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Mnemonics for Blood coagulation factors

Mnemonic for remembering Blood coagulation factors


1. Remember  factor XIII is Fibrin Stabilizing factor

2. For the remaining 11 factors, memorize this sentence:

Firdous,  Prothima ,Tina Called Lalith ,Proveen, Anthony ,Chris and Stuart to Play and Have fun

3. You can decode the sentence by remembering that some of the starting letters indicate the name of a particular factor as given below in bold.

Firdous = Fibrinogen = Factor I

Prothima =  Prothrombin = Factor II

Tina = Tissue factor or Thrombolplastin = Factor III

Called = Calcium ions = Factor IV

Lalith = Labile factor or Proaccelerin = Factor V

There is no factor VI !!!

Proveen = Proconvertin = factor VII ( To remove the confusion remember factor V as Labile factor and factor VII as Proconvertin)

Anthony = Antihemophilic factor = factor VIII

Chris = Chirstmas factor = factor IX

Stuart = Stuart factor = factor X

Play = PTA= Plasma Thromboplastin Antecedent

Have fun = Hageman’s factor


This code may not be up to the mark but definitely helps to memorize the factors. If anyone has a better modification then please share with Team Pharmawiki!!!




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