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GPAT 2014

GPAT 2014

Clearing competitive exams like GPAT 2014, NIPER-JEE, MANIPAL, BITS etc will be difficult from this year as the number of candidates appearing for especially GPAT 2014, is expected to be very high. The recent reduction in number of seats at NIPERs is a cause of anxiety for many. With many coaching academies for GPAT and NIPER springing up in the past couple of years, the rat race to grab top ranks has intensified. GPAT 2014 is fast approaching and most of the final year students must be gearing up with the preparation. At Pharmawiki, you will find expert guidance on preparing for GPAT 2014 and other exams. Clearing GPAT 2014 will be easier with our study plans and time management tips. As GPAT 2014 is online exam, time management will be very important to get a good score. We will try our best to gather maximum questions from previous GPAT exams that will give you an idea of expected questions and topics for GPAT 2014. Unlike many other online resources on GPAT 2014, you will find that our approach is unique and different. It is our aim to provide free information on GPAT 2014 and other exams which we will definitely achieve.

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GPAT 2014 syllabus

As far as the syllabus for GPAT 2014 is concerned, it is not yet available on official website. However, you can get the syllabus of the GPAT 2013 from GPAT OFFICIAL WEBSITE. We will provide an update as soon as the GPAT 2014 syllabus is made available.

Preparation for GPAT 2014

Preparing for exams like GPAT 2014 requires careful assessment of one’s knowledge in various subjects taught in UG course. As GPAT 2014 is based on the syllabus of B.Pharm course, it is important to get a strong foothold on the basics of all subjects. A lot will depend on the books that should be referred so as to get thorough knowledge. It is always better to prefer books from renowned authors from abroad to prepare for GPAT 2014. Many question banks are also available which can prove to be very useful for preparation. For more updates on GPAT 2014, visit this space regularly.

Morrison and Boyd Organic Chemistry – Book review

Book review Morrison and Boyd Organic chemistry 7th Edition
Book review Morrison and Boyd Organic chemistry 7th Edition

 Pharmawiki Book review for Morrison and Boyd – Textbook of Organic Chemistry


No doubt anyone who has ever graduated with Chemistry has not heard of this book. Morrison and Boyd is still the GOLD standard reference text book for learning concepts of Organic chemistry. As with reference to pharmacy students especially B.Pharm students, this book covers a lot about Hydrocarbons, (Alkanes, alkenes and alkynes). A considerable good understanding about aromatic hydrocarbons is also provided (the question why Benzene is aromatic/stable/exhibits resonance could be one of your final exam questions!!!). Another important topic is STEREOCHEMISTRY! No one else twists the molecules better than Morrison and Boyd – this book has one of the most excellent descriptions for isomerism.

All in all this is a wonderful, but it has a few limitations. The language is a bit on higher side of English, so people from non-english background (Hindi/Telugu) can face difficulties trying to read this book. (I had to use a dictionary often !) Further owing to the bulkiness of the book, this book is not recommended for last minute exam preparation (You need atleast a week to read this book so not for if exam is tomorrow).

I suggest that every Pharmacy student should read this book atleast once.

In case this book intimidates you, there is an another option by Mehta and mehta