Drug Inspector Exam – Recruitment of DI Post – Notification of Food & Drug Inspector

Drug Inspector Exam – Recruitment of DI Post

Online applications are invited from candidates for Drug Inspector by Food & Drug Administration department for given vacancies. Candidates after submitting their applications through On-Line shall send photocopies of their all academic/required documents regarding their claims along with print out of On-Line application form within 21 days from the last date of submitting the applications on the working day through registered/Speed Post or Personally in the office of the Commission. For this purpose the candidates are advised to download address slip from Commission’s website and to paste it on the envelope containing documents. In Absence of required relevant documents/records, the claims made by the candidates shall not be tenable and relevant documents/records received after due date in the office of the Commission will not be accepted.

Drug Inspector Exam – Recruitment of DI Post - Notification of Food & Drug Inspector

Post: Drug Inspector – 91 posts

No. of posts of Drug Inspector Exam:

Unreserved: 38 posts

ST: 30 posts

SC: 11 posts

OBC: 12 posts

Education for Drug Inspector Exam:

A person who is appointed as inspector under the Act shall be a person who has Degree in pharmacy or Pharmaceuticals Sciences or Medicine with specialization in Clinical Pharmacology or Microbiology from a University established in India by law.

Nature of Post for Drug Inspector Exam :

Gazetted/Temporary and 2 years of probation period.

Essential Qualification for Drug Inspector Exam:

A candidate for direct recruitment to the post of Drugs Inspector must possess the following qualifications:- (i) Degree in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences or Medicine with specialization in Clinical Pharmacology or Microbiology or equivalent from a recognized University;

(ii) (a) Eighteen Month’s Experience in the manufacture of at least one of the substances specified in Schedule ‘C’ to the Drug and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, Or (b) Eighteen Month’s Experience in testing of at least one of the substances specified in Schedule ‘C’ to the Drug and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, in a laboratory approved for this purpose by the licensing authority, or (c) Three year’s experience in the inspection of firms manufacturing any of the substances specified in Schedule ‘C’ to the Drug and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 during the tenure of their services as Drug Inspector of any State Government or Central Government.

Preferential Qualification- Other things being equal, such candidates shall be given preferences in the matter of direct recruitment- (1) Who has served in the territorial army for minimum period of two years. or (2) Who has obtained a “B” certificate of National cadet corps.

Exam Fee for Drug Inspector Exam:

UR: 450

OBC: 350

SC/ST/handicapped: 300

Age limit for Drug Inspector Exam:

Min 21 years and Max 30 years

Age limit will be flexible for resident of chhattisgarh as per notice from general administration department.

Candidates will be selected by merit through exam.

Any applications to improve any error will not accepted by online or offline medium. Exam results will be declared on basis of answers in OMR answer sheet. Exams results will be declared on basis of category, class, date of birth. No applications will be accepted for eroor improvement before or after exam results.

Age Limit- 21 to 40 years (upper age limit for reserved category candidates shall be relaxable as per rules).

Important directions for Drug Inspector Exam:

Candidates must ensure that they have all certificates of their claim about age, Essential Qualification, experience certificate issued by authorised officer, no objection certificate (If in Govt. service.) and prescribed certificate for reservation and U.P. Domicile certificate from father side for the woman candidates at the time of applying the application form.

Online Application Fee for Drug Inspector Exam:

In the ON-LINE Application process, after completing the procedure of first stage, category wise prescribed fee is to be deposited as per instructions provided in second stage. The prescribed fee for different categories is as under:-

Unreserved (General)   Exam fee ` 80/-+ On-line processing fee 25/-   

Total = 105/-

Other Backward Class Exam fee ` 80/-+ On-line processing fee 25/-    

Total = 105/-

Scheduled Caste-Exam fee ` 40/-  + On-line processing fee 25/-    

Total =  65/-

Scheduled Tribe  Exam fee40/-  + On-line processing fee25/-    

Total =65/-

Handicapped – Exam fee NIL  + On-line processing fee  25/- Total= 25/-

Rules for Drug Inspector Exam: Notification Syllabus PDF

  1. Following candidates are not eligible
  2. Male candidates who have more than one spouse alive and same way female candidates who have married to man whose first spouse is alive. In such matters government has rights to take decisions.
  3. Those who are not fit physically and mentally
  4. Those who married before minimum age for marriage
  5. Any candidates, who have two or more living child and out of which one born after 26 Jan 2001, are not eligible.
  1. It will be responsibility of candidates to check for all eligibility criterias. Means, Candidate should check out for all rules and eligibility before applying for posts. At any point of time during selection, if candidate found uneligible then candidature will be terminated.

Example Questions for DI examination: DRUG INSPECTOR EXAM

1. P wave of ECG is the result of

1. Atrial depolarization 2. Atrial repolarization
3. Ventricular depolarization
4. Ventricular repolarization

2. Incompatible blood transfusion can result in

1. Hypovolemic shock 2 Anaphylactic shock
3. Cardiogenic shock 4. Obstructive shock

3. Sucralftate is used in the treatment of
1. Vomit 2. Constipation
3. Duodenal ulcer 4. Diarrhoea

4. Which property of chlorpromazine is responsible for its antipsychotic effect ?
1. Antidopaminergic 2. Antimuscarinic
3. A adrenoreceptor blocking
4. Anti 5-HT property

5. The prescription starts with the symbol Rx, means
1. Send 2. Prescribe
3. Take thou 4. Prepare

6. Which type of prescription should contain the age of the patient ?
1. Prescription for a child
2. Prescription containing special formula
3. Prescription containing patient medicament
4. Prescription for elderly patient

7. The plasma substitute, dextran is a homo polymer of glucose, which is produced by
1. Polymerization of glucose
2. Chemical modification of starch
3. Chemical modification of cellulose
4. By growing the organism leuconostoc mesenteroides in sucrose containing medium

8. Mot acceptable absorbable hemostat is
1. Human fibrin foam 2. Gelatin sponge
3. Oxidized cellulose 4. Calcium alginate

9. Bacteria which can derive their nutritional requirements and energy from simple inorganic
source are called

1. Autotrophic 2. Heterotrophic
3. Parasite 4. Saprophyte

10. Ziehl Neelsen’s method is used to identify
1. Acid fast bacteria 2. Gram positive bacteria
3. Spores 4. Flagella


11. Which of the following is broad spectrum anthelmintic ?
1. Mebendazole 2. Piperazine
3. Diethylcarbamazine 4. Chloroquine


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