anti-viral (mainly anti-HIV), adaptogens etc. dietary antioxidants, marine natural products, plant growth regulators.


  1. Standardization of natural products.


  1. What is difference between natural products and pharmacognosy?


  1. Some knowledge about types and preparation of ayurvedic formulations like asava, arista etc.


  1. Stereochemistry and spectroscopy applied to some phytochemical constituents/ pure natural products- NMR, IR. Stereochemistry: Fischer, Sawhorse and Newman projection formulae.


For various therapeutic classes: Trease and Evans

For spectroscopy: Silverstein, Pavia, Kemp

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