Role of Medical Representative – PPT PDF – Interview Special

Primary roles & responsibilities of Medical Representative include:

Primary roles & responsibilities of Medical Representative include:

  1. Organising appointments and meetings with Doctors
  2. Writing reports and other documents regarding the assigned Formulations
  3. Identifying and establishing new business leads
  4. Getting feedback on the product and Marketing the Feedback
  5. Company Representation
  6. Introducing the product in the market
  7. Promotion of Pharma products
  8. Achieving sales target
  9. Organizing conferences and meetings
  10. Reviewing sales performance during week and month
  11. Negotiating contracts
  12. demonstrating or presenting products to healthcare staff including doctors, nurses and pharmacists
  13. Attending  trade exhibitions, conferences and meetings
  14. managing budgets
  15. Perfect knowledge on
  16. Patient Population
    » Provider of healthcare services
    » Prescriber of medicines/ treatment
    » Product provider/ seller
    » Payer


What are Key Skills of a Professional Medical Representative:

  1. Perfect sales men
  2. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.
  3. Excellent communication skills
  4. Dedicated and target-oriented.
  5. Disciplined and punctual.
  6. hard working.
  7. Precise Decision making skills
  8. Self-motivated.
  9. Great presentation skills
  10. Deep product knowledge
  11. Ability to work under pressure
  12. Strong Medical Knowledge


What are the organization expectations from the doctors through Medical Representative Work

  • x To generate and increase good numbers of prescription.
  • x To generate and increase good numbers of prescriber base.
  • x Brand establishment.
  • x Satisfying customers need and developing Loyal Customers.
  • x Growth in sales.
  • x To establish the company as well as product image at market place.
  • x Profitability and
  • x Service to human welfare.

What are the expectations from the Pharma companies by doctors? Every Medical representative must know

Scientific Information and Educations
Quality products
Solution to their Patients problems
Patients’ benefits
Regular visits by Medical representatives and senior managers
Satisfying their needs or Sponsorship

Pharmaceutical Promotional Methods:

The promotional methods in pharmaceutical marketing includes personal selling, advertising, sales promotion and publicity. These can be further segmented for the purpose of better understanding,
(i) Personal Selling: Medical sales representative or Medical representatives detail the company’s product to doctors, with the help of visual aids, leave- behind-literature, product monographs, samples, gifts, etc. which are the most important elements of pharmaceuticals promotion.
(ii) Advertising: Preparation of visual aids, leave-behind-literature, product monographs to assist medical sales representatives in their detailing efforts, and advertising their products in specialized media like medical journals and souvenirs, seminars and medical symposia and mailers for doctor.
(iii) Sales Promotion: Deciding on special bonus offers, free samples, gifts and sponsorship.
(iv) Publicity: Organizing medical symposia and seminars, conducting clinical trials, conducting exhibitions, designing and executing product publicity campaigns for truly innovative products.

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