List of B.Pharmacy & M. Pharmacy Projects to be done as a part of academic curriculum. Topics and ideas for project work of Pharmacy students are here today for you to help you a little bit in your academics to excel. When you are new to take up B.Pharm & M. Pharm project work we can say research work we are here today to help you choosing project title and topic. Topics for project in Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy for B.Pharmacy & M. Pharmacy students in masters and bachelors final year. These Topics for project in Pharmacy for B.Pharmacy & M. Pharmacy will be of great help for the students who are going for the second year of master’s of pharmacy and also for the final year B.Pharmacy students.

B.Pharmacy & M. Pharmacy Projects topics

An important rule for Drug selection for M.pharm Project- Lipinski’s Rule of five

How do you select a Drug for your M.pharm / Ph.D project based on Lipinski's rule? Selection of drug for M.Pharm / Ph.D projects is a very tough task. Getting [...]