NIPER booster 4

1.  Identify the wrong statement about Tragacanth

a. Water soluble portion of Tragacanth is called Tragacanthin

b. Water insoluble portion is called Bassorin

c. Best grades of Tragacanth contain high amount of Tragacanthin

d.  The source of Indian Tragacanth is Sterculia urens.


2. Identify the correct statement about Hypericin       

a. Anthraquinone found in St. Anthony’s fire

b. Phloroglucinol derivative found in St. John’s wort

c. Flavanone glycoside found in St. Anthony’s fire

d.  Anthraquinone found in St. John’s wort


3. The first biflavonoid to be isolated was    

a. Scutallerin

b. Gingetin

c. Amentoflavone

d. Casticin


4. Dinoprostone is a

a.Synthetic preparation of PGE

b. Semi-synthetic preparation of  PGF2α 

c. Synthetic preparation of  PGE2

D. Synthetic preparation of  PGE3



5. The 50th element in the periodic table is

a. Fermium

b. Tin

c. Mendleevium

d. Argon


6.   The source of Bleomycins is

a. Streptococcus verticillius

b. Staphylococcus faradiae

c. Bleomyces unimyces

d. Bleomyces thermophillus


7.  The pink colour of calamine is due to

a. The presence of Ferric chloride

b. The presence of Ferric oxide

c. The presence of Titanium dioxide

d. The presence of Ferrous oxide


8. Plasma Impulse Chemical Vapor Deposition is

a. Method of testing the stability of Type II glass containers

b. Method of coating tablets for extended release

c. Method of coating Type I glass vials

d. Method of testing the alkali resistance of Type III glass containers



9.  Hirsutism and Gum hypertrophy are the two prominent adverse effects of

a. Carbamazepine

b. Phenytoin

c. Ethosuximide

d. Lamotrigine


10.  Identify the correct combination for obtaining optimal synergy in case of Cotrimoxazole

a. Dose ratio of 20:1 and Plasma concentration 5:1 ( Sulfamethoxazole : Trimethoprim)

b. Dose ratio of 3:2 and Plasm concentration of 20:1 ( Trimethoprim : Sulfamethoxazole)

c. Dose ratio of 5:1 and Plasma concentration of 20:1 ( Sulfamethoxazole : Trimethoprim)

d. Dose ratio of 20:1 and Plasma concentration of 5:1 ( Trimethoprim : Sulfamethoxazole)


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