Tablet Making Machine India – Cost Price Manual

Tablet Making Machine

In today’s date “tablets” h0old an essential part of our life.  Most of us consume tablets everyday be it a teenager, middle aged or an old man.  Now consumption of tablets has become a part of our life for most of us if not all.  Looking back at the process of making tablets in the Industry, it is a typical process and passes through certain phases before it is completely done and sealed pack for selling.  Today we will be hereby discussing how tablets making machine is helping to make tablets in short and a precise way.

Tablet Making Machine India – Cost Price Manual

The process

The tablet making machine is generally known as the Tablet Press and consists of two different types mainly.  One is known as the single-punch and another is called the rotary tablet presses.  The punches and dies used for making tablets come in different variety of sizes, shapes, designs and can be easily customized according to need and generally is manufactured with manufacturer codes and scoring lines which makes it more easier for the user to break the tablet at once.  Now depending on the size, shape, material and configuration of the press, the machine (press) can produce from around 250,000 to over 1,000,000 tablets an hour on a general basis as per stats obtained from various production houses.  Now speaking about its mechanism, tablet presses work in a very high speed and takes the form of a rotating turret.  It simply holds number of punches as customized before production.  Once it starts to rotate around the turret, the punches come close in contact with the cams in use and control the punches in a vertical position for the tablets to get manufactured.

The tablet press that we are speaking of here has a simple mechanism to work with.  The main objective of the machine or device is to compresses powder into tablets which comes out in a uniform manner in terms of shape, size and weight as per the requirement of the production house.  The press has got a high potential and generally used to manufacture tablets of different types in conjunction to the variety of materials used.  This can include illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products and cosmetics as well.  The granulated material in order to be given a proper shape into a tablet is firstly metered into a cavity form.  This is done by the use of two punches and a die.  Once this is done, the punches are pressed together with great force.  This in return fuses the materials together giving a shape of a tablet.  For most of the tablet press machines the most integral part of it remains the same ie.  Hopper, Die, Punches, Cam track and feeding mechanism.

Tablet making machine cost manual price

Different types of machine

Now speaking about tablet press and its actions, it is has been found that this tablet making machine comes in two different variants.  One is called the single station or eccentric press and another is the multiple station or popularly known as the rotary tablet press.  The Single station is relatively compact in nature to that of the multiple one and is basically easier to operate among the two in comparison.  It is used to produce chewable tablets, Effervescent and other compressed tablets.  Whereas speaking about the multiple station, its setting up is much more streamlined and can be fined tuned for more customization than that of the two with much higher production rate and obviously the capability of it is immense when compared.  The machine has capability of ejecting, filling and removal of the tablet as well after compression procedure.

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