UGC Indexed Journals Approved Care List PDF

Here we present UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION approved and indexed Journals which are called UGC Care list. Pharmacy UGC Journals New Updated journals with high impact factor. The cost for these journals might be different some might be low cost and some can be at a higher end. 2020 2021. Pharmacy UGC approved journals need to be first verified before you contact them in the official website of University Grants Commission.  

UGC indexed journals – Approved List

  • Pharma Science UNIV Science Pharma Science Monitor
  • journal of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy UNIV Science Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd 22296921 India
  • Int J Ayu Pharm Chem (IJAPC) UNIV Science Green Tree Group
  • American Journal of Pharmacological Sciences UNIV Science Science and Education Publishing Co. Ltd 23276711 2327672 United States
  • Bulletin of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University UNIV Science Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University 1110093 Egypt
  • Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences UNIV Science Rajeev K Singla, Ed.& Pub. 22491023 India
  • Pharmacophore An International Research Journal UNIV Science Jadoun Science Publishing Group 22295402 India
  • International journal of Medicinal Chemistry UNIV Science Hindawi 20902069 20902077 India
  • Tuberculosis Research and Treatment UNIV Science Hindawi, US 2090150x Egypt 44575
  • Open Pharmaceutical Sciences Journal UNIV Science Bentham Open 18748449 U.A.E
  • Journal of Pharmacognosy &Phytochemistry UNIV Science Society of Pharmacognosy and
  • Phytochemistry 23498234 22784136 India
  • Functional Foods in Health and Disease UNIV Science Functional Food Center, Inc. 21603855 United States
  • UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION approved and indexed Journals pdf
  • Current Pharma Research UNIV Science Unicorn Publications, India 22307842 India Inventi Rapid Molecular Pharmacology
  • Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics UNIV Multidisciplinary Society of Pharmaceutical Technocrats 22501177 IndiaUNIV Science Inventi Journals Pvt. Ltd 22294171 09763856 India
  • Journal of New Results in Science UNIV Science Gaziosmanpasa University 13047981 Turkey
  • Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology UNIV Science Bentham Science Publishers Ltd 22117393 U.A.E
  • The Pharma Innovation Journal UNIV Science AkiNik Publications,AkiNik Publications India
  • International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences UNIV Science Jayapal Reddy Gangadi, Ed. & Pub. 22307605 India
  • journal of Pharmasceutical and scientific innovation UNIV Science Moksha Publication 22774572 India
  • Research Journal of Life Sciences, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences (RJLBPCS)UNIV Science Jaysingpur India
  • International Research Journal of Humanities, Engineering & Pharmaceutical Sciences, UNIV Social Science Gayatri Publications India
  • Journal of Pharmaceutical ,Chemical and Biological Sciences UNIV Science : India
  • Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Biochemical Research UNIV Science Dr Bharat Parashar 22312560 India
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological UNIV Science Mandsaur Institute of Pharmacy 09763333 India
  • Pharmaceutical Methods UNIV Science Phcog.Net India
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutical investigation UNIV Science Medknow Publication and media pvt. Ltd 2230973 India
  • Asian Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology UNIV Science Pharmaceutical research information group 24552674 India
  • International journal of Pharmaceutical Research UNIV Science Association of Indian Pharmacist 09752366 India
  • Medicines, Ethics and Practice UGC Science Royal Pharmaceutical Society United Kingdom
  • International Journal of Bio Pharma Research UNIV Science International journal of biopharma and research 22876898 India
  • Future journal of pharmaceutical sciences UNIV Science Elsevier 23147245 United Kingdom
  • Journal Biosciences and Technology UNIV Science Pharma Info Publications 09760172 India
  • International Journal Pharmacology, phytochemistry and ethnomedicine UNIV Science Scipress 22976922 22976922 Switzerla
  • Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences UNIV Science Uptodate Research Publications, India 23497106 India

UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION approved and indexed Journals pdf

UGC care list of journals pdf will be provided here soon. Updated journals list 2020 to publish Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmaceutical chemistry.

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