National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research – Joint Entrance Examination for admission into the M.Pharm courses at various NIPERs


Because NIPER-JEE question papers are not given to the test takers it is difficult rather impossible to give you the entire paper as it is. However with [...]

Notes on Pharmacy related softwares for NIPER JEE preparation

 Useful softwares: May be asked as questions in NIPER JEE Chem Office / Chem Draw ultra: It is used to draw the structures of drug molecules in 2D and then [...]

NIPER JEE – Mnemonics for drugs

Mnemonics for easily remembering drugs and their adverse effects Steroids side effects: BECLOMETHASONE: Buffalo hump Easy [...]

Test Organisms for Microbiological Assay of Antibiotics

Test Organisms for Microbiological Assay of Antibiotics Antibiotic Test Organism ATCC No. NCTC No. (NCIB No.) Amikacin Staphylococcus [...]

NIPER JEE 2012 (syllabus) updated: 07/06/12 !!!

NIPER JEE Syllabus  (There is NO OFFICIAL syllabus provided for NIPER-JEE exam, but things outside this are rarely asked)  Natural Products:   In [...]

FDA Approved and Recalled drugs from Jan 2012 to May 2012

FDA-Approved Drugs in 2012 Dermatology/Plastic Surgery Sklice (ivermectin) lotion; Sanofi Pasteur; For the treatment of head lice, Approved February [...]

FDA Approved and Recalled drugs from May 2011 to Dec 2011

FDA-Approved Drugs in 2011 Cardiology/Vascular Diseases Brilinta (ticagrelor); AstraZeneca; For the reduction of thrombotic events in patients with acute [...]