Pharmawiki Schedule of Online Mock GPAT exam 2017

Gpat Mock test schedule This is the schedule of GPAT Online MOCK exam being conducted by Pharmawiki (For registered members only. Click here to register) Test No Start Date Click here Online GPAT Mock test #1 05/01/2014 Take test here               View Rank Analysis Online GPAT Mock test #2 12/01/2014 Take test [...]

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Anticancer Antibiotics

This gives a rapid overview of Medicinal Chemistry of Anticancer Antibiotics   Anticancer [...]

Web based resources for Computer Aided Drug Design

This pdf gives an exhaustive review on various websites which are helpful during CADD. Web based resources for Computer Aided Drug [...]

Nomenclature of Heterocyclic Compounds

Detailed rules of nomenclature for Heterocyclic compounds Nomenclature of Heterocyclic [...]

Model test Drug classes

[ssquiz [...]


Dyslipidemia is change in the normal lipid concentrations in the blood. In particular, hypercholesterolemia is a major cause of increased atherogenic risk, leading to [...]

Dubin–Johnson Syndrome

The Dubin–Johnson Syndrome is a rare hereditary disease, which is associated with hyperbilirubinemia (high bilirubin and bilirubin-glucuronide plasma  [...]


Dyskinesias are abnormal movements, usually caused by neurological diseases or by drugs used to treat neurological (e.g., levodopa) or psychiatric diseases (e.g., [...]


Desmoplakin is the most abundant desmosomal component that plays a critical role in linking intermediate filament networks to the desmosomal plaque. Desmoplakin forms [...]

Desensitization_ Desensitised State

A condition in which a receptor is unresponsive despite the presence of agonist; also referred to as a ‘refractory state’. Typically this state is the consequence of [...]


Dependence is a somatic state which develops after chronic administration of certain drugs. This condition is characterized by the necessity to continue administration of [...]