Pharmawiki Schedule of Online Mock GPAT exam 2017

Gpat Mock test schedule This is the schedule of GPAT Online MOCK exam being conducted by Pharmawiki (For registered members only. Click here to register) Test No Start Date Click here Online GPAT Mock test #1 05/01/2014 Take test here               View Rank Analysis Online GPAT Mock test #2 12/01/2014 Take test [...]

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List of Universities in Canada and their Websites

University of Alberta, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Edmonton, Alberta University of British Columbia, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vancouver, [...]

Download GPAT 2012 Hallticket

Since GPAT 2012 Hallticket will have to be downloaded online only. ( you wont get it by post ) Click the link to get it Download GPAT 2012 Hallticket   Just enter [...]

International guidelines and recommendations for ethical conduct in research

Scientific and technological developments in the prevention and treatment of disease depend upon the successful implementation of laboratory-, clinical-, and community-based [...]

An important rule for Drug selection for M.pharm Project- Lipinski’s Rule of five

How do you select a Drug for your M.pharm / Ph.D project based on Lipinski's rule? Selection of drug for M.Pharm / Ph.D projects is a very tough task. Getting a New drug [...]

Prodrug Concept – PPT

Prodrug concept This PPT provides a concise information on   What is prodrug Why prodrug design is required Barriers for a drug Factors to be considered for [...]

|Humidity|- Absolute, Relative and Specific.

Humidity Humidity is a term for water vapor in the air, and can refer to any one of several measurements of humidity. Absolute humidity Absolute humidity is an amount [...]


Dissolution Dissolution is the process by which a solid, liquid or gas forms a solution in a solvent. For the dissolution of solids, the process of dissolution can [...]


Diffusion describes the spread of particles through random motion from regions of higherconcentration to regions of lower concentration. The time dependence of the [...]


Edema;                            refers to an accumulation of interstitial fluid to a point where it is palpable or visible. In general this point [...]

Mpharm Practical Lab’s Experiment Manual

Experiments for Mpharm Pharmaceutics (Practical record) This practical manual consists procedures and reports for the following list of experiments: PREPARATION AND [...]