Drug Inspector 2012 Solved paper | DI solved paper 2013 2014 2015 Previous Sample Question Papers Download PDF


Drug Inspector 2012 Solved paper | DI solved paper 2013 2014 2015 Previous Sample Question Papers Download PDF are provided here for all my readers who are looking for the Drug Inspector Solved papers. Central government is going to release a Notification for the capable candidates for the Post of Drug Inspectors which we call as DI recruitment for the year 2016 2017. Recruitment for Recruiting the Pharmacy Candidates for Drug inspector post will be released in few days I mean very soon. Hence, the Students who have completed their Pharma graduation and who has an aim to crack Drug inspector post have to start preparing well for this Drug Inspector Exams 2016 with these Drug Inspector Solved papers.

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The Drug Inspector Exam is conducted on 29/04/2012

The Drug Inspector solved paper: DI 2012 KEY

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Drug Inspector 2012 General Studies Solved paper FULL (UPDATED !!!)

Drug Inspector 2012-Pharmacy-paper SOLVED paper FULL (UPDATED !!!)

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NEW!!! A new and important update for Drug Inspectors Exam 2013

A list of drugs  – WHO list of essential medicines and NLEM

Recommended books for Drug Inspectors exam (UPDATED!!!)

Drug Inspector Solved papers

This Drug Inspector Recruitment is for recruiting good and talented candidates of B. Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy, Diploma Pharmacy, D.Pharmacy and Pharmacy related candidates in the Drug Inspector Posts. You can also become a Drug Inspector. It is a good Career Opportunity for Pharmacy Candidates. The Pharmacy Students before applying for the Drug Inspectors should have a clear understanding on the APPSC Drug Inspector Exam pattern and practice the UCPSC WBSSC APPSC TSPSC Drug Inspector Previous Questions & Answers Papers in English Language.

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Drug Inspector Solved Previous papers

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We have provided the Download Link for the Previous papers of Drug inspector post in pdf form that is Drug Inspector Solved papers. You can Download the Previous Papers in few seconds and practice these Drug Inspector Solved papers as sampple Drug Inspector old question and answers. We also make you available the UCPSC WBSSC APPSC TSPSC Recruitment Notification 2016, Details of the UCPSC WBSSC APPSC TSPSC Notification, Description of the Post, Eligibility Criteria, Age Limit, Educational Qualification necessary for the Post, Last date to Apply etc., about the Notification after the Official Notification is released. All Drug Inspectors Previous Questions & Answers Papers download link was here ready for you to download.

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Drug Inspector Exam Example Questions:

1. In the extemporaneous preparation of eye drops the final clarification done by passing

1. Sintered glass filters
2. Gooch crucible
3. Whatman filter paper
4. Micro-porous plastic membrane

2. One of the advantages of IR heat sterilization of syringes is
1. Determination of internal temperature to assess the efficiency of sterilization is simple
2. More efficient than autoclaving
3. Unaffected by thermal resistance by static surface air films
4. Fast sterilization

3. International Pharmacopoeia is published by
1. WHO
2. International Pharmaceutical Federation
3. United Nations
4. US food and drug administration

4. In the case of sterilization by dry heat the microbes are killed by
1. Oxidation 2. Dehydration
3. Decomposition 4. Precipitation

5. Communicable disease caused by Rickettsiae is
1. Scrub typhus 2. Chancroid
3. Mumps 4. Influenza

6. One of the first aid in poisoning is by administering
1. Universal antidote
2. Table spoonful of mustered
3. Egg white
4. All the above

7. In hemolytic jaundice the following are true EXCEPT
1. Unconjugated bilirubin level increases
2. Anemia is common
3. Serum alkaline phosphatase level increases
4. Liver function test normal

8. The mechanism of action of penicillin is
1. By inhibition of protein synthesis
2. By interference with ribosome function
3. By antimetabolite action
4. By interference with cell wall synthesis

9. Cotrimoxazole is more effective than individual administration of sulphame-thoxazole or
trimethoprim since
1. Both set sequentially in nucleotide synthesis
2. Sulphamethoxazole is antimetabolite and trimethoprin interfere with cell wall synthesis
3. Both binds to enzyme required for DNA replication
4. Sulphamethoxazole interfere with folic acid synthesis and trimethoprin interfere with cell
wall synthesis

Drug Inspector  Solved paper Old previous question paper

10. Which of the following is fluoroquinolone derivative ?
1. Nitrofurantoin 2. Lomifloxacin
3. Prontocil 4. Penicillin G
41. Number of mole of ATPs produced when on mole of glucose is completely oxidized is
1. 38 2. 8 1
3. 6 4. 24


Do not miss the golden opportunity. Prepare well work smart and hard and crack Drug inspector examination and make your nation pride. All the very best wishes from your PharmaWiki