SCHOLARSHIP FOR PHARMACY STUDENTS: A scholarship is a programme that backs up the students with the purpose of helping them through financial aid. The findings say it is targeted to the students mostly who want to study at the tertiary level including Universities and colleges. Many learners drop out after passing the 10th or 12th grade because they cannot afford to pay for tertiary studies due to lack of funds. Their dreams are not fulfilled in spite of earning good marks. Although they meet minimum requirements to be admitted to the university the problem remains if they cannot afford their further studies. The scholarship programme is that aid to bridge the gap.

Normally the scholarships are given to those students who fulfill some of the criteria based on the following parameters:

  • Merit-based- Merit Scholarships can be awarded based on fulfilling all the criteria including performance in a particular school subject or even club participation or community service.
  • Need-based- Typically Academic Scholarships use a minimum Grade Point Average or standardized test score such as the ACT or SAT to select awardees.
  • Athletic- based on the athletic performance of a student Athletic Scholarships are generally applicable and used as a tool to recruit high-performing athletes for their school’s athletic teams.
  • Student-specific- For some learners/students, Government and Companies want only them to benefit from these programmes. E.g. – South African citizens are covered by the Scholarship programme in SOUTH AFRICAN countries.

Besides these, Scholarships may rely on criteria of Career-specific, College-specific, Branding Scholarships and Creative Contest Scholarships.


Every year scholarships programmes are offered for pharmacy students at all levels in India as well as internationally. In this article, we have discussed solely the scholarships. This is intended thinking towards the meritorious and needy students who are eligible for earning a scholarship. Here we are naming some of the scholarship programmes offered to Pharmacy students:-

  1. APhA Foundation Student Scholarship
  2. NCPA Foundation Scholarships
  3. Postdoctoral Researcher – Radiopharmacy and Molecular Imaging
  4. Blooms The Chemist – John Sidgreaves Scholarship in Pharmacy
  5. PhD Studentship Basic Bioscience
  6. TMA Pai PhD Scholarships at Manipal University in India
  7. RGU School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences International Bursaries in UK
  8. 4 HDR Scholarships for Domestic and International Students at UTS in Australia

9.      Science Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Strathclyde in UK,

10.  Pharos University Scholarships in Egypt

11.  Finland University of Helsinki Pharmacy Postdoctoral Research Position

12.  Science Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Strathclyde in UK


Not all the costs mentioned below are covered by every scholarship programme as each of them has its own costs allocations.

  1. Transport Fees

Money for transport will be given to him/her if the student is studying outside the campus or stays at a distant place from the campus.

  1. Tuition fees

The money needed by the student to learn from the Institution through lectures, classes, Lab equipment use and smart classes is provided. More or less all the programmes do pay these fees.

  1. Accommodation

Usually, the amount is paid directly to the institution if you are staying inside the campus or hostel, but if you are staying outside the campus money is paid directly into your personal account.

  1. Book Fees

Cost of Study materials including the books, computers, Cell phone, tablets are paid directly to students account.

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